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  1. Looks like somebody has mastered the art of DARVO and gaslighting here but on the contrary it still doesn't change the fact that reality is quite the opposite actually. Matthew openly collaborated with GamerGaters and it was him that doxxed DogwithDice that lead to him deleting his online presence. Doesn't mean the case is closed when asking them because look at their communities which are decrying "SJWs", "Political Correctness", and worse of all "Cultural Marxism" which makes up 90% of their comment sections that their communities are irradiated by. Doesn't look like to me that they're divorced from them but rather greeted them with open arms and allowed to run amok there.
  2. Long ago I made a "Occult Heroes" thread at the Mage board which sadly no one responded (since due to the time that thread was made SnE was resurrected which was too early for comments I think) and right now I would like to share with you some art work done by the same artist who pretty much covered most if not all the literary Vampires who appeared in mostly Pre-20th century literature. https://spearhafoc.deviantart.com/gallery/44414969/Vampire-Series
  3. Now here's thing that always bothered me for a long time or rather this was rather recent. Now let me tell you a story. All of this started during the time I had enough of Twilight especially regarding the real reasons why I hated it was not only because it strayed far away from Vampire folklore and traditional literature and pop culture depictions of vampires, but it was actually because of it's normalization of abusive relationships and rape and I started asking around about how Kindred can avoid the same red flags displayed by Edward in the books but much to my dismay, the conversations suddenly went downhill by them saying that "LOL nope, Vampires are walking rape (and abuse) metaphors which is what makes them monsters and if you don't like that then play a different game" which therefore made me conclude with a bitter sense of irony that VtM maybe no better than Twilight after all due to all this but matter of fact might be even worse.... Now with this in mind, then I started reading into what they were referring to such as the Beast, Frenzying, and also even the notion of the kiss causing pleasure (which I actually don't mind this) but sadly all these combined concluded as "evidence" as their argument that Vampires under the VtM (VtR) context truly are presented as rape and abuse metaphors for several reasons.... 1. Although the kiss causes pleasurable sensations which I always thought it's a great way of nullifying pain (unless you're Giovanni or Lamia) but however though it also has connotations of being metaphorical to sexual intercourse (as far I'm being told so far what I can remember) which leads up to... 2. When a Vampire feeds on someone unwillingly whether it's jumping on someone on a allyway, climbing into a window to feed on a sleeping person, etc since we're taking the context of the kiss being a metaphor for sexual intercourse then this is where the rape metaphors come in which doesn't help with the fact that.... 3. The Beast, basically once you think about it it's basically a built in "Boys will be Boys" feature that rapists often victim blame their victims saying they were the ones "responsible" for "raping/abusing" them to get away from any form of responsibility much akin to "The Devil Made me Do it" and such. Which means when a Vampire gives in to the Beast, they frenzy and when they Frenzy they have "no control of themselves" which eerily identical to what rapists and abusers use to say "I can't help it it's my nature" as they victim blame instead. Which speaking of the Beast and Frenzy.... 4. Basically the other biggest problem with the Beast and Frenzying that it also serves as a abuse metaphor too, since for one thing I remember when playing VtM Bloodlines and I'm trying to figure majority of the Vampire characters have short tempers and end up verbally abusing the PC if you say the "wrong things" to them (for example the Anarchs at the last round except for Jack of course) which I heard all of this is tied to the beast and I also heard that Frenzy can also manifest not always physical but also verbally and emotionally which I immediately knew what metaphors this actually meant. Basically this is where the abuse metaphors come in where the Beast and Frenzying makes the Vampire physically, emotionally and verbally abuse those around them making them toxic characters to begin with which would make anyone say "Why would anyone at the right mind would play these characters for?". Oh there's also the Ghouling and Blood Bonding which none of those help either straight off the bat. Basically it seems the biggest problem with Vampire that it takes it's basis on Victorian Morality especially when the character gains derangements when they drop on Humanity for example which serves as a prime example. So due to all this, I often drawn up conclusions that If this is all taken literally then it defiantly does make Vampires make into unsympathetic irredeemable monsters that better off serve as non-playable antagonists and those who should be protagonists are the Vampire Hunters who under this context represent as a metaphor "Social Justice Warriors fighting against rape/abuse culture that Vampires represent" which this is the conclusion that often gets drawn up and I didn't wish for this to be true at all. So does anyone have any insight to this and can someone attempt to point out I'm wrong? Since thing is I never wanted to abandon the concept of playing as a Vampire myself but sometimes though when games are constructed around a concept of them being solely these problematic metaphors just because the writers at WW are edgelords then this is where things become a problem at least for me at least since I personally feel that Vampires shouldn't have to be presented as rape/abuse metaphors and anyone should be comfortable playing one in the first place because they want to but then again when you have a game like VtM (and VtR) that is based on running away from it then why choose to play as a Vampire in the first place? The reason I would choose Vampire is because I want to play as a Vampire not because I want to run away from it because if that's the case then I would might as well play as a mortal or a another supernatural but sadly since that's what VtM is mainly about then why play it all in the first place? /End Rant
  4. What music does remind you of VtM? Well lets start with the Obvious ones Here we have a bunch of Neonates "Singing this Corrosion" But Meanwhile, Elders claim Dominion. (This is a test to see how videos work here in the new forums, apparently you don't have to post tags anymore but rather just post the link themselves and the video will show up because the new forum system is flash I think).
  5. Is there anyway to get SnE more active again?

    Of course it's also a good idea to have SnE up to date and keeping up with the times since we're no longer in the 2000s early 2010s anymore since time has long passed and changed since the site's hiatus and now the site feels like a Elder coming out of torpor recently...
  6. Would you like a gallery?

    I have to say yes bring back the gallery and almost everything else SnE had to restore it's former glory.
  7. While one thing I do realize that SnE would never be as active compared to say the Oynx Path forums but this forum does serve as a good alternative though for whatever reason they may feel though. Although I do remember of SnE's past and how active it used to be and even had a main site than compared to now where the site just now came out from a long hiatus state after being in a state of decay for so long, so is there any way to restore SnE back to it's former glory or close to it especially is there a way to invite more members here? Also what restoring the main chat, the image gallery, and such?
  8. Long time and Back again...

    Hello everyone I think you may remember me for those who were here in the original forums but then again though I have to admit that I had gotten a bad reputation here due to my past transgressions especially aggressively attacking a certain religion that I think was the reason got me banned here in the first place and I have to confess that my rep outside this forum isn't that great either which I don't feel like getting into right this moment. Although it's great to back here and at least I have a few remaining spaces to discuss anything WoD/CotD related due to what I aforementioned here a while ago but now since the admins are kind enough to let me back here, I would hope to keep this place indefinitely and I will try my best to remain sober here but however know this, I'm now fully realized myself as a leftist who supports social justice which back then I was trying lean toward to that path but I didn't fully understand what it was that I was trying to put my finger on and after years of learning and experience since I was banned here, I think I'll be able to express myself better than I did in the past or at least I hope I can. That means while it might be best avoid such topics (but sometimes the topics are unavoidable if they're linked to it) but if I ever come across what needs to be discussed then I try to be constructive as possible or I just leave the conversation completely if feel that anything is not worth discussing anymore. Anyways, I hope would feel welcome here since I don't want to feel embarrassed or anything like that.