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  1. Welcome To The Curse!

    Well we will see what will come, but to be honest, I rather want to have WTA out already.
  2. My version of Leviathan and Dragon

    Hm, to be honest, only the last part sounds interesting to me. Mutant sounds a bit too... Marvel and I think is basically covered by Claimed. Nothing more to say about Pahogen and Alien: The Taken really sounds too much like Changeling so no point there.
  3. My version of Leviathan and Dragon

    Ok, I know nothing about these first four books after Leviathan. What are they about?
  4. My version of Leviathan and Dragon

    The two concepts sound good. Albeit the second one sounds a bit too positive to me, are there no negative side effects? And did you think of some beings the dragons created already? And those dragon-eaters, how do they kill dragons in the first place and does the way they "consume" dragons have an effect on what powers they get?
  5. My version of Leviathan and Dragon

    Sorry for the late reply ok; speaking of stuff, why not use the word Mu instead of Atlantis. I mean why should the Mages have gotten in right? And speaking of those other beings. Did you plan to use the traits of Eastern Dragons as well? And did the "ancient" dragons create beings as did Mages?
  6. My version of Leviathan and Dragon

    Ok, I read it and it is a tad different true. But I still wonder one thing: You use so many names of non-abrahamitic beings but why do you use the name "Hammer of God" why not some other deity?
  7. My version of Leviathan and Dragon

    I will read it again, but it might take a while
  8. My version of Leviathan and Dragon

    Ok, it is improbable but based on the map, possible. I read the part of the book... well sometimes it makes sense, but sometimes its a bit too magical I think. And personally, when your information has changed you should state so and not simply post it. It comes along as you not nowing your stuff.
  9. My version of Leviathan and Dragon

    Ok, but what you said about the island doesn't mean that the same island had been around for 65 million years, does it? I checked the link to the CB: "This book is pretty much the distillation of absolutely everything wrong with oWoD that caused White Wolf to reboot in the first place, reprinted as an excuse to make loads of money off furries." Sad but true. Especially the whole humans vs nature stuff so doesn't fit the nWoD. I got rid of it. Some species/factions do it but that is just an option for players, nothing they have to do. I also use different Harmony rules. Some stuff I kept for playing, but a lot I simply threw away (e.g. Numina for Ferals, the Nahual, Breed Favors etc.). The links helped me to further weed some stuff out that doesn't make sense or is useless. However I do not get all his criticism and also think his statements are rarely explained, e.g. I don't get what the problem is with having shifters born from animals. If handled right it is a good concept, which CB handled poorly. Either way, I do not get this anger about the fact that a wererat is not balanced against a werelion, well of course not. One transforms into a lion the other into a rat, how could there be balance between the two? Seriously, the dude takes the balance demand too far. He kind of comes along as someone who cannot really think for himself when it comes to power and the like. That werewolf had many of the same stuff he criticizes in CB he didn't seem to mind. So what if the rite of dedication is similar to Bare necessities? They are still not the same and in Werewolf you could get similar effects with different powers as well. By the way, werewolves were never the only shapeshifters in nWoD all of the other game lines had them. And I think he didn't get some of the rules at all and totally misunderstood them (e.g. have a 3-dot beast spell doesn't mean that your Feral Heart is suddenly zero). Also his "stolen from Werewolf" accusation makes no sense, since the book stated that the Uratha are technically members of the Changing Breed as well. But I won't dell on him anymore here. I admit the term "Feral" is not really good. But so far I can't think of a better one. Still I don't get this "overpowered characters" accusations at all. Seriously, if you have a were-elefant of course they will have a massive potential of destruction. Now the creatures in the third chapter of Skinchangers were all more or less meant to be unique so there could hardly be a system. And the ones in the second chapter were Claimed and the system for them was already presented in Predators. And Skinchangers wasn't meant to be separate from Werewolf so why reprint it? I had a look at Secrets of the Ruined Temple and I can't find the explanation for the hidden ruins. Do you remember where it is in the book? And in your first post you said that Ghouls transform into hyenas and jackals and now you say they transform into something in between.
  10. bloodlines

    I haven't looked at all of them yet, so currently no idea. But I do like the Oberlochs, that Indian Nosferatur bloodline and that Gangrel bloodline that develops antlers.
  11. My version of Leviathan and Dragon

    So basically those Dragons are the once that were once in Atlantis and then... they left right? My memories regarding Mage is not really good. Why was Changing Breeds poorly balanced in your eyes? Apparently you don't talk about form stats, so what is it? The powers were less than the ones for WtF. In addition Skinchangers covered alot more than just Skinthieves and those other shifters are often Claimed so they can have all sorts of powers. So basically some of these ruins are around still, but if they are so big, how do they remain hidden?
  12. My version of Leviathan and Dragon

    Ok, that answers my question on how they look like. Thanks for the link on the enhancement, albeit I personally probably will never use that, especially not for the Corax. The rules on war form in nWoD simply don't fit their Crinos form. So the dinosaurs "used" are from all over the Mesozoic? Why use the WaTP rules anyway? Skinchangers is better in my eyes, more freedom. Also I forgot to ask, why hyenas and jackals? I mean both are pretty easy to spot and I guess the Ghouls want to stay hidden. Hm, so like Rivendall... But I guess not quite so.... gardened right?
  13. My version of Leviathan and Dragon

    Quite interesting. Nice to see that others also work on some fan-stuff still. A few questions though: 1) What is this web enhancement for the Werewolf Translation Guide? I have the Guide, but I don't know of this enhancement. 2) What sort of dinosaurs were melted together to create the dragons? Based on what you wrote they have their origin in the Cretaceous period. 3) Why only hyenas and jackals as forms for the Ghouls? Why not vultures, ravens, rats and dogs also? They are all connected to carrion and especially the latter two would provide a good way for subterfuge and stealth, as well as going undetected among humans. 4) Why are the bygone cathedrals of the dragons in Forests? During the Age of the Dinoaurs the biggest dinosaurs lived in the open planes.
  14. Blood is thicker than water

    If I remember correctly Blood of the Wolf stated that all Uratha one day in their life want to make babies and homosexuals are no exception as it seems. As for the rape stuff, well some Pure already do it and some Forsaken probably also, especially the Predator Kings. For many kin are simply breeding stock to be passed around and much of the resulting "mating" is nothing different than rape. Ps. Good that you posted this. I hadn't noticed that the Translation Guide is already out.