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  1. My spambot-sense is tingling. Also, welcome.
  2. Dreamscape MUSH

    I'm posting this here because ... it's entirely possible to play WoD characters in this setting and it probably suits many of them really well, too. So, here goes: Dreamscape MUSH ~A place of dreams and nightmares~ Go to sleep. Sleep, and dream. Imagine, now, a strange mist-covered place where you can barely make out shapes in the darkness. Strange voices buzzing around in your head. As the voices get more and more intense your surroundings sharpen, seem to become more real. As you finally find it in yourself to walk further into this mysterious fog, it slowly ebbs away and you find yourself in a realm of endless possibilities. Congratulations, you have made your way to the Dreamscape. A place where dreams and nightmares take the shapes of men, of animals, of monsters and gods. A place where a mortal may learn the secret truth of the universe, find true love or endless despair. Or perhaps have the adventure of a lifetime with strange folk and in stranger places. The Dreamscape is a realm between worlds; a place fueled by the subconscious, by dreams and the creativity of mortals. And sometimes, the right person may find it in their dreams, and forevermore dwell there during their sleeping hours. ---- Dreamscape MUSH is a new multi-theme MUSH based on the idea of a dream-world that connects and dwells between the various dimensions in existence. It is possible to play various Feature Characters from established themes or Original Characters who are called into the Dreamscape in their sleep. It is, however, also possible to play the native inhabitants of the Dreamscape, a species who separate themselves into Dreams and Nightmares based on habits, personality and their various unique and widely varied abilities. The Dreamscape is designed to be a place for creativity, fun and a place of courtesy -- freeform roleplaying, the ability to create groups amongst player characters for various purposes. A platform for political intrigue, plots and witty tongues for those inclined for it. And, not to mention, the possibility to affect the entirety of the Dreamscape as a character. For the various dream realms that exist in the Dreamscape are ruled by Lords of Dreams and Nightmares and while they are powerful, they are not invincible. It is entirely possible for a player to assume such a mantle, or to strike one of these rulers down to further their own ends. Ultimately, it is our goal to create a living, involving world where common sense and courtesy between players are the most important rule. A place you can enjoy whether you play a powerful evil overlord, budding hero, merchant or even a common barmaid. ----- Come join us at: fubarp.kicks-ass.org 7777 (While open for entertaining RP with a quick application process for getting a character, Dreamscape MUSH is currently in early beta phase, running off of the owner's personal linux machine with Dynamic DNS. Revisions and additions to our code and theme are very likely, as is a server move should growth demand it.) In order to visit, you will need a client capable of connecting to a MUSH. These are harmless and you're not really risking anything using them -- they're using a relatively old protocol most people don't even know about called telnet that's largely for networking purposes. There are a variety of MUSHclients and it's also possible to simply connect via the telnet function of Windows itself, though that's not really recommendable. A good client that's also freeware without any bothersome ads or anything of the sort is beipMU, linked below. http://www.beipmu.com/ Direct download link: http://www.beipmu.com/BeipMU.exe You will need to create a new world to connect to once it's running. The server data is as listed above: fubarp.kicks-ass.org. The port is 7777. If you have any questions or experience any difficulties, contact either me personally on AIM (lokioathbreaker) or through our email address, dreamscapeMU@gmail.com.
  3. Xbox Live Friends

    Oh, just to note, since that one requires less players to properly enjoy -- I also own Street Fighter IV now and, once it becomes available on Xbox Live to download, will get Marvel vs. Capcom 2. And yes, I will totally master Dr. Doom even though I'm not usually that good with fighter games despite loving them. Even if my thumbs start to bleed.
  4. Xbox Live Friends

    Yeah, sorry about that. My ISP went wild and I couldn't connect anymore for a long while ... maybe due to the storm last night or something, though that'd be a first.
  5. Xbox Live Friends

    Awesome. Looking forward to it.
  6. Xbox Live Friends

    Well, since I'm starting at my new job on Monday I may be a bit exhausted, but I should be good around 5 to 10 GMT at least. That's 6 to 11 PM my time since I'm GMT+1.
  7. Greetings!

