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  1. Metaplot B Gone?

    For me I had and still do have a love/hate relationship with the metaplot in oWoD I loved t piece it together and tie everything together. but it felt like a huge yoke when I ran any thing...
  2. Vigor.

    Agreed like I said before I think New Vamp was underpowered; so giving them armor ontop of extra health might give them an edge thay need.
  3. Beauty and the Beast

    I approve.
  4. Vigor.

    Well I also feel Vigor and Resilience are underpowered especially if you consider what the other Splats are capable of. Don't get me wrone I like new vamp alot, but I feel they are underpowered as a whole. I've toyed around with some fixes in my head for a long time; unfortanatly untested because my group seems to hate new vamp with a passion and won't even try it. Anyway my basic Idea (no Heresy or insault intended) is to harken back to old vamp a bit for these Disciplines. Vigor get rid of the blood cost and activation entirly; dots in the Discipline add to effective strength and is always active. Resilience no blood cost or activation; have it always active. Perhaps change it to provide Armor rating on top of the stamina dots. that may be going a tad to far. Celerity in my opinion is just fine. (I miss multiple actions but they are completly unbalancing in a system not designed with them in mind. also there where broken even in Old World.) And as a general tip: never underestimate blood buffing!
  5. Vampire Children

    Just puting my two cents in here. I used an NPC child vampire in a game I ran a few years ago to great effect. The NPC ended up being the characters greatest ally. Physically she was 10 or so but mentaly she was an adult, she hated it (being forever 10 is rather horrible) but diveleped a bit of a shortman complex. and through ruthless use of blood bonding actualy rose to the position of Harpy in the city and controled (not owned her ghoul owned it) a popular night club. I came up with the NPC on the fly, I didn't want some Cliché vamp club owner and I figured it's a horror game why not show the players there not in Kansas anymore. it worked and the characters (all fresh neonates) felt sorry for her, and later became her friends and many side arcs centered around the child vamp from then on. Hell on request when one of the players lost a character the NPC became the sire of his new one (Spawning even more stories.) in my opinion a child vampire is a horrible curse, obviously I had her continue to grow mentaly so she was a viable character in the capacity I needed. Even so traped forever in a child's body would put a severe handicap on anyone; supernatural power or not. so the said vamp must "Grow up" fast and get creative with what they have, namely the Blood. if a child vamp was traped forever with the same childlike outlook the situation is even worse and they are a breach wating to happen. they would quickly lose there minds and sucome to the beast... I mean children don't have much in the way of self control.
  6. Places that aren't

    well having just reread my Werewolf core, I was reminded of in my opinion one of the most fascinating aspects of the shadow. The places that aren't, well I was just wondering if anyone here has used them in their stories? I didn't get the chance in the one Forsaken game I ran. (The pack self destructed) But I plan on running another soon so I well have another chance.