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  1. The Latest White Wolf News

    So, a lot of people are offended in Chechnya, on both sides of the political spectrum, and WW decided to delete the entire chapter about the region. This chapter would have described how the progrom against LGBTs in Chenyia would just be a diversion for vampires in the underground (or so I've read on news sites - I haven't read the chapter or the book). And because they had problems with sensitive topics before, the decision was made to not develop internally anymore, but rather give out licenses. I think, I can understand the way of thinking here, but on the other side I'm shocked to see this happening. I'm curous where this will go, actually. Everyone's awaiting news about W5 and M5 and so on, but that's not gonna happen so soon with a decision like this, isn't it? Now, there are probably a lot of business deals waiting to happen before any of the other gamelines will get a chance on a 5th Edition. I'm also worried about the developers. It's true that WW has a rather long tradition of sensitivity problems with difficult topics (right from the start, one could argue), but they have been working hard on this. Now, these people will probably have to go? Are there any other news on this, by now? Will you keep this topic up to date, Libra?
  2. TheVarulfen

  3. Time Period

    (Everything posted in this forum feels like I'm a Necromancer, somehow.) My games are mostly set in the current time. That being said, my current game is already hitting 2050 by now (it started with 2017, though) and the next one will be a DA:Fae game. As I'm a big fan of "crossovers" (with the other splats being mostly NPCs) I'm always making up my own cosmology and use the metaplots of each game line as I see fit. Sometimes, something happening in Mage or Werewolf just doesn't make sense in my game and the minor lines, like Hunter or Demon, will always take the shorter straw (except there is something really interesting happening).
  4. Hello and Guten Tag

    Hi, the name is TheVarulfen or short Varu. I'm from Germany and I found posts about SnE all over the Changeling forum on the Onyx Path Forums. I'm playing cWOD games for a few years now and decided to look around over here, especially since Changeling and DA:Fae take a greater roll in the game I'm currently running and the next game I will be storytelling will be a fully fledged DA:Fae game. That being said, I feel the forum could use some more activity and I'd like to add to some discussions over time, so that's why I decided to create an account. Let's get to it then!
  5. New Cantrips

    Dawn: Items crafted with the support of the Dawn Dominion are exceptional in catching the onlookers (listeners, and so on) attention. While a violin created with Dawn may not look exceptional, it's sound is refreshing and lively. Day: Items crafted with Day are works of before unseen art. The amount of detail and finesse in how the item was worked out are what makes this special. The violin may not sound as magical as one crafted with Dawn, but it's a fine instrument. However, the look of a legendary instrument like this is something to behold. Dusk: Items crafted with Dusk are hard to define. They are mysterious and thus somehow interesting. How many thiefs have tried to get their hand on this violin and they don't even know why exactly. It just seems to be not only a masterful work but something even more valuable. Night: Items crafted with Night are sturdy, even if they don't look like it. They won't hold much properties like an exceptional sound or the finest taste. Food baked under Nights influence will not go bad that soon and that violin may become an unexpected weapon if need be. Remember, the Winter Court has no use for things that are just pretty!