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  1. So here it is (at least for the backers of the C20 Kickstarter): The official Boggan Kithbook.
  2. Hello and Guten Tag

    Herzlich Willkommen.
  3. Want to watch others play CtD, here is another oportunity:
  4. Today I received my KS-backer pdf.
  5. Walking Away From Arcadia - A CtD Podcast

    Yes, great stuff ... interesting discussion and I really enjoy the "Beyond the Mists" episodes.
  6. A little of topic ... anyways: Your quite right, knockers do build guitars. Here's another example...
  7. You're right. Follow the narrow path. Where does he lead us to? (Who has an idea?)
  8. Why don't you listen to this Forget about all that freaky stuff. Relax ... and forget ... follow me ...
  9. C20 Games You've Played

    Not yet. But maybe, maybe soon. (PoD copy in my hands while waiting for the deluxe Ed.)
  10. Good question. I've no access, so I don't know.
  11. Venice Unmasked - Raw

    Jeehaa ... now I've got some cool stuff to read while waiting at the employment centre tomorrow. Thanx, Kris.
  12. Venice: Unmasked

    That sounds great and makes me curious.
  13. Venice: Unmasked

    So you need a volunteer for teaching lessens in German? If you need someone who might do some playtesting let me know. We'll start a CtL campaign soon and I do CtL online one-shots from time to time.
  14. Venice: Unmasked

    Volunteers? What for? For writing or editing? Or for playtesting the SAS?
  15. Venice: Unmasked

    The links doesn't work anymore. Kris, I really enjoy your stuff ... it's worth waiting.
  16. I don't remeber whether I read about this topic here or at the White Wolf forum. Anyway, there was a post by someone who translated the Kiths from Changeling the Dreaming into CtL-Entitlemens. Does anybody else remeber this post and know about the corresponding link? Or does anybody made a copy of that post? Or is author currently present?
  17. Got it. http://forums.white-wolf.com/cs/forums/p/1...0418.aspx#40418
  18. nWod Application

    Fine you like it. Here's another (fanmade) file für Changeling the Lost. I'm not sure... maybe you should take a look at Grapevine. It's a cool tool for chronicles with lots of players (MET/LARP, chat/online chronicles etc.). It's written in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. Check out http://www.grapevinelarp.com/ for source code and software. Not shure what you mean. For the main NPCs I use regular character sheets, for Bit-Player I use limited dice pools (simular to HtV, Block by Block, p. 12). I just make a short note about the inititive. The rest is up to the dice and the roleplaying. At least there will be marks for damage. That's it. =============================== VoD_ctl_zusatzmaterial.zip
  19. nWod Application

    Hello and welcome. But a real ST-Tool would be great.
  20. Post-Apocalyptic CtL

    Summerland is exactly the way the Hedge looks like in my CtL games. The Hedge of major cities of course. (see below) Men and animals who were unlucky and stepped into the Hedge turn into hobgoblins slowly. First - either they are weird ones like the Lost in Summerland or they build small groups/packs like the Drifter Bands. Later - they turn into complete transformed hobgoblins. Something that Summerland calls the Wild.
  21. Lost Shards

    I've seen you posted the "Twilight Conspiracy" stuff at WW's forum today. Right now I'm reading your houserules and the rules for character generation. Man, I'm stunned to see, that you are using exactly the same things I do. Even the Keeper seems to be the same Gentry I use for my players. Weird! But you expressed it much, much better I could. Thanks Lux/Angelus, you made my day. Off and back to your file. Can't wait to read the rest. __________ Edit: Ah! You posted it here as well.
  22. Dancers in the Dusk

    Wanna take a look at the cover?
  23. Lost Shards

    Incredible. You are a hard worker and such a creative genius at the same time. Thanks a lot for sharing.
  24. Krabat

    A german movie coming soon. (german) (german / english subtitles) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krabat
  25. Ageing

    Are there rules about ageing in the WoD? Would characters loose dots when they grew old? Or would the dicepool just be decrease?