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  1. my site

    Thanks Morlandus, no complaints, looks great thanks mate ill let you know when i'm done with some new stuff
  2. my site

    Cool beans mate, have at it Morlandus,
  3. my site

    Thanks Jagash & Mortekai im glad you took the time and looked around my site ...... Demon project? hmmmmm im always working on new stuff,but don't have any angelic artwork at the moment. you can shoot me an e-mail Jagash perhaps I could draw up some goodies for your Demon project gscart1@aol.com
  4. my site

    Thanks Morlandus i'm happy you like my work and looking forward to see how it turns out in your gallery of artists
  5. my site

    Hello all if you would like to see my artwork you can see it at http://www.grantcrossgallery.org I'm also featured in the January 2005 issue of HEAVY METAL mag as (featured artist)