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  1. My computer game is still in progress.

    It lacks images and have stopped at a phase.

  2. dudes, I also have this account.

  3. everyone please re-establish conntact

    after this wierdness.


  4. What, I have been logging in alot of times.


    I think I have two different accounts

    without knowing it.

  5. What happened to you Klas? I and the other people you recruited for the game haven't seen you in a long, long while.

  6. Group Symbols

    Hi. I am looking for an artist that out of their good hearts: I would want illustrated insignitas and symbols that I could use for technocrats alamgrams. I can use the same symbols for different groups in different games. I just would want some cool symbols. Kind like a sheme over insignitas and symbols of different military divisions and ranks. I am particulary found of simple geometic forms being shadowed perhaps.