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  1. Due to cancelation 2 Antediluvian tickets are now available at the #WWGM website. They won't last long #V20

  2. Really hates that you can't buy the HBO shows on iTunes like you can the Showtime tv series. Started watching Game of Thrones while out of town and now have no way to feed the addiction. :(

  3. A pair of Antediluvian Grand Masquerade tickets just became available due to cancelation. They have been released back to the public and are available on the GM site for as long as they last.

  4. Spent the day touring real castles in The Caribbean now debating about heading out to The Castle in Tampa

  5. Tomorrow my company is all going to see Harry Potter. I decided I'd rather go lay on a beach in San Juan with my girl.

  6. They come from the cities and come from the small towns...

  7. 59 Minutes and counting and heeeeeres @thought_memory as Malkavian http://t.co/FyCyTCd #V20

  8. Vampire Elvis has left the building. I'm going for a drink!

  9. I swear to God I feel like i am running a Vampiric telethon today. You too can help save Vampires!

  10. The sands of time are running out! Only 7 Hours remain to buy #V20 or purchase a Methuselah ticket for The Grand Masquerade! #WWGM

  11. Heading into the #v20 home stretch! The Grand Masquerade has pre-sold 800 Tickets! 15 hours left to purchase a Methuselah Ticket #WWGM

  12. Some fun music for The Final Countdown to get your copy of #V20 http://t.co/Ozh6lQw

  13. Check out my #V20 interview at Machinma Realms on all things #Vampire and The Grand Masquerade! #WWGM http://t.co/5d0tk52

  14. Check out the #V20 Interview with @trbradstreet featuring exclusive first looks at Toreador, Tremere and Ravnos! http://t.co/EqZMkNg

  15. The Grand Masquerade has now pre-sold 700 tickets! Only 2 days remain to purchase a Methuselah Membership or order a copy of #V20! #WWGM