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  1. Posting blackhole... of DOOOOOOOM!

    But I have allergies
  2. Recommend me a horror novel

    Wow (For the love of everything sacred I do not mean World of Warcraft) that was a lot of suggestions. So far I'd say that I'm very tempted to try all of them, but, as I'm kind of limitd in the sense that I don't have unlimited time not pages for the project I'll check which of the books I can get hold of quickly and then run them past my teacher. Thank you very much all of you sandchigger I fully agree, Lovecraft should never, ever be against the rules. Unfortunatly I've already used him in one project (I used The Thing on the Doorstep) so I try to avoide him for this project. Agatana normally I'm opposed to people looking over my shoulder (see tagline) but I'll allow you just this once, not like I can stop you anyway
  3. Recommend me a horror novel

    I really hope you people can help me out here, I'm suppose write a literary project for this semester and though I know the topic I want to deal with I'm rather blank about any fiction that actually fulfills the requrements I've set. So what I'm asking of you is recommendations for good horror stories. Since that's the topic I've chosen. I realise that horror is a rather wide topic so I'll try to specify it a bit more. I'm particularly interested in stories that deals with insanit and it would be great if anyone knew of a novel/short story that dealt with a first person narrator that was insane (obviously or not) I have, in a previous assignment, worked with Lovecraft and would therefore prefer to avoid any of his stories. I would also apreciate if you could post a few lines about any story you might suggest as that will make i alot easier for me to figure out wheter it'll fit my ideas or not.... Yes.... think that was it.... wonder if this is as confusing to you as it is too me Anyways, if you need any clarification just ask away and I'll see if I can be more coherent about it.
  4. Fish Malks

    A Fishmalk doesn't, in theory, have anything to do with a character's clan/bloodline/class/whatever classification is used in the specific RPG. It's a way of describing a character with a silly or game-ruining derangement. It's probably called something else if you approach it from a D&D perspective
  5. Welcome to Silent Hill

    Like serial_experiments it's to make it feel more claustrophobic, its only used for as long as you're in the apartment. Whenever you go outside the game returns to the 3rd person view. I've often heard the claim that SH2 and SH4 doesn't fit into the storyline of the games, but I'm not quite sure I get the point behind that. As I see it in SH2 the city is adjusting to whoever it is, it is trying to "teach a lesson" and that will result in some continuity problems. Though I will admit I’m biased to those to games, as they are available to the xbox and that’s the machine I own. Not having a PS2 makes it a bit difficult to explore the connection between SH1 and SH3.
  6. Acolytes & Pantheons

    I have the same problem, with the CotC that is. They seem to be mostly a matter of having someone who's anti LS. The Idea that each circle worships their own interpretation of the Goddess seems silly to me. But only because they are presented as one covenant and not a gazillion covenants with a few traits in commen such as the fact that they all use the same type of magic. It get's even worse(more silly) when you suddently have two circles in the same city, as we have in the local LARP, though they now seem to have reached some type of peace it seems more a matter of deciding OOC that they don't want to waste any more time fighting eachother when they could be fighting the LS.
  7. New Covenants?

    Fair enough I usually skip the posts that seems to just be antagonistic in nature.
  8. Welcome to Silent Hill

    Played SH1 in my old appartment, during what here in Denmark goes for a storm. With seagulls flying into the window. Containers banging into eachother in the back yard.... I was scared. But I'll have to admit I was more freaked out by SH4. In the later part of the game when you're running around in the appartment complex in nightmare world you can here a kids voice saying something like: "Daddy where are you?" "I can't see your face, daddy" Eventually I had to mute the TV, I have no idea why I was so freaked out by it though.
  9. New Covenants?

    Just a guess, but couldn't it be that the reason LH considers Requiem a rehash is that he is a VtM player and hasn't read the describtions of the covenants. If I were to explain someone I knew to be a VtM player what Requiem was I'd probably try to connect the various covenants and clans with something he already knew.
  10. Fish Malks

    This part, holds a lot of potential for being annoyingly disturbing. As in, half the session will be spend on utterly pointless waste of everybody's time. With quite a few players I know this would turn into a race for how often they could get the ST's attention and generally ruin the mood/story for everyone else. Played like that I find it quite likely that, if the other players were up for a horror game, the charcter would add alot to the mood of the game. So no, it doesn't sound like you played it as a fishmalk, but seeing the concept from most of my playes would give me nervous twitches and make me ban the idea of derengments from the game for a month.... Then again, I've hardly ever encountered anyone who could portray a derengment properly in a pen'n'paper game. Not for long anyway.
  11. Fish Malks

    I think my definition of a fishmalk is whether the character is annoying or not and whether it's likely that the character would survive for long. Actually, I'd probably find this to be a fishmalk. Depending on how the player handles it. IF every other situation ends with the character attacking rats or whatever happen to be moving in the darkness I'll get very annoyed as it will distrupt the flow of the game. As a NPC the character might work out but as a PC it's more likely to be disturbing and annoying. Another problem with the character is whether he'll survie long. Presuming the derengment wasn't developed until after the embrace I still wonder why anyone let him "live". He's a constant danger to the masqurade. But, often it is impossible, or at least quiet hard, to define whether a concept is a fishmalk or not. You need to know the player and have a certain idea about what they can handle. For the most part I don't allow people to start out with derangments nor am I likely to ever allow anyone to be a malko/avian
  12. Forum Con III

    Well I think Ane and I were planning on going. Though like everyone else it'll come down to the financial situation. Oh and Temple, I think next year will be in Denmark (if Jutlander is sticking with his promisses) so that should be a possibility for you.
  13. Reference sheets

    http://www.white-wolf.com/downloads.php?category_id=27 try looking there
  14. Forum Con II

    And yes Jackob is right, of course most of the Danes will show... or at least I'll try getting there..... Should I try convincing my father that I should be allowed to bring his van again? I'm in for the Giovanni LARP. It's always nice to get to be a skull fucking family guy
  15. Guess it's only polite...

    You are never going to stop claiming that, are you? There is nothign scary about the damn picture I'm even smiling