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  1. Why I left SnE

    It seems from the rest of your post that you have regained what you "used to get" out of your gaming. So did you return to a simpler form of roleplaying? Or do you feel that you have grown to a more "advanced" level (my term, obviously) Personally, at 40 years old, I would LOVE to relive what I "used to get out of my gaming".
  2. Spider Man vs Batman

    Okay, just had this insane stupid thought The "new" Spider Man from the first Toby M Spider Man movie vs The "new" Batman from Batman Begins Take both of them at the end of both of the first movies, pit them against each other (assume they "know" the other one is a "villain" for whatever reason) in, say, Atlanta (neither has home ground advantage that way). Who wins? The guy who can just kick some serious ass, along with a lot of high tech gadgets? (batman) Or the guy who can kick some serious ass, along with genetic modification giving him superhuman speed, strength, senses, etc? (spider man) O, and BTW, I know there's fanboys and girls out there for both of them. I'd ask that we use reason and logic (LOL....I know, reason and logic on an X vs X thread...but we can try, yes?) Ooops, almost forgot, assume that neither Batman nor Spider Man know ANYTHING about each other (but they still assume that the other one is the "bad guy"). Duel to the defeat (since both attempt to not take life) BTW- Im a complete Batman fanboy, but Im leaning towards the arachnid boy winning this one.
  3. Dexter

    Dexter- LOVE IT. Saw season 1 a few months ago, now looking forward to watching two on Netflix online (already saw the first couple of episodes, and o my heebie jeebie, a whole raft of shite for my favorite killer to deal with)
  4. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

    Rotten Tomatoes has an 87% rating for this movie. However, there's another forum I belong to (Christianforums.com, even though I'm not a Christian) There's a scathing review on there (from a non-Christian) regarding the plot holes that one could drive a tank through. SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU HIGHLIGHT THIS AND READ IT, DON'T BLAME ME Here's her review (highlight to read, if you don't mind spoilers)- "MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!!! a) Torching the Burrow: What on Earth was that scene doing in the film? It didn't propel the plot along, it didn't fit the pace of the scene or its surroundings, and it didn't even make sense in and of itself! What was that supposed to be? An assassination attempt on Harry? Puh-lease! "Let's run away and stumble through the dark until reinforcements arrive to protect him." I'd also like to see how they manage to tie this in with the opening of the last book. The Vanishing Cabinet: throughout the film, this item is presented as the key to the whole sinister plot. The thing is, though: IT ISN'T! It is UTTERLY irrelevant to the finale, as the Death Eaters' arrival is completely pointless and does not serve any purpose. They are just noisy spectators. Which leads me to point c: c) The missing attack on Hogwarts: throughout the film, attention is drawn to the fact that security has been tightened - and then, a bunch of SCREAMING, vandalising death eaters can march through the school without being challenged by ANYONE? What were they supposed to achieve, anyway? They didn't DO anything, so why bother with the Vanishing Cabinet to begin with? d) The confrontation between Harry and Snape: in the novel, this happened during a fighting retreat. In the film, it was part of the death eaters' STROLL out of Hogwarts. So, Snape stops Bellatrix from killing Harry, saying: "No, he's for the Dark Lord" - and then they just LEAVE him there, rather than taking him prisoner and DELIVERING him to Voldemort? How stupid is that? It doesn't make ANY sense whatsoever! In the book, it made sense because the Death Eaters were pursued. Here, it's just stupid." Don't get me wrong, I am going to see this movie (probably next week), but Im expecting the worst while hoping for the best
  5. Risus: The Anything RPG

    After hitting the Risus site (once I read your OP), that fan site was the first place I went to (after downloading the Risus core game) Already read through the Vampire supplement, now Im reading the Star Wars supplement. Question- is there a forum or something where questions can be asked for clarification (yeah, believe it or not, I need clarification on something with this extraordinarily simple system ) ETA- never mind, found their yahoo group.....color me ~duh~ Also Check out Risus Cthulhu
  6. Seattle

    A very cool location that should give some inspiration can be found in the Seattle Underground.
  7. Coraline

    Was it the "red/cyan"3d? Please tell me that if it was it was better than every other full color "3D" movie that depended on the red/cyan format. Pray, pray pray that it's better than that sham of 3D, "spy kids 3d" Even my 9 year old hates the 3d version of that movie (although he likes the 2d movie)
  8. Cute Brutality

    What a nifty little online time killer
  9. This is the thread in which we post pictures of ourselves ...

    That... ....was... ......AWESOME! To wit, this is the first pic Ive seen of you where I didn't immediately think "O DAMN, hott", or "Wow, cute as hell" VERY well done zombie thingie, 'cause "cute" and "hott" NEVER even entered my mind Very well done ~bow~
  10. I'll be out next week

    Wait....what?!?!?...... You're........"out" for a week? "Out" from SnE for a week? But that's just... ...just WRONG, sick, twisted and WRONG! That's like....ummm... Like... ....That's like Pentex taking a week off from environmental destruction! Or like the Camarilla taking a week off from politics, or like the Sabbat taking a week off from (insert whatever the hell they're up to now), or like John Stewart taking a week of from making satire on the Daily Show! Wrong I tell ya, just sick, twisted and WRONG!! P.S. Have a good time, Gone
  11. That... ...is... ...AWESOME!!! Reminds me of Lost New York and other "forgotten Urban" sites. Wonderful wonderful wonderful!! Next time I design a fictional city, I'm using these images ~Drool~ Got any more sites like this?
  12. The Culmination of the Great Work

    I don't even thing the Dragons can answer that Yes it is simply (mechanically speaking) casting off many of the downsides of vampirism. Yes, they (some) might hope to become dark gods by doing so. And yes, some few might actually hope to become the vampiric equivalent of mages (good luck with that, leeches......lol) It's all of that and more. Just talk with individual Dragons...you'll see.
  13. I think I may be back for awhile

    Zenten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *noogie noogie noogie noogie* Missed ya! *wedgie and hugs*
  14. Totem help

    Oohhhh, I LIKE your ban!! Especially when the shit comes down, and they SHOULD act NOW, but the shit is coming down during a time of "relaxed state" O wow, just imagine the interactions with the nearby Uratha who see the Pack as doing nothing during the 3 hours of the ban. Oh, the possibilities are endless! Just imagine how the spirits in their territory would react once they realize something....anything...about the 3 hour Ban. Wonderful, simply wonderful!!!
  15. To cool to be dismissed

    I Love Steampunk Computers!!