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  1. MonsterGame - Vampire Thread

    sorry, I'm a bit late but I was on vacation in Denmark. Anyways, my bite link: http://world3.monstersgame.co.uk/?ac=vid&vid=38042735
  2. Bloodlines: The Legendary

    First of all, I'm not looking for anyone to change their stance. You do what you want with the bloodlines and there's nothing I can do about it. And neither do I want to. Second, I find the bloodline concept correct in itself, it's just the way White Wolf has used the concept that I find irksome. They could have published an how-to book, similar to Ghoul and left it at that. But they had to go the way of the Thaumathurgy Ritual: include a few in every book and dedicate whole books as some sort of dial-a-bloodline book. And I would like you to point me where, exactly, you have concluded that I "only dislike them because everyone else happens to like them." because it baffles my mind how I could have lead you to believe that. I have played Dungeons and Dragons (the third edition) since it came out and frequent their forums. They have a concept called prestige classes that is EXACTLY the same as bloodline. They, like you, say "it's optionnal", "it brings plot hooks" and "you can do what you want with them". And guess what: they are overused, there is at least 300 prestige classes out there. I pray that bloodlines will not do the same but excuse my cynicism when I say that I've heard your arguments before and I find them wanting. On their forums, you'll find nobody plays standard classes anymore in D&D and I find it hard to believe that players don't hassle their ST to play bloodlines. You can like them, you can use them, you can find them a great marketing tool and find my description of it being "gimmicky" to be full of horses**t, but I will continue to dislike thoroughly the way the concept of bloodlines is being used and I will continue to let my opinion (disliking them) be heard. If they are so optionnal, would WW be a dear and leave the concept behing for a full year? Let's have 12 whole months with no mention of new bloodlines in any book. That would impress me. Especially when I see on the backcover of any given book: - New rituals - A brand new bloodline as selling points. Pardon me to see this as a gimmick. I'm sure the writers who toiled on them hate to see their work criticized (as evidently seen right here with two freelancers taking objection to my opinion) and I find this perfectly understandable. But it is still a selling gimmick to try and have Joe Roleplayers pick up a book because it has a new shiny toy in it to play with. A book don't need to have a bloodline in it to sell it. In fact, they are usually not very thematically appropriate for a given book. The bloodlines books being the exception, evidently.
  3. Bloodlines: The Legendary

    I can and I will. Bloodlines are a rehash of the Prestige Class concept in D&D. And White Wolf is doing the same bloody thing with bloodlines that Wizards of the Coast is doing with prestige classes: They're everywhere. There one or more in every freaking book. Hell, they have now two books on bloodlines alone. For something rare and unusual, one has to wonder what exactly is the definition of rare. Is three in every city rare? Because it sure looks like it. Granted, it can sell well. Granted, some people out there love them. But if the only thing you can get from them is story ideas, why not read other books. Hell, publish a book of story ideas. The Great Book of Plot Hooks would serve me better than three books of bloodlines. I said it all along, and I will say again. Bloodlines are a gimmick to sell books and I, for one, don't like it one bit. Sure, White Wolf has to sell and make a profit. It still doesn't make me like the idea. And I will not buy bloodlines books. No matter how well they're done.
  4. Most active non-staff

    Not fair since you used to be staff, Zenten.
  5. I have seen Serenity

    bah! autograph are good, yeah.. but the movie is much better. And I will have the RPG next time I'm going to the gaming store. There's one copy sitting on a shelf with my name on it.
  6. I have seen Serenity

    I saw the movie that you all want to see yesterday: Serenity. I had a free pass to the Montreal avant-premiere so I went with DGG to the much awaited theatrical release for the sci-fi movie of the year. **** Spoiler warning **** *** Here there be spoilers *** *** You've been warned *** And it kick ass!!! It is everything I hoped ofr and then some. I would go back to see it any day. The humour is much like the series and rest assured that you haven't heard all the jokes in the trailer. In fact, most of the trailer bits happen in the first half of the movie. Oh, and Gregor, we get to hear the Star Wars line. The music is consistent with the feel of the series and movie. The ships is cool-looking and the actors are all great. I give it a 9 / 10 on the Power Rongeur Rating™ scale. And I still can't believe the way **** gets killed. I never saw that coming.
  7. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday. Have fun on this auspicious day.
  8. Camarilla Calender with Girlies!

    Morland, You know how I feel about the degradation of women for the explicit purpose of capital gain. Of course I'm in
  9. Do you read SnE Blogs?

    I read them all. Although mine is a bit lagging due to time constraint, I can assure all my avid readers that I am not dead and that Folco Boffin's tall tales will begin anew in the future.
  10. Bye people

    Best of luck. We'll be here when you want to get back.
  11. An idea thrown your way

    Wouldn't that fall under the "money making" clause of White Wolf dark spiral sites? I can certainly make a case that you are selling stuff to make money for the site. If not, I'm all for it. Although, I would like to echo the sentiment that I don't need an incentive to donate.
  12. Forum con 2005

    FC3 - The Canadian Invasion... Now, what happened during FC2?
  13. The most Important Day of the Year

    Yeah, what they said... And here's to hoping it turns into a birthday week. (I tried to say Mortekai Rules! but all I got for my efforts was this smilie: )
  14. Happy birthday to ..

    Happy Birthday. and now what everyone was waiting for: Bunny dance!
  15. Congratulations to me!

    Congratulations and all that. Here's looking for the next 100.