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  1. Changing breeds

    Nope never
  2. Changing breeds

    Thankfully, I talked em out of the whole cheetah thing, a fact Im happy for, admittedly they went lioness instead, which I can accomidate alot easier.
  3. Changing breeds

    Maliki, I was curious if you've done anything with were-cheetah in nWoD at all? If so what Bonuses and whatnot did you go for? I ask because one of my players in a long running changing breed game has expressed interest in playing one and Im not sure what to go for with the Favours, Aspects, Breed Bonuses and form adjustments. She used to play Swara alot in oWoD so clearly loves Swara.
  4. So wish that WW would hurry up and release Werewolf and/or Mage translation guides

    1. Shikome


      Both are gonna happen! It's gonna totally rock!

  5. Weapon question

    Your a star. Thanks alot!
  6. Weapon question

    Hiya, Im a big fan of martial arts in real life and like some've em in nWoD as well, the art I practise most is escrima, but Im currently working on a new character and need some input. The character I'm working on will use one of the chinese hood swords (click to see picture), but am having issue working out what sword/weapon stats to potentially use for it, any ideas?
  7. Curiosity of mine, are Geist in a similar way to Changelings and can't have kids? One of my players randomly brought it up and I couldnt find an answer

  8. Given how the werewolf translation guide doesn't seem to be coming along any time soon I was pondering the viability of working on my own version possibly until the official book comes out (if it ever does), so was wondering what people were thinking would be an appropriate way to do it? Certain tribes have already gotten their own wee reboots in nWoD ofcourse, but my favourite tribes from the old system aren't around so I notice, Fianna and Black Furies most notably, others like Wendigo and Uktena, which I did love, have a modern version of sorts. But how would people say Fianna or Black Furies could be represented in the nWoD setting? Are there already lodges to represent them that I missed and if not, what tribe would you tie them into if any?
  9. Anyone have any idea how they'd advise converting Fianna and Black Furies to nWoD?

  10. Hello? <bounce> <bounce> hello?

    Welcome back Panda!
  11. SnE Members Map

    Dundee, Scotland
  12. Name your drug of choice

    Right now? Music, Monster Energy & Krav Maga. In the past? Waaaay too many bad things.
  13. Do some more biomech art! I want to use it in a oWoD supersoldier project im doing ;) very cool

  14. Im curious what folk think of this, in nWoD what lodge do people believe best represents the Silent Striders from oWoD?

  15. Rawr, and stuff, hope all is goin good for you down there in sheep land Gav ^_^