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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Thanks for the heads-up on this, Cybercat. I haven't been on since I started classes, so I would have missed it. Please pass on my condolences as well. Shukura was one of the kindest people I've ever met, unfailingly gentle and courteous and beautiful. I think she loved everyone she met, and her family even more. I can only imagine how it must be for them.
  3. In my group's current game, we decided not to assign deed names to our characters from the outset, but rather let them earn them in gameplay. So far we have Jonas Pantses-the-Wyrm, lupus Ragabash Fianna whose preferred method of distracting enemies is, well, pantsing them, Aila Smiles-at-Death, homid Ahroun Silent Strider who is always sweet and chipper, even when she's soaked in the blood of her enemies, and Olesya Silent-Singer, homid Galliard Silver Fang who will sometimes go entire sessions without saying a word (she claims that if she's talking her fool head off, she's missing details fo
  4. It'd follow the people, I imagine. Urban neighborhoods don't usually have clearly delineated lines where one stops and the other begins (though occasionally...). There's generally, say, a Jewish neighborhood and then a Hispanic neighborhood, and a couple of blocks in between where you get a mingling of residents from the two.
  5. Technically, there should always be a certain amount of fluidity in the consensus. It's certainly noticeable on a regional level: from France to Spain, from Florida to South Carolina, from Egypt to Somalia, a lot changes. But on a more granular level, every neighborhood has its own little foibles--local environment, traditions and cultural background of families and communities, the degree of superstition vs. modern sensibility, sense of wonder, the community's priorities, etc. Breaking the game isn't a danger, but breaking your brain is. It's a matter of how much detail you as an ST can
  6. I run on 2nd too, mostly. Dox is actually *vicious* in Revised. You can't *not* earn it. But that felt sort of like punishing mages for having magic at all, which...well, it was the point, I guess--darker world and all that--but it seemed like a bit of a downer. I'm all for depressing settings, but it's just a tease if you give players magic and then punish them for having it.
  7. Spirals have Alphas too. In fact, pack structure is the one thing I would recommend you *not* mess with when building a game like you're describing. It *works*, not only in terms of setting and character but in terms of player dynamic. Some Garou are willing to work with vampires if it gets them something they want. Vampires are considered Wyrm-tainted bad guys, but Garou see them as sort of half-assed. Vampires do harm to the world, but they don't especially mean to. They're spiritually blind and ignorant to any deeper significance of their actions. Plus, they're mostly an urban
  8. Time 2, precognition. I believe that one of the stated effects under the Sphere level is to glimpse a few seconds in the future, thereby earning yourself an initiative bonus.
  9. The thing about Mage is that it offers so many options. There's not one right way to do it. It sounds like you've definitely got your own style, and one geared toward coincidentality (*is proud of her new word*), but there's nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with doing it the other way either. It's just a different approach. I will note that the aim of the game is not necessarily to avoid Paradox. Mages generally find it conducive to continued life, but there are sometimes good reasons to garner Paradox. It's often necessary when you have to pull off a really big spell,
  10. Well, a Garou pack will *always* have an Alpha, whether they formally appoint the person, someone officially claims it, or leadership just falls out to somebody with the right skill set. That level of organization is pretty much unavoidable. It's just how they roll (and how humans roll too; almost every group of people develops a leader if they hang out together long enough).
  11. Almost every set of conditions. In many ways, werewolves don't have a terribly formal hierarchy to begin with. It's mostly about accountability. A pack of werewolves is fairly autonomous in their own territory. They gather periodically with other Garou to share news and victories, and to make sure nobody's violating the Litany, which is the only set of hard laws the Garou have to live by. But other than that, you're expected to be forwarding the cause of Gaia and generally getting stuff done, but nobody's assigning tasks or even ensuring that neighboring packs play nice with each other.
  12. My first move would be to tell my players to ignore that guy because he talks a lot of BS. I would not go the Orphan route, actually. My experience has been that having a little more structure in the first game is better for new Mage players, and Orphans are dangerously open-ended. If you're not interested in a Technocracy game, then you might try a cabal made of a single or limited number of Traditions. Zashiki's got a good suggestion. The Technocracy does often have a more understandable approach to magic for most of us modern types, and their political structure seems much more sta
  13. To create blood that would nourish a vampire, it'd have to be Life *and* Prime. I recall that being noted somewhere; you have to use Prime to invest the quintessence into the blood so it's "living." And I think that to switch from one form of...er, stuff to another, you have to have both Spheres involved. So water or wine to blood would be Matter 2, Prime 2, and Life 2. The portable flask could be much simpler, just Correspondence 2. If a mage were doing it. I'm not sure how a vampire would be able to accomplish it. Thaumaturgy of some sort, I suppose. Creating a Talisman/artifact
  14. The ability to see possibilities is definitely an Entropy thing. You could probably do this with something like Entropy 2/Correspondence 4 or is it 5?), to co-locate the sword to all the different points the Entropy effect spies out. Entropy 2/Time 3 would be another possible combination. That would be a really interesting idea for a talisman.
  15. Getting to Erebus would be dangerous, yes, but no more so than any quest through the Dreaming or the Umbra. And Gerhardt wouldn't have to jump into the river of silver with him or anything. It does have banks, after all. If Cuchulain's taint is low and he's ready to repent and redeem himself, then his stay in Erebus might not be terribly long, either, so the fae may have done some real good there. As for the grieving, that depends on the individual. Garou are always aware that they could lose their friends, packmates, and family at any time. It *sucks,* but that's how life is for them. But
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