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  1. Biology Term Paper

    After admitting a limited understanding of a topic, it is a little unfair to judge it in such a manner. I am not certain what the specific functional purpose of biology might be, but it does seem like it would serve as an excellent gateway to more specific studies. In my particular case, I have an interest in botany. In other news, I think I am going to go the route of immortality research. It is a little more interesting and I believe there is enough research and speculation to make a worthwhile paper.
  2. Biology Term Paper

    After two weeks of communication difficulties, I have been granted a choice between writing my research paper on immortality research or the origins of mitochondria. At this point, I believe my decision will be based purely on the availability of research and which topic will make for the better paper. I appreciate all the suggestions everyone offered. They definitely made life a little easier.
  3. Biology Term Paper

    I am currently attending Jefferson Community College with plans to transfer to the University of Louisville. I thought about attending the University of Kentucky, but it is a little too far from home for my tastes.
  4. Biology Term Paper

    I am attempting to remain calm, but I have found I do not comprehend the majority of biological concepts even after they have been covered in the course material. This research paper will give me an opportunity to understand a topic indepth, but only if I can make sense of the basic concepts and terminology behind it. After taking a brief look into some of the topics suggested here, I have come to realize some of them are completely beyond the scope of my course. This is obviously not a problem, as I can use other topics, but I have no idea how any of you got past the fundamentals.
  5. Astronomical-ish sites?

    No problem.
  6. Biology Term Paper

    That makes two of us.
  7. Astronomical-ish sites?

    During my Astronomy coursework, these two websites assisted a great deal. If you want pure statistics: http://aa.usno.navy.mil/data/ If you want visualizations and are willing to download a program: http://www.stellarium.org/
  8. Biology Term Paper

    I appreciate the feedback. I am currently considering writing a paper on cancer cells, but I am not certain if my topic and outline will be approved by my instructor. If it does not work out, I will definately be exploring a few of the topics listed here.
  9. Biology Term Paper

    I have to write a term paper for my entry-level biology class, but I am having trouble choosing a topic and I was hoping someone might be able to offer some suggestions. A few things to take into consideration: The paper needs to be at least six pages in length.The paper needs to include a minimum of five sources, but only two of those sources can come from internet sites.Any suggestions will be incredibly appreciated.
  10. If there is ever a future series, there is the potential for two additional Sailor Senshi to be named after the other newly classified dwarf planets in an attempt to explain the inclusion of Sailor Pluto in the existing series. I am not too keen on the concept of Sailor Xena, though.
  11. Pluto was a surprisingly important character in the series, too.
  12. If the Forums were a TV show...

    I would be a member of a group that semi-regularly appears in the background dancing to snap music for no apparent reason.
  13. MonsterGame - Vampire Thread

    It looks like registration for World 3 has come to a close. Entering World 4: http://world4.monstersgame.co.uk/?ac=vid&vid=47001318
  14. Legend of the Green Dragon!

    I do not believe there were modules in my old game, so I am not overly concerned with them. And Violet makes for a poor wife.
  15. Legend of the Green Dragon!

    I thought I would never get to play Legend of the Red Dragon again, but this might just fill that void in my life.