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  1. SnE Members Map

    Rotterdam, the netherlands
  2. SOS!!!

    Mortekai, all- I just send a PM to Mortekai with a possible permanent solution. As I understand the issue is the continued cost to hire a server. Thing is, I own a server which is fully hooked up. SnE can possible use it- barring any technical issues I wouldn't know about (not a technical person here). I gave Morte my contact info including my cell number (don't have a landline, sorry!). If there is anyone else here who has a thing to say about it, my skype addy is vjoustra. Feel free to add me if you have questions / concerns / things i neec to check. Dennis, my fellow dutchman and technical dude where the server is concerned is currently on vacation; he'll be back by early next week. This may mean that if my server is a solution but we can't transfer all of SnE right away, there will be a gap for a few days. *thinks* yip, that pretty much covers it. No wait! how have you all been?
  3. Somebody asked for more hats.. like.. a helluvahlotof posts ago.. so here is the larger version of me.. attached.. somewhere
  4. Question

    Hey hey, i do check in every now and then.. mostly the wraith forum (of course!). And I am playing again, will post the link to that place at some point. Been good though, recently started on my own as freelancer.. so busy busy busy How about you? That one goes for everybody
  5. Question

    Before actually putting a link here, is it still okay to point out a new owow online chat game out to ppl? And if a yes, what's the best places to post it? cheers, valentine
  6. Happy Birthday!

    Thanks! (and yes, i am still alive!)
  7. Need a favor!

    Friends of mine are in london at the moment, stying there for a few months for study. However, their laptop didn't survive the plane trip, and they can't find the spareparts they need. so they need somebody with comp skillz and a soldering iron. Anybody here who can help out? cheers, valentine
  8. Anyone Familiar with Planescape?

    For any one interested, i have the AD&D boxes of Planescape and some loose books up for buying. Note, its the old setting, i have no idea how much off use it may be for the new rules. Interested? Send me a PM
  9. http://ascii-wm.net/# they start some 10 minutes before each game
  10. For all the 3.0/3.5 D&D geeks out there...

    It reminds me of Magic the Gathering. Which leads to the question.. what is it with WotC and the games they devellop. *G*
  11. Female sexism

    Freedom is a state of mind.
  12. Let's dance!

  13. Lordi for Euorvision

    On celine dione.. i am so glas she stopped sining. The cats and dogs in the hood are much more at peace eversince. On Nightwish, they are doing pretty well without the ESF i say *G*
  14. Let's dance!

    Not just in the north american gene pool.. I suffer all the same. I say it adds to the proove aliens do exist and have experimented with us (and laugh there asses off - asuming they have one - at the crazy moves we do call dancing)
  15. Lordi for Euorvision

    *Chuckles* I'm with Mr_J here. So this song won the ESF? I can appriciate that! It's hilarious! The lead vocal can't sing or grunt.. is strikes me more as a rap. Furthermore I see a poor KISS meets Slipknot act, hear lyrics of which i wished they has sung 'm in Finnish and I can't find the words to criticise the music. Still, i appriciate it. cause the whole ESF is a meaningless joke (ABBA being a lucky shot.. i doubt ABBA wouldn't have conquered the world anyway), and the best joke won! No offense to all you Finnish folks, you brought us Nightwish afterall, right? (Not to mention all the other good stuff thundering down from the north!)