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  1. Auspex 5: Find Group!

    Hi all! It's been ages since I played; I'm almost through reading the V5 corebook and was wondering if anyone had an open virtual table I could join? I'd offer to ST but I've never played (much less run) V5, and the Masquerade WoD isn't my usual bailiwick.
  2. Vampire-only Merits

    This isn't worth getting upset over, so how about this: Have it replace, I don't know, Obfuscate 5 for a specific brood of Mekhet or Nosferatu, and have the normal five dot level be off-limits thereafter. OR Just have 5 dots in Obfuscate as a prerequisite (already on the merit) and make players pay the extra cost for the merit. Which, all things considered, just sucks up more XP anyway. And if you wan't to be really stingy, make the 3 dot version limited to same room/lightsource as the owner, and the 5 dot totally independent. If you want to say: "No, this is a powerful ability, therefore it can't be a merit", then... what's the point of merits? The ability to do lethal damage unarmed is pretty damned powerful, but there's two fighting styles that let you do it. The ability to create fire with your mind is a power that can be game breaking, and it's in a book. The ability to let your shadow wander around, snooping? It's powerful, yes. So is someone with Contacts 5, or Resources 5. I get the feeling that what you're trying to say is: "This is a powerful ability that SHOULD BE A DISCIPLINE OR DEVOTION, therefore it CANT BE ANYTHING ELSE". Well, the system is flawed, it can be as open or closed as we allow it to be. If you want to make it a devotion, I won't stop you. If you want it to replace a level of Obtenebration or Obfuscate, by all means. But you say it can't be a merit? I say it can be anything we want it to be. So, reply if you like, I'm done with this thread and people saying "No, you can't".
  3. WoD: Reliquary

    There's really no way for to subtly insert the following link without seeming either paranoid or smug, but I need to do it at least once to get it off my chest: Antiquary Antics. For what it's worth, I'd like to think the the thread inspired the book. But as narcissistic as my egocentric little universe is, I'll chalk it up to a cosmic coincidence instead.
  4. Social merits

    Ok, here goes: The "Betting System" Status Through steady attendance to Elysium, Clan, or Covenant gatherings, coupled with taking a few visible responsibilities, the character starts building up a social cache in local politics. Each point of XP gambled represents a roll and personal investment into their standing and in local politics, and caps the number of dots of Status that the character can gain. Roll: Extended Action, Presence + Resolve (Presence, because they are drawing attention to themselves, Resolve as it's an ongoin effort through several weeks), each success above the number of dots of Status possessed is addedd as a permanent new dot to Status. Example: Eliza has 2 dots of Status (Ordo Dracul), and wants to raise it during downtime, so she pays 1 XP, representing a modest effort to aid her covenant and expand her presence. She rolls her Presence + Resolve, and comes up with 4 successes. Since she already has 2 dots, subtracting those from the 4 successes rolled yields 2 dots she could rise. However, since she only spent 1 XP her Status only rises from 1 dot to 3. In game terms, she had ample opportunity to shine, but her focus on other things kept her from fully following through. And here goes the "Roullete" system. Contacts The character spends time finding, befriending, or otherwise procuring ears in select circles. She may spend free time in a local bar, or take up new "hobbies" that put her in contact with new people. Roll: Extended Action (contested), Manipulation + Composure vs. opponent's Presence + Composure. Each roll represents a week (or month) of contact building, capped by the characters number of dots in Resolve + Composure. Roll Results: The character must score a number of successes MORE than the opponent's equal to the Contacts or Status she wishes to have. Otherwise, her score remains unmodified. If the opponent's successes - the characters success is more than the character has dots in Status or Contacts, they lose a dot. Otherwise, neither party gains or loses a dot. Modifiers: +1 to +3 The character is already familiar with the group and it's social cliques (has a dot or more of Knowledge or Status appropriate). +2 The character has a sponsor in the group to "formally" present them and guide them. (Mentor 1 or mroe) +1 The group is actively recruiting or very open. -1 The character is prejuidiced against the group, be it socially, economically, racially or culturally. -1 to -3 Conflicting Interest. The character has a point or more of Status in a rival group or clique. -1 to -5 Opposed. The character is actively opposed by an existing power broker in the group, or is trying to undermine the rival's influence through their own efforts. (The penalty is the rival's dot score of Status with the group).
  5. Social merits