    Welcome! I already like your nickname. But that may just be my love for KotE talking.
  8. Dollhouse

    Jack of All Trades, perhaps?
  9. Dollhouse

    What? Good sir, are you implying by chance that comic books are pulpy and camp? *pulls his glove off* I demand satisfa-okay, no, I'm kidding. The best thing about Joss Whedon during Buffy times were the dialogues (well, and Hush.) Hercules and Xena had some interesting stuff, too, but I admit they were pretty cheap. Bruce Campbell as Autolycus, the King of Thieves, will always be awesome, though.
  10. Guatemala Photo Gallery

    Hey folks. To explain, my brother is somewhat of a hobby photographer. He was in Guatemala for the last month and took a looot of pictures. He probably has millions of really good pictures on his HDD so I decided it was high time that he actually did something with them. I uploaded a relatively small number of the ones I liked best to deviantART, of course with his permission, and added the possibility to purchase them as a Print so that if ANYONE wants something like that he'll get at least a few bucks back from the hobby he's thrown thousands of Euro into. Well, without much further ado, here's the link. Ze Gallery! I'll be adding more pictures when I get around to it. Possibly also some other sets that are not from Guatemala, though I don't have the HQ files for those yet. PS: Since when I skimmed over the deviantART rules I saw something about not posting for others and shared accounts being bad and such my comments are written such that it seems I took those photos. Just ignore that, you guys know better.
  11. In Character Thread II

    The man says nothing for awhile until his cup has been filled. He reaches for it, raises it to his lips and takes a considerate sip. As if contemplating the taste he pauses, then puts the cup back down again. "I am not here of my own will," he admits after awhile. "Yet it is without a doubt that I shall remain here, for the next six hours, and that then the journey towards my true destination begins." As he raises the hot steaming sake cup up again and takes another sip, it becomes apparent that he is not human, or at least not entirely. There is no breath leaving his mouth; the steam remains undisturbed.
  12. In Character Thread II

    ((Note: I'm assuming that there actually is a bartender and that what we're saying is universally understood despite the language. Please correct me if I'm wrong.)) ----------- The door opens and a man enters. His eyes shift as he takes the scenery in for a moment before he steps into the light properly. His eyes are slanted; his skin pale. High cheekbones define a distinctive face that appears to be of Eastern origin, enframed by shoulder-long black hair. Sharp, equally black eyes gaze towards the bar itself. The man is rather tall for his apparent origins and his thin frame is clothed in garments of Chinese origin, wearing the luxurious silk robes robes of a noble. Coloured gold with a sharp contrast of scarlet, they give him a rather exotic appearance. For a moment he turns his attention away from the bar itself and studies the room again as he lets his eyes pass from one side to the other. He seems unsurprised at the lack of guests, though why is a mystery, as his face remains perfectly neutral. The moment passes, however, and without so much as a greeting he steps directly towards the bar, his head held high. When he speaks, his words are, surprisingly, not Chinese but Japanese. His voice is clear and deep, yet with a degree of softness to it. "Rice wine," he orders calmly.
  13. Dollhouse

    Dollhouse - A short, general review of the series Dollhouse. A series many people projected would meet the same fate as Angel whose ending was rushed due to cancellation and, a more fitting example, Firefly. A series that died far too soon and will always remain in my heart. After all, who is showing Dollhouse once again? Fox. Yes, the guys who cancelled Firefly. And, incidentally, Futurama. Luckily they apparently have new people in charge, so Dollhouse looks like it'll continue on, for now. Eliza Dushku, prominently known as the darker counterpart to Buffy, Faith the Vampire Slayer, plays Echo, a so-called 'Doll'. Like an unknown but fairly large number of other people she is part of an organisation called simply 'The Dollhouse'. She and her peers are, effectively, blank slates. Her mind has been deleted and is continually overwritten with new personalities and memories, as this is the service the Dollhouse provides: to give their costumers exactly who they need. When not on missions these 'Dolls' are imprinted with a docile, child-like and very innocent personality. Effectively, Eliza Dushku portrays a different person in every episode due to this premise, sometimes more. The episodes usually follow her missions, though there is an underlying plot about a male 'Doll' called 'Alpha' who went rogue, slaughtered a couple of Dollhouse Agents and is still missing. Plus, a police detective is obsessed with the idea of 'The Dollhouse' and seeks to uncover their doings. Overall, it's a very good series. Some people complain about it, but the reason escapes me. Dushku's performance is excellent and the characters are likable. I could easily imagine something like The Dollhouse existing in the World of Darkness, perhaps run by the Technocracy -- after all, these 'Dolls' can be anyone.
  14. This is older than the first one I posted. And this is me with my convention wingman, also known as the white-haired dude. Have to convince him to endure the bleach again sometime. This one is from 2004 or something, I think. Or maybe 2006. All I know is that in between I had my hair cut, kept it that way for awhile, decided to try again and then settled for short hair for good.
  15. Sigh. I suppose I might as well.