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  1. Yeah it's too cold, time to hibernate. For me the gentle goodnight sounds just about right

  2. Yeah it's too cold, time to hibernate. For me the gentle goodnight sounds just about right

  3. Blood Born

    I see Once again you are a great source of clarity in an otherwise bewildering void.
  4. Blood Born

    Thanks Radagast, that was very informative....(and amusing i love the Crapsack defenition) and best of all it somewhat cleared the fog of 'what the F*^%' that surrounds this particular world. So when one is playing a game, how do you finish? is it till death do you part? or is there usually a goal? i'm gathering that games can last quite some time.
  5. Blood Born

    Okay Blood, will do..... and yes the Vampire games are certainly a good place to sink my teeth in (sorry couldn't resist). The old Mapedit mood is certainly tempting me more and more can't wait to have some WoD inspiration going.
  6. Blood Born

    Well it's a little bit of both, i do still want to Mod and the WoD is a rich source material but i also really like the idea of a game and i think the best way to get to grips with the WoD would be to play at least one game. As for which WoD, well after reading the Wiki i have to admit i love the sound of the oWoD complexity....but to start i think it would be better to go nWoD. So would it be reccomended to get hold of a book either physical or digital and start there? or should i just dive in and try to figure it out from within?
  7. It happened near the end of september I think, regardless it is a very happy no gallbladder life the pain it caused was nearly unbearable lol

  8. Blood Born

    Ressurecting my own introduction here because i'm back trying to tackle the WoD but still find myself a bit lost......is there any chance i could see something like a transcript of a game or a description on what exactly is needed or involved to begin? Even comprehensive manual would be nice, just something to give me a starting point. Thanks And hello again
  9. Happy No Gallbladder day!!....when did this happen?

  10. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Well hell if you REALLY like the Vampire go ahead but yeah the thought was that really it's just looking down the gun barrel and pulling the trigger hugging a Vampire.....i should add i mean no offence to any Vampire's should any read this......please don't eat me
  11. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Spread the love people......but don't hug the Vampires
  12. Thanks :)

    Umm its hard to explain I just find it facinating, their movement, how they affect the bigger things and things like that.

  13. Blood Born

    Cookies AND satyrs!! truely bacchanalian....i'm there
  14. Blood Born

    Well i'm certainly going to check out as many of the Forums as i have time for but really what i was asking is, is there one topic that is in your opinion a good place to see the best example of Wod? Re-reading my own post it sort of sounds doubtful you can really give me an answer, so perhaps just anyone who would like to recommend just one topic that they really liked that would be cool.
  15. Blood Born

    Thanks for the welcomes guys, errm this place is very big and complex is there a good place to start for a WoD overview? Also why not start here Mav? Welcome to the Forum ......i'm new here but so far it's great