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  1. National Novel Writing Month

    Would be, but saying I'll write a novel on top of everything else is just crazy talk. Hope you win, though.
  2. Costume thread

    ah, that sounds a lot more reasonable than what I was picturing. Just casually wearing wings all day sounds like fun.
  3. Costume thread

    I'm trying to picture that. Wax wings? Wouldn't they melt?
  4. Costume thread

    If you, your child, or your pet is going to be wearing a costume for any reason this October, what's it going to be? If not, what costume would you wear if you had the choice and wanted to wear one? Why do I get the feeling a lot of people will answer "human" or "responsible adult"?
  5. Ink

    This fantasy/action/drama movie came out in [edit: 2009], but I've only now seen it. It's best if you can tolerate lots of sappiness and some cursing, and experimental effects. If you can stand that, you may have a shot at enjoying it. The premise is that there are beings who watch over dreams: Storytellers, who give good dreams, and Incubi who deliver nightmares and like to encourage self-destruction. (Oh, and despite their name, Incubi have nothing to do with sex. ... at least I hope not.) A goblin-like creature called Ink kidnaps a child because he wants to be an Incubus, and the Storytellers have to track him down. Like a fairy tale, this movie is done in extreme shades of good and evil, with the "good" part as sentimental as an after school special. Also, it's a bit strange that all the bad guys are guys. So all women are angels of mercy? (I like to imagine that the Incubi are all men, but there's a Succubus division somewhere.) But really, this isn't a bad movie. It's visually compelling (slow paced, with some quick cuts, but still pulls you in), the story is told well (if you pay attention), and the fight scenes are decent. Even with all the criticisms in my mind, after seeing this I felt better, which isn't something I can say about a movie very often.
  6. Mage. It doesn't involve dying, at least not at the beginning, and you don't get dragged through a hedge full of nightmare fuel for a year and a day.
  7. Computer death and ressurection: Accomplished.

  8. Welcome to the Black Parade... of Death!

    I'd worked as a window-washer for a while and found I liked it. You got to be outside and I was never scared of heights. I was taking a break from squeegeeing an office building, sitting out on the platform with some coffee when I heard sirens. All these fire trucks and ambulances showed up at the resturaunt next door. I thought the whole place must be burning down, but no, they haul out this guy on a stretcher. They're just about to leave and I'm just about to go back to work, when out of nowhere, this guy standing out there in the road gets flattened by this fire truck. BAM! I jumped and spilled the coffee, which burned, let me tell you. I slipped off the edge, hit my head and then the stupid safety harness must have broken because I woke up here, talking to you guys.
  9. I've been saying it as "Te-ze-meece." It's good to know the right pronouncation now, thanks! :thumbsup
  10. Hello everyone

    Hey there, I posted earlier, but it seems the forum ate it. Anyway, welcome to the boards. I'm on C:tD a lot because, like you I know it better than the other games. It's a pretty friendly forum, so jump in a discussion. Libra: Nah, I think V:tM was always the most popular. It's a lot more coherent than Changeling from what I can tell.
  11. Today's weather: Rain, ice, and more rain forever until the end of time.

  12. Family Tragedy

    I'm sorry to hear about that.
  13. Oh joy, oh Rapture!

    Hey there and welcome. Hopefully you'll find something worth looking over.
  14. I didn't drink New Year's Eve, but I woke up with a hangover the next day anyway.

  15. Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! It was the strangest thing, I didn't drink New Year's Eve, but woke up with a hangover anyway. Cheers!