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  1. Allo, Ello, Hello, and Jello!

    Welcome. Are you by any chance any artist?
  2. My computer game is still in progress.

    It lacks images and have stopped at a phase.

  3. dudes, I also have this account.

  4. Hell in Inferno

    II got Kult its great.
  5. We add eachother on MSN or Skype.

    And get online together with marinally flexible times.

    what you type in chatt is what your character say in game.

    what you say within * is what you character does *

    wha you say within ( is out of game )

    If we all got skype we can talk voice and even use cams.

  6. How does your online game work?

  7. Hello. want to join my vampie game.


  8. life is going on with hurry as usual

  9. life is going on with hurry as usual

  10. Hey. Please mail me all your info on your

    true black hand chronicle! PLEASE!

  11. I like seties too lets be msn friends.

  12. hi lets be friends!

    wanna msn!