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  1. Lost vs. Dreaming

    I'm currently formalizing some of the Dreaming Houses as Lost Entitlements for our chronicle - I've been using them for a while but never really bothered writing them up. I have a rough House Eiluned write up done and will be turning to Balor next as they are the two houses most active in our chronicle. If anyone is interested in seeing it as I get it done, let me know. It will not be balanced for general play - the noble orders are meant to be pretty potent in our game. Ultimately, it plays pretty much like Lost, but heightens the role of the Entitlements on a freehold scale.
  2. You will not be forgotten.

  3. Nightlife

    I played it once. Had a demon character, if I recall. We stopped playing after a random encounter with "zipperheads" left us rolling on the floor in hysterics.
  4. Lost vs. Dreaming

    I've often written that I like Lost's tighter focus, but I can do all of the stuff zenten notes he liked to do in Dreaming in Lost. Seasonal courts and entitlements vie for freehold control. The hedge and dreams provide amazing vistas. Trying to maintain some semblance of a human life is your 9-5 stuff. When I really think about it, really try to divorce myself from my love of Lost's tighter focus and look at it objectively, I'm not really sure it has a tighter focus. It feels like it, but that could be due to the way the game is structured and organized. Maybe it's because I picked up the Lost core and supplements and read them in order, where I approached Dreaming when it was mostly written and I had to get my hands around its ginormity and all of its wonders and contradictions at once. Don't know. Lost feels focused, and I like that feeling, I'm just not sure where I get it from. I guess Lost plays well to my heart and mind, but I think I owe a lot of that to how much I liked certain aspects of Dreaming, the aspects Lost just happened to play up on more.
  5. I don't believe I've ever been kissed on the might

  6. I don't believe I've ever been kissed on the might

  7. Fetches

    Frauki, that is fantastic We have done almost nothing with fetches in the game, having had them die shortly after they were installed or leaving them to have the old life our characters couldn't fit into anymore. In the current game, however, my wife's character thinks her fetch died in a fire that killed several of her friends while the PC was in her durance. In actuality, the fetch did cause the fire but made it out alive. I plan to use her as a villain in the distant future, kind of a "surprise, now I can wreck the new life you've made for yourself, too!" but I haven't thought it through much more than that. If she ever tries to enter her fetch's dreams on a whim, the jig will be up, but that could be cool, too.
  8. Atmospheric Music

    You might also check out the soundtracks Bear McCreary did for all seasons of Battlestar Galactica. While season 1 has a couple tunes that might need to get edited out (an Opera piece and some muzak that was used in an episode) the mix of somber instrumentals, deep drum hits, use of lots of minor keys and celtic and mid eastern influences makes this stuff great background music.
  9. Playing up false sense of security works well for me. Let them feel like they are finally safe from their durance before introducing agents of the others - if PCs are constantly being chased it won't have much impact. One of my wife's characters, after escaping from Arcadia, landed in a tranquil valley and played there for about a month before climbing a valley wall to realize she had been in a pocket in the hedge the whole time and had yet to step foot on Earth. Do as much interaction with mortals as you can stomach through pledges, dreams etc... Helping the high school nerd suddenly become the most popular kid in school was a simple, touching and ultimately tragic story I ran. Yes, playing up the fear is great, but things like this make a nice break. Mix some mundane with your mystical. Don't fear Court. Some of our most entertaining moments have been in the courtly intrigue, particularly between Winter and Spring. I could go on, but I guess this is pretty basic info. Maybe some notes on the style of campaign you are running would help us tailor any advice we have. Have fun! This game is awesome.
  10. Help me see Losts full potential

    Hmm. Thought a Server Error had killed my first reply. This was a repost, now edited to nothing.
  11. Help me see Losts full potential

    My wife and I have been running a two-person game with two characters a piece (one starting character each, and one higher powered character adapted from our favorite Dreaming characters). It has led to 4 very different games (see below). I think this parallels most of my Dreaming games, where we started on an intimate scale (coming to terms with banality, the role of loved ones and the court in our lives after the Chrysalis) and eventually became more epic. Wife's HP character: Queen of Autumn court. Is coordinating the efforts of the Autumn court to keep the Winter court's isolationist agenda from dominating the freehold. Is also trying to obtain powerful artifacts that might help keep the others at bay (using the contacts in her Antiques shop). Epic and Court based, but still with human contact. Not as much Hedge play as I'd like, but that will change My HP character: Has been trying to prove the dominance of Spring. Efforts have included starting a cult with him as the god and recently converting the former Winter Queen to Spring. Fairly Epic, his almost Other-like view of mortals has led to a more detached form the human world feel to his games. Lots of hedge manipulation and forays into dreams. Wife's LP character: Isolated on the Brim of her Freehold with a motley that has recently escaped. Trying to secure their own safety from the Others, make their place in the Freehold and solve a mystery involving a reclusive group of "Hippie" mortals that may or may not be ensorcelled. More intimate, mystery based game. My LP character: Completely intimate/self absorbed game of trying to reclaim a life/place in life. Was recently saved form a suicide attempt by the current Winter Queen. Just starting to get in to Court through interaction with Winter. May be abandoning human life altogether - at a pivotal point for the character. DOn't know if this is helpful.
  12. WoD: Mirrors

    Hmmm. I think I played in that universe already, I'd like to try new ones instead. A novel idea for those who are feeling nostalgic, though.
  13. WoD: Mirrors

    The possible choices within one gameline alone leave my head a spinning. What if my Keeper broke me and I am a loyalist instead? What if I never killed my fetch? What if I hadn't followed the white rabbit down the hole? (Obviously, I'm a Changeling guy). You can do this now (by gameline, within one gameline, or in an alternative WoD) of course, but I'm interested to see if the various different characters are tied together in some way, a la "Amazing Engine" that lets you share experience or otherwise lets the various characters work in some cooperative fashion. Is this "Sliders" or "The One" or something else? Dang, me just want more info.
  14. WoD: Mirrors

    That's what I'm reading from it, which is awesome because we've done that sort of thing in my little gaming group a lot. It'll be interesting to see how it works, if that's what it is.
  15. WoD: Mirrors

    Bummer. Now I have to be patient. I hate that.