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  1. And old face, in the new place.

    Glad to see people are flooding back to the boards in droves, it does indeed warm my heart anyways welcome Regards Illispher
  2. Shadownessence Closes down

    I come back from the depths and are greeted by this? Mort its a damn good job we Rokea dont harbor grudges lol Just kidding Boss im just relieved there is a SNE to come back to, Im glad your all still here and the ones that remembered me actually cared about me in my absense. Regards Illispher P.s. I will finally get my beloved sig back too and then its only a matter of time before im reinstated as a Praefectus, then I can subsume Mort......an.......erm.......i said that out loud didn't i........Disregard it j/k
  3. Not So Much an Introduction

    thank you all for warmly welcoming me back to the fold, I was just wondering if anyone knows where my lil Rokean Banner went I know im not Praefectus any more but it wasnt a praefectus badge it was my Rokea shifter badge and if im not much mistaken my master hunter.
  4. Not So Much an Introduction

    Just a quick message to all those who cared, Im returning once more Hi guys i hope that you have all been very very well, I missed you guys like mad come on tell me whats happened thus far Bring me up to speed Im going to be returning to you all for good this time if you will have me Regards Illispher P.s. where did my kickass Shark shifter badge go? could i get that back please...
  5. I need some new bloodlines and a new covenant

    I must say I really like all your ideas especially Woods, I was thinking of Making my form of VII (seventh day is sunday and hence Sabbath) making them a somewhat Part Religeous cult figureheaded by two hidden bloodlines (one a bastard of the Khaibit and the other a band of Monstrous fleshwarping devils *either Nos or Gangrel.... im gonna borrow a few powers from both the hidden and the legendry) They are going to believe they came from one of the original 6 Ancients. The Mekhet ancient The Nosferatu Ancient The Gangrel Ancient The Daeva Ancient The Ventrue Ancient and Caine They believe that the only pure vampire left is Caine and those blessed by the Sabbaths Twisted Wisdom, they feel that all is fair in blood and war, they do monstrous things because they are monsters locked in an endless battle with the puppets of the sleeping dead, directing their pieces on the giant board of earth while they slumber away. The Sabbath seeks to erradicate the ancients leaving only Caine to take his place as the Lord of all vampires then they will set upon remaking the world in his image. The Masquerade?? they believe that hiding is an unfortunate necessity in this time until they have destroyed all the ancients then they can reveal their Dark Divinity to the world and take up its throne, those who dont convert are destroyed in its wake. Diablerie? they believe this practice is very wrong amongst themselves but a childe of the great betrayers? fair game, a vampire found to have diablerised the soul of a brother or sister of the Sabbath is summarily destroyed by suns touch but reversely a Brother or Sister who has diablerised the soul of an enemy is venerated like a hero. other lil ideas to expand on Lasombra: Possible Ventrue with Obten and the weaknesses of both Ventrue and Mekhet and lacking a reflection or another Offshoot of Khaibit again lacking a reflection Tzimisce: Nosferatu with flesh warping skills and the nos weakness, their mind and skills deteriate if they dont sleep in the earth of their homeland each day as well as injuring themselves by regurgitating the blood if they feed on another Tzimisce or Ghoul of a Tzimisce Or a gangrel bloodline with the above Best Regards Illispher P.s. dont flame me that was just some ideas im leaning on
  6. I need your ideas and yes i know this isn't my usual domain but believe me im working on something there too. so please loyal fans of kindred, give me your ideas for a new replacement for the sabbat of old Best regards Illispher
  7. Shadownessence 2006 Discussion

    I will donate when i get the money, I hope it will be enough (most likely £20) Sorry im not able to help more at the moment but i will try as much as i can, I refuse to have this place go under. Best Regards Illispher
  8. Comics section preview

    I have said it before and will say it again, Im indeed most proud to be a part of this community Well done my friend Best regards Illispher
  9. Continue the story

