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  1. A day to late

    You are quite in luck. I am full of opinions, thoughts, and hot air. I certainly hope I have at least not been a bother to the forums I have been posting on. The Changeling group and Hunter group have been fascinating for me.
  2. A day to late

    That is the only White Wolf thing I think I have ever been accused of being... Prior to Redcap, which I obviously don't fully get. I guess I should be happy though. Who really wants to be something out of the World of Darkness with all that that implies.
  3. A day to late

    I've not got a clue, actually. That said, I have been accused of being an amazing Fire Aspect Dragonblooded.
  4. A day to late

    Hey, book omelet with a bit of cheddar... so good.
  5. A day to late

    It is strange, but I have never even cracked the cover of Old World Changeling... I have C:tL, though. I honestly know next to nothing about the game except what I get from playing a Fianna in W:tA.
  6. A day to late

    I know what you mean. I had spent the summer in England. When I got back down here in early August, I nearly died. I am just down here going to school, but am planning on GTFOing as soon as I am done. I was born in Atlanta, and miss living in a city. Savannah's always been good to me though... Glad to know other Georgians are around, though. Well, I will look forward to the times I do see you then. I've already enjoyed the place.
  7. A day to late

    Thanks. It feels good to finally start taking part.
  8. A day to late

    Hello all. I should have posted this yesterday, but I got right into discussing some things on the H:tR sub-forum. I have been trolling the site for a few months, but finally got active yesterday. As an aside, my name is the name of my beloved Exalted character, an Eclipse caste 17 year old boy who is convinced he must protect the extorted of the world. Long story that I can get into later. Anyway, I have been STing games for about three years now and gaming and running games for about nine years. I have done D&D (2nd and 3.5), Cyberpunk 2020, oWoD Vampire, Mage, Hunter, Werewolf, and once for giggles Wraith, Exalted, Star Wars (D6 and D20) and a few other obscure games. I do, however, own a few other systems I just have never gotten the chance to play or run. My non-gamin info mostly has to do with my studying history. I mainly focus on the Middle Ages in Europe. I have a thing about Medieval governance. I also do a lot with the Irish American community in my area. Umm... my girlfriend gets really passive aggressive when I game to much. I guess I can include that under what is up with me. Oh, and I can admit to hating my job, but I have been working fast food for about two and a half years now. Pays the rent I guess. Anyway, I wanted to at least properly introduce myself to the forum. If ya want to know anything else... I will be very disturbed. So.... Cheers!