    I see nothing wrong with occasional downgrades due to chance, people do lose things almost arbitrarily... just as they sometimes gain them as well. Someone who spends no XP on resources (so to speak) can still win the lottery. (and gain 3+ dots of Resources) ... however, I'd say if they didn't spend some actual XP to cement that money, they fritter it away by spending it irresponosibly and not putting it in investments or savings accounts to ensure a steady income (drops down to 1 or even no dots). Where I'm going with this is, make sure your players know this isn't entirely arbitrary or capricious, but story driven. For example, a rivals attack on a herd or resources might impose a "penalty" to using the ability (the banks freeze the account, the herd avoids the character), but at least be a little fair and give them a chance to fight back to keep their score. Failure to do so, either story wise or utter ambivalence, justifies a permanent loss. Now, for the ghoul getting run over... go for it! Have their domitor deal with it, maybe arrange or attend the funeral, and see how her life is different without the ghoul... see if they don't actually regret the loss for non-political/practical reasons, but also for their mistreatment of the poor ghoul or for appreciation that went unsaid. A good RP session out of it ought to net the character a chunk of the lost XP back, and maybe even a new ghoul or a regular retainer (a family member or friend of the ghoul becomes impressed by the kindred's show of sadness and loyalty to the ghoul, by tracking down their cause of death and/or getting them some justice).
  6. Vampire-only Merits

    *shrug* One of the things I dislike about the discipline system is it's rigidity. There's lots of things vampires can do in fiction that the discipline system has trouble covering, which is how devotions are helpful. That said, I find the Promethean system for Transmutations is something I wouldn't mind seeing with a few disciplines, where you can buy multiple powers in the same dot range that are all thematically connected (even skipping low dots and buying 2 to 5 dot abilities skipping levels). On that note, Merits are a good half way option for this. Honestly, I can see them work as devotions. But they make sense as merits too. In the core book you have Danger Sense and Unseen Sense, both of which give a character borderline paranormal abilities others don't normally possess. Then there's the Second Sight book. More passively, all the fighting style merits give special maneuvers at high levels as well as roll bonuses. Merits aren't just bonuses, but can be abilities or capabilities as well. I'm having a bit of trouble putting the next bit to paper, so bear with me. The Shadow id is not so much an extension of a power as an extension of the vampire's mind and curse. It isn't an expression of Obfuscate, and no Obtenebration power can do anything similar except to make the owner's shadow look creepier. You could make use Obtenebration to "animate your shadow for a scene", but not give it a semblance of a mind. In that light it's just a particularly exotic Retainer that takes special means to summon. Heck, this isn't even something I'd see vampires as having to summon or animate, but as a result of a bad stretch of morality dropping choices or BP increases bringing about.
  7. Banked Blood

    I just worry that if they try to trap the NO in banked blood (rather than adding it later) it will reduce its shelf life, NO is a free radical after all.
  8. Banked Blood

    Just say NO. ... For Nitric Oxide.
  9. Vampire-only Merits

    Well, you could say they're made with a devotion, Cruac or Theban ritual, but the shadow id's themselves are Retainers. Also, from a long ago entry called The Society of Gourmands. Discerning Nose •• Effect: After decades of selective feeding and careful examination, the user is a regular connoisseur of all varieties of blood. The user adds +2 to all rolls to discern information from blood and Vitae, and may smell rather than taste it to get this information. This merit is often taken by Mekhet or Tasters. Inured to Red • Effect: The member has dealt with blood as an abstract concept for so long he becomes like a cook in a kitchen, he may sample but he rarely binges. The user adds +2 to all Composure rolls related to blood and Vitae. Daeva who seek to reign in their hedonistic urges at Soiree’s often learn this merit. Some elder Succubae are very proactive in teaching it to new Daeva members, so that their clan might save face with less binging at banquets.
  10. Mirror Mirror...

    A mental exercise for you fine folk: Just like star trek and soap opera's relish the "evil goatee wearing parallel universe twin", let's assume that the WoD itself has a mirror reflection in another universe, or is itself a mirror to another universe. What's this place like? Officially it's already a darker version of our world, so it should make no difference... except that there aren't any creepy crawly supernaturals in our world. So, how would "Light Side" versions of vampires, werewolves, mages, prometheans and fair folk faire in our world? On the other hand, what if the WoD were already the best possible world inside it's local (fictional) galactic cluster? How the heck could it possibly get worse? It couldn't... right? *waits to be proven wrong*
  11. Vampire-only Merits