    Davis awoke to the pain of a new existance, in a dark womb of filth and decay, he could feel thousands of rat bites upon his body quickly fusing and expelling the frothing bile that these things secreted, he looked around and found himself in an abandoned subway, he shrank down into his more human frame, he didn't know what really happened to him, his mind was lost within a haze of red, like he was for a moment caught up in an earthquake, hell he was the fucking earthquake and he knew it felt good to be like that, he pressed on with the eerie feeling of him being watched, from the corners of his eyes and in his senses he could feel them all over the area, smeling like a cross between raw sewage and untreated infected puss boils, he twisted his nose and pressed on, trying to figure out where the hell he was and how he got there. he couldn't leave due to the doorway of the subway being blocked so he decided to move further down and find another way out, he moved through the dank gloom and the feint sound (even to his sensitive ears) of chittering and chewing was heard along with another strange noise getting louder, like a metalic slithering, scraping noise that was somewhat remaniscent of nails down a chalk board, he neared the edge of the old platform and saw an eerie green sickly glow getting closer.... then he recoiled in shock as a giant metalic skeletal snake with giant blind eyes screached past, hissing and snapping, opening its maw as electricity arced between its fangs and through its tongue, Davis jumped back and realised....... He wasn't in Cansas any more. (sorry guys i was tired when i wrote it ) Best regards Illispher
  10. DA:W

    I played a Dark ages rokea game but to be honest when playing rokea whats the point in discerning time frame, the only time it was apparent that it was DA was when they encountered a ship that was decidedly dark ages. it doesn't matter what happens up top, down deep time stands still Best regards Illispher
  11. Animal Kindred ???

    As I stated the only real reason i would ahve them is if Belials brood embraced a bunch of dobermans or the like and merely kept them in a pit incase anyone was stupid enough to go lookin for them. other than that I wouldn't allow them. If i were to allow rules for them I would make it incredibly hard to embrace an animal, they would simply be incompatible for the curse/blessing...but occasionally one would be able to. even then it would be nothing but a mindless monster nigh untrainable without dominate or animalism even then it would be incredibly hard due to it being a vampire. heres a question, what would the predators taint do? would they cower from stronger vampires and attack weaker ones? best regards Illispher
  12. Animal Kindred ???

    Animals can be ghouls sure, but even in the old wod was this even brought up? If it is possible to embrace an animal? would such a creature be just a slave to its beast? Im not wanting to twink the game but was just curious whether this was possible, my personal 2 peneth in this is that the animal would be nothing but a beast (no intelligence perse to offset the beast) it would be equivilant to a 0 humanity vampire. I wouldn't ever concider letting on into my games unless it was an antagonist an even then they would be rare. what do you guys think? Best Regards Illispher
  13. Resource abuse

    I'd say let him do it, however get him to rp him constructing it or if he uses independent workers to do it for him all the better, but still have him rp the location finding and the purchasing of the land and materials and what not. then have him use contractors to build the safe-room, then let him feel at home then have him look shocked when one of those contracters turned out to be a vampire hunter that put a way for them to get into the saferoom and set something so that if he didn't put the code in it would be locked forever. so if the vampire kills the guy he will be trapped forever in his own safe room, so he would ahve to try and get out first. always throws them off Or have them have all of this building work done then have someone burn the house down lol Best regards Illispher
  14. Continue the story

    Well I was inspired by Black hat mats post and so what im doing is im going to add in a story for you guys to continue but there will be a few rules. * You can add in a character if it fits the story (only if it fits with the story) * you can only kill off one of your own creations (an own created character) or an npc * Make it fun Ok I will start it off, please continue it, im dying to see everyones storytelling style. Davis sat there on his bed with a feeling like white hot fire travelling through his veins, he could feel it burning, tumbling and struggling to the surface, his every nerve told him not to let it out but something else in his brain, something far more primal within liked what was happening to him. He could remember alot of that night, he remembered smoking some pretty harsh substance then his mind wandered to the concept that perhaps he was tripping or worse Dying, all the while the thumping in his ears got more intense as the rusty hammer of his heart was nailing at the hatred in his soul struggling to be free, his mind wandered to those people at the party how they taunted him, how they picked on him for being differant, he stood from his bed and the world seemed to spin about him, he remembered now how he had went to a party thinking he was "one of the guys" only to find that they invited him to be the party jester, so they could pick on him, he felt the feeling intensify, he looked at his hand and realised that the thin barely visible hairs that adorned it had thickened into coarse almost quil-like hairs, his nails had begun to sharpen to elongated points, he rose his hand to his face and flexed it noting that it was conciderably bigger, his fingers where stubby and his flesh was darker slightly, he looked to the window of his basement bedroom and felt the cool breeze but he also picked something else up a smell, Davis walked to the window and was surbrised when he could smell brett's aftershave on the wind "he is close" Davis found himself saying, he placed his hands on the ledge and pulled himself out of the window and out into the night.
  15. Storytellers, flex your muscles!

    I hadn't eve noticed man i was just washed away by your kick ass story, that was truly amazing i may have a go at it myself, but i will have to have a think first.