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  1. A Question About Fetches

    I had this idea if I ever get to play Changeling. I want to play a Snowskin who returned, did replace (not kill) his Fetch and found out to his horror the Fetch was more human, more liked and better suited. So he released his Fetch and made a Pledge with it, to help it 'live' his life more fully then he could so long as he could watch and someday maybe partake in it once in a while. I like the fact in the game that while the Fetches are set in an adversarial tone, they are not outright evil, or have to be used as the enemy. Though equally they are quite rich as reflections, a duality of human/monster-monster/human that is so fascinating to explore.
  2. Character Polling

    Fan of the Elementals. Not a fan of both Court and Entitlements, but if I had to choose I'd say Autumn and Sacred Band of the Golden Banner
  3. Lost vs. Dreaming

    I like the Green better. The mood is darker and more in keeping with WoD. The Fae seem truly alien. The take of it is much more modern, or more to it not so steeped in the want of remaining in some medievel mindset. All the types of Changelings in this one are baseline human, trying to regain it as opposed to so many entities from Yellow. Spikey mentioned lack of myth/lore feel, I dont think this is an oversight. After all they are making supplements. Now if the supplements don't have it then we might have a problem. But there were a few things I didn't like. The Courts seemed rather strange. I can't quite place my finger on it, but I dislike the approach of labeling factions down to almost an occupation rather then a political viepoint. Summer-Warriors, Autumn-Mages, Spring-Diplomats, Winter-Prowlers. Both Mage and this game did this to a point and it seems wrong for a game about such elemental beings. Then Entitlements...loved the concept, hated the execution, or rather the uninspired examples given forth.
  4. What new WoD clan for the Tzimisce?

    I say Ventrue. Both the modern and old Tzimisce had a fixation for control. What is Vicissitude but control over the body. If anything I'd say they were a Ventrue Bloodline of the Ordo Dracul. A Ventrue can become fairly decadent with enough degeneration, so it doesn't have to be Daeva...but thats a moot point.
  5. Flying Vampires

    Me, I like my vamps getting around in mist form or bat form. I could see other way develope, but as far as actual flight, that should be a rarity. It should always defy science in an unconventional way. But thats just me.
  6. Happy Birthday

    Happy B-Day!
  7. 4th game

    Wow, of all the hype for the 'fourth book' I have to say I like this idea best. Gives a lot of options, none of them which I have to take unless I want to. I hope this is the way they are going and cant wait to see its execution...
  8. Justin Achilli quits

    A question I myself was going to ask, so cionsider that seconded. To be honest though, this doesnt effect me in any real way. I wish the guy luck on his new ventures.
  9. Steve is ok!!!!!

    Glad to hear your ok. Sorry for the tardy well wish but I havent been on much of late...
  10. Gibson fans

    Im a fan, Ive read every book. But something weird happens with those books, after a few years I cant remember details...Sad. I remeber Turner..., or was it Taylor. Damn, maybe I shoud reread those books.
  11. A Buried Gem

    Hmm I wonder if I should get the book now that I know one of the writers on it. Damn my small finances!!!
  12. Happy Birthday

    Wow, what dark powers do you people possess to be able to find out a day I am best trying to forget!!! Thank you though. Oh and Happy Birthday as well!!!
  13. Happy Birthday

    Happy B-Day!!! Bring on the dancers...
  14. Happy Birthday

    Happy B-Day!!! Make sure good times follow!!!
  15. Happy Birthday

    Happy B-Day!!!