    Shadow id ••• Prerequisite: Obfuscate ••••• or Obtenebration ••• Whether through a forbidden ritual, a compact with elemental darkness, or their Anima/Beast slipping it's leash, the kindred's shadow moves on it's own independently of the kindred and any light source. This Shadow id is intensely curious while displaying most of it's caster's hidden baser emotions (hunger, lust, hate, fear). Aside from being intensely creepy, the Shadow id makes an excellent spy and servant. Despite being unable to directly influence the material world, they can operate at any time, and communicate with their caster much as if both had Animalism •. For mechanical purposes, the Shadow id can function like a Twilight Familiar (Second Sight pg. 109) made of shadow, a Remnant under the Kindred's control, or otherwise (and to simplify things) as an immaterial ••• dot Retainer. Observers can roll Wits + Composure to notice the kindred's shadow is behaving oddly or missing outright.
  12. Resident Evil: Extinction

    What I liked: I liked the computer AI girl. in my head I kept calling her The White Queen (Since the one in the first was supposed to the Red Queen). Also, it's nice to see amoral computer AI's that aren't completely psychotic, genocidal, or stupid. The ditch with the clones, I just kept thinking "Huh, so that's what happens to your body when you lose a life!" Mila didn't bare it all. Again. I like her as an actress, but she's nude for a surprising number of films, and there are other actresses whose curves are more pleasing. Nicki from Heroes got a new movie role! Yay! What I didn't like: Like Moonpride said, the jerkhole who knew he was turning, and was perfectly aware it would end up killing several other people he knew personally. Trusting some suicidal guy's book. Not to be cavalier about this, but a book written by a guy who commit suicide is not exactly good reference for what would be a massive undertaking (Going to Alaska), which they take at face value, rather than be more rational about it and A. Assume it was a fantasy from a mentally unstable man, B. Double check by transmitting to Alaska (difficult, but Alice passes a radio station in the intro) or later on using the Umbrella sattelite system. It bears repeating: Umbrella designs Clown Car technology, the zombie crate, the helicopter, the helicopter's fuel tank (apparently). Lack of recurring characters. What happened to the mildly psychic british girl from the first movie? And Jil? Carlos was back, which was nice, but still. Also, the people in the convoy ought to be Genre Savvy enough to have known never to enter dark, possibly zombie infested places (the hotel) and split up! I mean geez, paint a target on yourself, why don't you mister Black Guy Dies First?
  13. The subtle use of Majesty

    Justifying it any other way than as mundane causes wouldn't just "not make sense", but would make you sound clearly paranoid and/or delusional. Thinking about it: any Daeva with a little Majesty and psychology, and a lot of spite, could simply go around using 1 and 2 (or 3 on their immediate friends and family) to make someone so paranoid they can get them legally committed.
  14. The subtle use of Majesty

    I think of it as how aware a person might be of his body displaying symptoms of sickness. If you've just caught a cold but haven't started sneezing or coughing, there are subtle signs you can still notice (fever, headache, sudden tiredness/breathlessness). If it's your first cold, then these symptoms probably go unnoticed or ignored. But if you've had several colds, you learn to read your body's responses and can notice the onset. That gives you time to stock up on medicines and vitamins. In game terms, most humans would never notice, and if they do they'll attribute it to a brainfart or other "oooh, pretty!" reactions. But hunters familiar with kindred can likely notice the effect afterwards (even if they can't stop it) and notice it in others. Kindred would probably get a "Ding!" off of their BP/Beast contesting the power, though they'd need time to process what the heck just happened just like a mortal would.
  15. The Bestiary

    You have a point. How about: The Promethean can sing a swan song whenever they witness a death firsthand (Including their own), roll Expression + Manipulation minus the highest Composure + Supernatural Advantage present. Each success represents a turn of singing, during which all listeners become entranced and forced to listen to the Swan Song. No combat can take place while the promethean sings, though listeners can spend a point of Willpower to make a reflexive Resolve + Composure roll to flee the area. Once the song concludes, characters remain in awestruck silence (distracted) for a number of turns equal to 5 - Composure. They can defend themselves if attacked, but are generally too distracted to pursue fleeing characters. Likewise, even after coming to their senses all combatants are less inclined to violence, feeling a deep sense of loss and leaving them open to talking things out. Anyone present may attempt a Manipulation + Persuasion with a roll with a +2 bonus to try and stop further conflict. Only creatures capable of hearing are affected by this boon. Attacks initiated from outside the are (such as by a sniper too far away to hear the song) are unaffected.