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  1. I'm gone.

    You wouldn't be referring to Poisoning Pigeons in the Park by Tom Lehrer? "and maybe we'll do in a squirrel or two"? [C]
  2. G-d

    Even so, you can't really tell someone that you respect them but think that what they believe is silly. Also, I did just spend a while explaining that we are very careful about being respectful to G-d, and it wasn't very polite to specifically post something which offends that respect straight after. Still, I do appreciate that you didn't mean to offend me though. The point that I'm trying to make is that it isn't any of my business whether you believe in an omnipotent deity, but I do, and you can't disprove it any more than I can prove it. I respect the fact that you don't believe and I don't make fun of your beliefs or the consequential beliefs, and I'd appreciate it if you'd do the same. [C]
  3. G-d

    It is a character, but it is non-alphabetic. It has no pronounciation. Actually, Judaism actively discourages conversion to Judaism. well, it is hardly obvious how 71 111 100 or 476F64 is pronounced, even to someone who knows ASCII pretty well. It still takes a second or 2 to work out the characters in English and then work out what the word is, so it isn't really spelling the name out. Always nice to see that you can respect other people's beliefs without insulting them. [C]
  4. G-d

    p.s. I am fairly certain that that doesn't actually apply to computers as the data in a computer is merely a representation of the word, and not the word itself, but once it has been printed it is a problem. I think this is because ASCII and Unicode are not human dialects, and an arrangement of pixels on a screen is merely a representation of text which is being repeatedly refreshed eg. 30 times a second. If you turn the monitor off, the image will not remain, which is why there is not the concern about deletion. I'm not sure that there isn't still a concern from the point of using the name in vain though, so personally I prefer to use "G-d".
  5. G-d

    What exactly is a name anyway? It is any word that is used to denote an individual. Since Jews are monotheistic, the word "G-d" with the "o" is referring to the deity and therefore is a name. It doesn't matter that it isn't Hebrew. The point is that the word is used to refer to Him, and therefore the "o" is substituted with a hyphen as a mark of respect since Jews do not believe in using the name in vain or risking destruction of a written instance of the name. Since a hyphen is not a letter, "G-d" is not a word. There are instances where Jews are allowed to use the word, as it is not in vain, but it is often still not used out of concern that it might be destroyed. For example, a Jew is allowed to say eg. "Thank G-d I survived that accident" or "Please G-d you'll live to 120 years old". In both those instances, using the "o" would be okay, because it is actually giving thanks or asking G-d for something. However, when talking about G-d in eg. an intellectual conversation. Jews are not supposed to use any name in speech or write it out in full. This is partly as a mark of respect so that we do not forget that we are talking about an omnipotent deity and not just any other person, but there are other reasons for it too. [C]
  6. High Speech

    Oh, it is good for a laugh! [C]
  7. High Speech

    what kind of High Speech words have your players made up? - we've had some ranging from sombre latin to meaningless gibberish. Some of the more amusing ones we've had are... "Ni!" "Ecki ecki ecki p'tang!" "farley farley farley farley farley!" (see singing bush scene from 3 Amigos) "blubble" and a variety of words from various media and nonsense. I'm just waiting for Wace's Moros to use "ASH NAZG DURBTULÛK, ASH NAZG GIMBATUL, ASH NAZG THRAKATULÛK AGH BURZUM-ISHI KRIMPATUL.". [C]
  8. The Ventrue Challenge

    Thanks - he's one of my more favourite characters anyway. The other players don't have a clue about half of what he's up to, and pretty much all of my other characters have been nice guys, so they are probably in for a bit of a shock [C]
  9. The Ventrue Challenge

