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  1. A bit late, but Curiosity has landed on Mars

    1. -t-


      ...but will it find any cats to kill there?

  2. Slowly growing older. I am now twenty seven.

    1. -t-


      Congratulations! *serves you milkshake*

    2. Random Avenger

      Random Avenger

      Don't worry. You're still just a young 'un compared to this grumpy old Avenger.

    3. zeroninja


      Ill be thirty august 12th.

  3. The Avengers (Assemble grrrr)

    Zibik, No one likes Antman. Antman doesn't like Antman. Black Panther shouldn't have been in the movie because he wasn't a founding member of the Avengers. Yes, Wasp is one of the founding members of the Avengers but you can't have Wasp without Antman. And as bad as this is going to sound, it wouldn't have been Antman if he hadn't treated his wife like crap. Hank Pym was a spouse abuser. It was one of the key things about his character flaws. Like Bruce Banner has anger issues, Tony Stark drinks too much and doesn't take the Avengers seriously at the start, Captain America takes the Avengers too seriously, Hank Pym abuses Janet (Wasp) and no one would want to see that on film.
  4. Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.

    So, I am sure everyone already knows about the book, Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. And while I haven't read it, it is on my list of books to acquire and read. A friend of mine sent me http://www.g4tv.com/attackoftheshow/blog/post/720737/abraham-lincoln-vampire-hunter-first-trailer-hits/ this. So it is now on my list of movies to watch this year.
  5. Free Werewolf Revised at DriveThru

    9 PDFs and the audio file
  6. Free Werewolf Revised at DriveThru

    I found all 10 downloads and two tricks..I know I am missing one somewhere, but if there are only 10 books good enough for me. Edit: I found 9 books and 3 tricks
  7. Skynet didn't blow up the world thurseday not sure how i feel about this

  8. Hey guys i just saw Candlejack what d

    1. Bebop Cola

      Bebop Cola

      Dude, you can't just say Candlejack like tha

  9. I dunno Bebop. If there are giant bugs involved, me

  10. I dunno Bebop. If there are giant bugs involved, me

  11. Most kittens are like that, our Nosferatu becomes annoying especially when we have our meal, she steals from us and scratch us so we mostly keep her out from dinning room to avoid this kind of situations :)

  12. Thanks,love her most of the time but she can get annoying

  13. Lovely cat you have !

  14. Name your drug of choice

    For me a moderate amount of alcohol and ciggarettes from time to time, Winston Reds which is worse for me because it sucks to my asthmar
  15. Mortal Kombat Reboot

    8 minute clip of something pitched to WB for a remake of the Mortal Kombat series http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_MqZn7E-mk&playnext_from=TL&videos=kIkO6UrEL2A Now as to what i think of it: There is only so far you can go with changing a setting before it is no longer recognizable as what it is based off of and instead just has the names of the series/game/book/characters/whatever in an attempt to get money. To me this 'new direction' falls under that category. They are trying so hard with the name drops to scream 'hey look it's Mortal Kombat' and at the same time cash in on what The Dark Knight and Batman Begins did so well. The more 'realistic and dark look' to Mortal Kombat doesn't suit the franchise. At it's core Mortal Kombat is about Ninjas, Robots, Aliens and Monsters fighting each other. When you change it to Serial Killers fighting different Serial Killers in gorey violent manner, in my opinion all you have done is take what the Saw franchise, or Hostel, or the Hills have Eyes or any of the other multitude of torture porn films out there and move it from a gross out horror setting to a gross out action flick setting. Watching the clip i find it unlikely i will ever sit down and watch this movie because it won't be mortal kombat in anything more than name of the movie and the people in it being called Scorpion or Sub Zero. If that is your kind of movie, you might enjoy it. Me? I like my movies to have plot, or if it is based on a comic book series or game to actually follow that not just use the name and go in a different direction under the auspices of "It's darker" "It's grittier" "It's a different universe which is a combination of multiple"