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  1. So where do we stand now?

    Well, its a bit complicated. CCP used to own all White Wolf properties. Many writers became displeased with how was working and instead made their own company, Onyx Path Publishing. Some White Wolf licenses where transferred to them the others continued to be produced by OPP under license, both world of darkness are among these and OP continued to make products for both old/classic world of darkness (in the form of the 20th anniversary editions.) and New world of darkness. Then in 2015 Paradox Entertainment bought the White Wolf brand along with is properties from CCP, they then resurrected the White Wolf brand as an actual sub company to PE. As for their plans they seem to have a non exclusive view to them, that is OP will continue to produce New World of Darkness (re branded into Chronicles of Darkness to lower confusion and mix-ups.) as well as 20th anniversary edition although they are open to other entities also making PnP rpg material. The new White Wolf are making the new 5th edition of classic world of darkness. This is under development and seems to contain large changes and updates unlike the more legacy minded 20th anniversary edition. There are also several licensed video games under development (not really surprising after Paradox got their hand on the brand.), but very little is known of those so far (which considering how little time there have been is not surprising.). There have also been some talk into turning CWOD into a multimedia expanded universe bonanza, but well, that is easier said then done. So all in all things are very interesting. More PnP products for NWOD. More classic feeling products for CWOD with 20th anniversary continuing. A new spin on CWOD with a properly new edition (woho! more edition wars ahoy!) and coming video games. Of course the jury is still out on V5 and the video games as they have not released yet.