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  1. What is this game?

    Sounds like a strange fusion of many themes used in previous games. Only natural, I suppose.
  2. Lost in space reboot?

    I'll definitely give it a try. Looks like the cast is solid, and they've thrown out the camp.
  3. Back again, have a question

    Hey, Agatana! Great to see you again. Proto-Kemuel here
  4. Anyone play D3 anymore?

    I do X3 I do X3
  5. Whatcha listenin' to?

    Ghost B.C. kind of mood
  6. Happy New Year For 2018!

    Same to you, Libra. I miss this place all the same, this enchanting old ruin. Nice to see familiar faces still.
  7. FIRST POST OF 2017

    Same here. The place looks even better than before. The new themes are gorgeous, Mortekai.
  8. Legion: An Upcoming movie

    I would have been fine had they omitted the last five minutes. I needed to see nothing past Gabriel getting pwned
  9. Opening an FLGS

    I'd say talk to your FLLoanOfficer The best person who can give you a realistic idea of what kinds of businesses succeed and fail is someone who has seen both. I would also recommend talking to someone with an MBA who runs any kind of retail outlet - not even necessarily a book store. Best of luck to you in your pursuit - I'd love to do the same, but am nowhere near that financial stratum
  10. Interests

    Just a personal opinion, but the length of some users' Interests leads to an excessively-lengthened response height. Can we not list those on each and every topic response, or perhaps limit the field to a certain number of characters?
  11. Guilty Pleasures...

    Indeed Let me see... I know the words to every Sting song from a studio album.
  12. Topic Downloading

    I really dig this feature - I don't know that I'll use it much, but to have the option is really kewl. *2 oboli clink in the coffers*