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  1. So here it is (at least for the backers of the C20 Kickstarter): The official Boggan Kithbook.
  2. Today I received my KS-backer pdf.
  3. Want to watch others play CtD, here is another oportunity:
  4. Walking Away From Arcadia - A CtD Podcast

    Yes, great stuff ... interesting discussion and I really enjoy the "Beyond the Mists" episodes.
  5. A little of topic ... anyways: Your quite right, knockers do build guitars. Here's another example...
  6. You're right. Follow the narrow path. Where does he lead us to? (Who has an idea?)
  7. Why don't you listen to this Forget about all that freaky stuff. Relax ... and forget ... follow me ...
  8. C20 Games You've Played

    Not yet. But maybe, maybe soon. (PoD copy in my hands while waiting for the deluxe Ed.)
  9. Good question. I've no access, so I don't know.
  10. Hey, just a heads up on the moving to Germany stuff, a friend of min ehas just moved to Hamburg and is working for the computer game company, Big Point, and so will be looking for a gaming group.

  11. Venice Unmasked - Raw

    Jeehaa ... now I've got some cool stuff to read while waiting at the employment centre tomorrow. Thanx, Kris.
  12. Venice: Unmasked

    That sounds great and makes me curious.
  13. Venice: Unmasked

    So you need a volunteer for teaching lessens in German? If you need someone who might do some playtesting let me know. We'll start a CtL campaign soon and I do CtL online one-shots from time to time.
  14. Venice: Unmasked

    Volunteers? What for? For writing or editing? Or for playtesting the SAS?
  15. Venice: Unmasked

    The links doesn't work anymore. Kris, I really enjoy your stuff ... it's worth waiting.