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  1. August Roll Call

    Doing okay, it's been two career changes, a marriage, and two kids since I posted on these forums, but they're still here. I'm amazed.
  2. August Roll Call

    Huh. Had no idea this place would still exist. Interesting, and hello!
  3. June Roll Call

    What is this "month" of which you speak? I do not understand.
  4. A Humble Announcement

    Congratulations and salutations! Or is it the other way around?
  5. Roll for May

    I am back, and I apologize for my absence.
  6. Roll for March

    Right. Roll. That thing that we're supposed to do.
  7. January

    Make sure you count me.
  8. December

    I am still around.
  9. Glamour in Court

    In a Month of Crossover? How about: When should you use Crossover? Crossover PC's Crossover Content Complete Crossover Games Crossover NPC's Why Everyone Hates Crossover Why Everyone Loves Crossover Drama to Watch Out For How to Cross Over.
  10. Month of the Waking Dreams idea Thread

    I think one thing that needs to be treated is how the chimerical and mundane normally interact (or don't interact). There are several interpretations, and they can all be quite valid, but they don't mix very well at all. Another would be some rules/guidelines/conjecture on how to handle the spontaneous creation of chimera in a given situation. This is something heavily alluded to in the passages about Dreamers and the dangers of hanging around them, but it's not really established how that happens, or what it's like.
  11. December

    Hello. I am here.
  12. Glamour in Court

    A Month of Crossover? I feel this is a subject that deserves its own month, and is definitely frightening territory where fools rush in and angels dare not tread. But it can be a wonderful thing when handled properly.
  13. November

    Hello! I'm sorry I wasn't here to perform my courtly duties this past month or two. I got really wrapped up in this thing where I teach high school kids and I'm kinda new at it so it's been taking up all my time. But I'm here!
  14. September

    Teaching takes a lot of time and effort. It is also very stressful. But I'm still going to pop in every now and again.
  15. August

    You can't get rid of me so easily!