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  1. Music that reminds you of VtM

    Down in the Park is always on our World of Darkness playlist. Moody and perfect. Good Vampire: The Masquerade soundtrack. And one of my personal writing songs for The Night In Question.
  2. Hello, everyone! This is going to be Jackalope Live Action Studios' official account here. We're hoping to hold some AMAs and other items related to our upcoming White Wolf projects, and give you some special insights into what is going on in our neck of the White Wolf woods. If you haven't heard, our studio has recently signed a deal with White Wolf to do the first officially licensed fully-immersive White Wolf blockbuster LARP focusing on the Sabbat. Called The Night In Question, it is set at an illegal rave turned mass embrace and blood temple during the late 90s outside of Austin, Texas, where players will experience being hunted, embraced and turned into monsters under the wide Texas night sky. If you have any ideas about what you'd like to see from us here, please let us know! So glad to see this community is back up and running. You can learn more about our game at: http://the-night-in-question.jackalope-larp.com/ - The Jackalope Team
  3. Something terrible happened that night Several years ago, at an illegal party outside of Austin, in the dark woods far from phone coverage or passersby, something terrible happened. For most, it was a tragedy, a fire that trapped and killed over a hundred people. But a few have always felt something else happened that night, more than just a fire. What happened on the Night in Question? The Night In Question is a fully-immersive rules-light LARP experience, taking the lessons and inspirations of the new Nordic-style games such as Enlightenment in Blood and End of the Line, then adding a horrific splatterpunk twist. Other games have focused on the Camarilla and Anarch aspects of the setting – the Masquerade, moving among the mortals in secrets and the politics of the undead. The Night in Question is different. It will emphasize a frightening and engulfing story, focusing on the monstrosity of the Sabbat, visceral horror of their dark rites and a blood and guts feel reminiscent of films like From Dusk Til Dawn and Near Dark, creating a unique World of Darkness event using intense visual effects, high quality props, set design and costuming. It will be a “retro” Sabbat event, and will reflect a classic monstrous Sabbat mythos. What did you do on that night? The vision is to bring a fleshed-out, realistic, gritty and unique Sabbat experience using intense visual effects, props, set design and costuming, giving a view into the Sabbat that White Wolf fans have yet to see, and a charnel house of blood and guts that any fan of horror can enjoy. We want players to have a new appreciation for the monstrous nature of these villains of the World of Darkness. We want players to walk away saying to themselves, “I did not understand how horrific the Sabbat were until now.”
  4. Welcome to the shadows, may  your visit be free of trouble and pain. If not.. just let it happen :D

  5. Welcome @JackalopeLARP!

    I see you have some great things planned with WhiteWolf, would you like to add that to the events calendar and perhaps make a post about it on the forums as well?

    1. JackalopeLARP


      Absolutely. we'd love to do so. We'll be posting more soon.

  6. JackalopeLARP