    Anyone in our group better not read this, except Wace! Charles Groden aka Charlie aka sneaky bastard Apparent Age: Late 20's Embrace: 2005 Clan: Ventrue Covenant: Ordo Dracul (and Carthians in public as a cover) Concept: Manipulative power hungry back-stabber Virtue: Justice Vice: Pride Description: Physically, the kind of person who you don't notice. He looks pretty average, nothing to distinguish him in a crowd. He's about 5'10", brown hair, average build. Generally dresses smart-casual. Mental: Intelligence 3, Wits 3, Resolve 3 Physical: Strenght 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2 Social: Presence 2, Manipulation 2, Composure 2 Mental Skills: Academics 2, Computer 1, Crafts 2, Politics 1, Science 2 Physical Skills: Athletics 3, Brawl 1, Drive (Stunts) 3, Firearms (Revolver, Pistol) 3, Weaponry 2 Social Skills: Expression 1, Intimidation 2 Persuasion (Fast Talking) 2, Socialise 1 Merits: Allies (Dell tech support) 1, Ambidextrous 3, Covenant Status (Ordo Dracul) 1, Covenant Status (Carthian Movement) 1, Haven (Size 2), Haven (Location) 2, Haven (Security) 2, Resources 2, Quick Draw (Revolver) 1, Quick Draw (Pistol) 1 Flaws: Forgetful Willpower: 5 Humanity: 5 Virtue: Justice Vice: Wrath Health: 7 Initiative: 5 Defense: 3 Speed: 10 Blood Potency: 1 Disciplines: Animalism 1, Dominate 3, Resilience 1, Coils of the Dragon 1 Coils: Coil of Blood 1st Tier (Blood Seeps Slowly) Derangements: Sanguinary Animism (Severe; 6), Paranoia (Mild; 5) Vitae/ per Turn: 10/1 Background: Originally a Dell technical support operative who was fed up with his life. Was quite shy, and the only things he really liked were guns and cars, both of which he has quite adequate abilities with. Woke up in Louis Armstrong park one night with no memory of what had happened only to discover that he had been Embraced. He is quite intelligent, and tends to twist people to his own ends, playing on their paranoias when possible. He tends not to lie, preferring to use the trick of telling people the truth, but selectively leaving bits out so that they believe that something is true without him ever having said it, or even just get a one-sided view of the picture. He definitely applies this within his coterie, and also when dealing with outsiders. Despite the fact that he used to be quite a nice person, who was generally quiet and shy, he is now best summed up by the phrase "it isn't that he is considering whether to double-cross someone, but when to". There are only really 2 people this doesn't apply to. One was his mentor within the Ordo Dracul - Mezzo, who he willingly blood bonded himself to against her wishes, but she has suffered her final death recently, for which he is very angry and trying to find the culprit to take revenge. The other is his ghoulfriend - a university student named Lucy, who he ghouled because he couldn't bear to think of her withering away with age while he continued to live. He longs to embrace her, but feels terrible for what he has already done to her. He believes that he loves Lucy, and he treats her as best as he can, shielding her from harm as much as possible, so that he hasn't even told the other members of his coterie about her. The original intention behind having a girlfriend was that he was scared of becoming an inhuman monster, but he thinks that as long as Lucy is around, he will always think "what would she think of me if I did that?" and stop himself becoming truly monstrous. His eventual intention is to become the most powerful vampire in the city, and he believes that he can work his way up by playing different people and groups off against each other, but that it is very dangerous and will take decades at least. He does tend to get involved in anything that he thinks might help, and he can be quite imaginative about how to make use of anything he comes across. He particularly enjoys blackmailing people, especially his sire, who Embraced him without permission. He actually believes that his life improved when he was embraced, but longs to return his humanity, and has joined the Ordo Dracul in order to research how this can be done and is learning the Coils. Since he is resident in New Orleans, he decided to become a member of the Carthians as well in order to maintain a cover. However, he hasn't yet told his coterie members about either of the Covenants he is a member of, so the 2 Lancea Sanctum members and the Circle of the Crone member are constantly trying to convert him, totally unaware that he is not actually unaligned at all. He is currently working on a plan to blood bond them all to him, which basically involves him blood bonding himself to someone else, and then agreeing to mutual blood bonds individually with each member of his coterie without telling the others(bear in mind that in Requiem, you can only be blood bonded to one person at a time, so they would all be blood bonded to him, but their blood would not bond him to them). Some members of the coterie believe that he is truly a nice person, and they can trust him, but at least one other member does not trust him. He and she are constantly trying to trick each other. He suffers from paranoia, and sanguinary animism. He is no longer quite as gun-crazy as he used to be (when the coterie was initially threatened by a group of youths with weapons, he responded by shooting the knife out of one of their hands without injuring them - a trick shot he is particularly proud of). He still enjoys his stunt driving though, and tends to find opportunities to make use of it, especially when driving other coterie members' cars. [C]
  10. Talk about your religious beliefs

    That's weird - I always thought James and Jaime come from Chaim - a Hebrew name meaning life. [C]
  11. Talk about your religious beliefs

    I couldn't have put it better. You might like the excerpt from Dirk Gently that I've got in my blog about 3 entries down which goes on about the mathematical beauty of the universe. [C]
  12. Some advice for a relative newbie ST

    I will do. I have a particularly fun opening adventure which I'm working on atm, but I won't go into any detail until I've done it because the others might read this message. [C]
  13. Hi, I'm having a bit of trouble working out how to come up with stuff for all the group to do, and how to make sure that my non-combat-oriented PCs don't get slaughtered in the occasional violent bits while my more combat oriented one(s) don't kill all the bad guys in 3 turns. I haven't started running the game yet, and I haven't had that much experience STing in the past. So far, I've got an Acanthus/Guardian of the Veil, a Moros/Mysterium, and an Obrimos/Adamantine Arrow. The final player is looking likely to be an Acanthus/Mysterium, but I'll be pushing them to take Thyrsus or Mastigos instead for more variety amongst the group so that we don't have 2 people who are good in 1 area and none in another. [C]
  14. What exactly is a real name?

    I can see storyhooks and crossover potential with my way too. [C]
  15. What exactly is a real name?

    I was more interested as an ST as to how it will affect my game, eg. whether I should have the players running around trying to find a Sleeper's maiden name if they want to cast sympathetic magic on her, and various other circumstances that I think might come up. [C]