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  1. FEAR Corporation Fan Core Book

  2. Demon

    Please follow this link: Entity the Becoming
  3. Beast Magic

    In OWoD the Fera were right in the W:tA corebook. It was fully integrated in the setting, not some last minute addon. Frankly, most of the book bother me, but I never refuse help to a fellow forumite. But Beast Mage is a trick used everywhere in the NWoD: we don't want to reprint a whole set of power, so take another corebook and rework the powers found there. Not a bad trick, especially in the case of Beast Mage where it add restrictions to not derail the theme. Read them quickly, seems like a random mix of powers, which are not all connected to the Nature theme. Some are great, some completely disconnected (like treppleganger or Spirit Touch) other magical by nature (like Clairvoyance) which would better be handled via Beast Magic. In fact, with such a list, you might as well remove Beast Magic. Perhaps some additional prerequisites would be needed, some Nuahal might use some of these power and not the others.
  4. Member Teams still active?

    The Awakened Member Team is officially down. I can't access it myself. I sent a PM to Mortekai, but he didn't answer yet.

    I can help. If you seek a purpose (fashion word lately on the forum ), why not expand on the premise? The Entity escape from an unknown metaphysical jail, and discover what it is through the faith lens of the host. One of the purpose might be to escape the 'jailer' sent to recover it. Another to understand what it really is, navigating into all the religious text of the world, to perceive the truth (which can be anything the ST want). Still another might be to atone for it's sins, and recover his former place before being imprisoned (Angel, Celestial Bureaucrat, Spirit of Nature,...). There's a lot of place for such a concept.
  6. Requiem mythos

    Want a Mythos? It's in the book. The Crone created the first vampire. Who is the Crone? Vampires still debate about it. And Mage still debate about what is Atlantis, so it's an equally valid Mythos. And it's not a Circle of the Crone only thing: other covenant don't invalid this origin, they just don't care. Want in-built motivation? Like them or not, this is the reason why covenants are. Invictus: this is the motivation you don't like. Create your power stronghold and enforce it. It's not power for the sake of power, it's power to survive. When you'll be old and suffer the Sleep of Age, you'll be happy to have a secure and loyal power base to protect you during you torpor. Ordo Dracul: seek transcendence. Investigate the supernatural, find Wyrm Nest and protect them, experiment on yourself and on others, observe the structure of the universe. Lancea Sanctum: punish the wicked, enforce the will of god, interpret the Testament of Longinus, find new fragment of the Testament in long buried library, Travel from city to city to proselytize the pagans, and perhaps find the ruins of Black Abbey. Carthian Movement: Create, establish, and spread Vampiric Utopia. Debate philosophy about vampiric governing system with other Carthians. Launch a revolution in blood and fire. Spread chaos in the city. Learn of humanity by living among them. Circle of the Crone: Find the origin of Vampirism, by exploring the stories of the Crone. Create your own cult, with you own old faith. Please the gods by sacrificing all newborn during a full moon of the city, while maintaining the Masquerade. Find ritual to become a Blood God. All of this being in the core book. Is it all politic?
  7. Requiem mythos

    Sorry my dear Balancer. Just wanted to use lateral thinking to show that Requiem have no less purpose than other WW game. I think the parenthesis is over now.
  8. Requiem mythos

    Vampire have a purpose: the Dance Macabre. Ascension is transcendance. Which you called extrinsic 5 post before, speaking of the Ordo Dracul. And Ascension is futile and unreachable. As useless and swallow as the Danse Macabre or the Hunt. In fact, the Dance Macabre can be rewarding. Ascension and the Hunt can't. I understand that you don't like politic. I don't like monster bashing. But I don't call Hunter a lacking game. To each his taste. Requiem not yours. Admit it.
  9. Requiem mythos

    And the Lancea Sanctum are the henchies of God. See the parallel? You won't say God definitively exist in the setting, but the Exarch yes? There's no proof the Exarchs exist: the Seers of the Throne is just a religion. Who know? No one ever reach the Ascension. At least, no one that came back. The Exarchs don't appear in game, just as Lucifer never appear in Hunter, even if demons are antagonists.
  10. SnE Members Map

    The thread might be dead, but, well, I have to represent: Toulouse, France
  11. Requiem mythos

    I missed that thread, a shame since some things have been said that I can't let pass. I won't restart a rant here, so any answers on this post must be made in the Awakening forum, since it's more relevant (I'll move any irrelevant topic. Don't want to upset the Requiem Big Baddie ). Mage have a creation Myth. Great. THIS DON'T GIVE THEM PURPOSE. This only give ruins. The Seers don't exist from Atlantis. The Seers follow divine will. And the divine will is to enslave humanity and dampen magic. The Pentacle don't want this, so fight the Seers. That's all. No epic war. No Gods slaying. Ascension is the road to divinity: without Atlantis, without the Exarch, Awakened would still seek Ascension. Erasing Atlantis from the setting has no repercussion, save from the origin of long lost Magical Ruins. That's all. An occult-heavy setting need a creation myth, because it's in-genre, but Vampire is not an occult-heavy setting. So mage a wrong example. And only Mage, Werewolf and Promethean have Mythos. Only Werewolf take a purpose from such Mythos. So stop saying 'Why Requiem is the only one'. It's not, far from that.
  12. How do you create a golem?

    Why Force? There three type of what you may call a Golem: - the Promethean: no spell, can't be created by magic - the traditional Jew golem : The Golem (Matter 4 Fate 2) in Magical Tradition - the complex creation of a Man from nothing, an Homonculus, with three spells found in Tome of Mysteries : --- Construct Homunculus Form (Matter 5) for the form --- Construct Homunculus Persona (Mind 5)for free will --- Animate Humunculus (Life 5) for the spark of life
  13. Beast Magic

    Name + description is enough, but if you have full rules, that's only better. Already read them. Not bothered at all, quite to the contrary. Changing Breed is the only book to state that a Gameline creature is only a subspecie of a larger group. Yes, it rob the specialness of a core gameline. Even War Against the Pure and Wicked Dead don't do that.
  14. Is the Storyteller System worth it?

    The quick rule of thumb in the system is that 3 dices are statistically equivalent to a success. I don't have anything else mathematical, but I can't see how maths can help GMing...
  15. Is the Storyteller System worth it?

    Err, is it a joke? The first post don't give any argument, while the second refer to OWoD and Exalted (not relevant in this forum). The only thing relevant is the scaling and the xp cost (which can be indeed debatable). What's your own griefs, Zero?