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  1. C20 Kithbook Boggans

    I don't know, Gatharion and I did one and we think it was pretty official. People seemed to like it.
  2. I got It!

    Sure. One sec
  3. I got It!

    Got my c20 book in the mail! With dice sets. Finally I can read it!!
  4. Honestly I refuse to look at my pdf until I get a physical copy in my hands. I just want that book so very much to hold again. That feeling all over again. I have heard it continues to divide the Sidhe and commoners, and honestly that doesn't excite me much. For all their options the nobility tend to get painted as one dimensional characters.
  5. Changeling 1st Edition Cantrip System

    There was an interesting option where friends could play off the cards laid down, using your realms, for example, to fuel their art and bunk, by laying cards down with them. You could create a multiple layered array of cards in front of you as your motley played off each other.
  6. Hook is the best channeling movie made
  7. C20 Games You've Played

    Still waiting for hard copy before doing this.
  8. Well. It was 2015. I backed it though! And pdfs should be available online at drivethrurpg
  9. 2017 Roll Call - Who's there?

    Here as always!
  10. Shadownessence in 2018

    It will be great to see what the future brings
  11. Anyone know if I can get my hands on a Bourbon Street Sophie? Was made for Katrina hurricane, but thats about it, so I would likely be buying someones OFF them. Let me know if theres any leads?
  12. tracking donations

    I donated a rather hefty amount to the site. When you were transfering over to this board and asked for the last minute donation, I donated pretty much that enitre amount. Could you check the records please?
  13. Lost vs. Dreaming

    I rather like lost. But we keep playing the dreaming. All the time. In fact, its almost with out question. So that said, dreaming for me. But I can appreciate parts of the lost.
  14. Changeling Mafia Game

    Well, its not really a roleplaying thing. Its a game of voting who you think in a group of people is the bad guy. Its turn based. The only thing that makes this special is that youll be given abilities based on a kind of fae. thats about it. I can understand the personal thing though. honest.
  15. Changeling Mafia Game

    Well thanks for that. Sad I cant find the last few players needed, we had such a blast the first time.