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  1. is making a Bioshock Fan book for NWoD and seeking help

  2. is making a Bioshock Fan book for NWoD and seeking help

  3. Armory Reloaded

    Reloaded is a add on to the original Armory rather then a straight repackaging or second edition. It adds some fun new merits and rules. I think its a good thing to grab if you like new tech
  4. They are rare?

    You missed my point entirely. Vampires are rare when you put the number of active vamps amongst the number of humans in the city/area. Most communities numbering over 3000 sport a 1% or 2% vampire population, normally numbering in maybe a few hundred when you get to the bigger cities. Bloodlines normally are limited to a region or part of a state where that bloodline thrives. Its perfectly possible for smaller towns and villages to be dominated by a single bloodline that makes up the majority of that towns vampire population while larger cities like San Fran have several small cliques of bloodlines. Once again in the point you missed, they only seem plentiful because vampires know where the others are and therefore gravitate to their little community. Rarity does have a ton to do with being able to be seen.
  5. Antagonists zombie creation

    Its structured that way in the rare off chance a player wants to become or gets turned into a zombie. NWoD Trys to reward clever ST's by giving them lots of fun tools to play with in order to slap together composite creatures and quite often asks you to make new content yourself. Which translate to a player getting bit and if failing a roll badly they will get infected and be deducted experience for the merit shoved onto them along with the template change
  6. They are rare?

    A reason they may seem plentiful is that the races of WoD tend to naturally gravitate to large amounts of prey (Humans) and usually are unable to be noticed therefore adding to their title of rare. So in America these creatures can be easy to find if you know how to find them or are already in their culture. However, its safe to say outside of well developed areas such as America, Germany, Asia, or Brittan; That your going to have a very hard time seeing one much less recognizing it as supernatural. Vampires tend to hunt out underground lairs or other places hard for humans to get to or have very little reason to go so that's why they can be rare added to their "I see you before you see me" style of hunting. Mages hide in plain sight and in most communities keep low profiles. Werewolves prefer more natural environments and have good reason to be hard to document. Promethians are few, and prefer to stay in town for only a couple days at a time in wandering groups which would understandably make them rare. The other supernaturals such as Changelings and Sin Eaters are most of the time undetectable to common humans and hard to discover without putting much effort into it. And most of these creatures have good reason for low populations bordering on a 1 to 2000 of the overall population. Vampires for their instinctual fear of treachery and so and and so forth. They only seem common to you either because of your ST's style of play or because as a supernaturally touched individual your character knows what to look for and is knee deep in the supernatural community himself.
  7. Beta Software for Vampire

    Clicking in the equipment list for armor when making a character seemed to permabreak the program. I got tons of errors afterwards and eventually could no longer create characters or delete the stock character
  8. Best compacts and conspiracies

    Ashwood Abbey forever in my opinion. Though I do like the Cainite Heresy for its flat out awesome, Cheiron holds a special place in my heart
  9. Atmospheric Music

    If your going dark and brutal for changelings then you want S.O.A.D: Soldier Side, Lonely day Nightwish: I wish i had a angel, Nemo, The Kinslayer, Dark Chest of Wonders, Phantom of the opera Almost any Tool song Perfect Circle: The nurse who loved me Dark Moor: The maid of Orleans Helloween: Gorgar, Back Against The Wall, Mr. Torture, Judas
  10. Triple Kiths, Anyone?

    It would even be funnier to randomly roll a horrible flaw for each player and the youngest player picks first. Combine with your three kitsh and I bet the result would be better then cable
  11. Me and my small role playing group have had trouble finding members and keeping them. Everyone has their own schedule and cannot really participate in table-top role playing, yet many of us have a total hatred of the dreaded Play By Post death trap. One of my members has decided to make this forum for us to organize our games and help others do the same. We hope that our little forum can eventually become a nice little community and some day make it something more impressive. Misfit Gamers is a forum we use for the hosting and playing of any roleplaying game imaginable along with the spreading and finding of resources for it. The game systems we support the most are oWoD, nWoD, Toon, and D20, but we will allow anybody to start games of any other kind; hell if we like it enough we may give it its own section. We would be extremely happy if people used our forum for the running of their games, and welcome players with open arms. Misfit Gamers
  12. Death Note

    Personally I thought the anime was amazing, and it was very well done and certainly a great adaptation. I personally though have not read the manga yet. though one of these days I will read it. I must agree. Light had a horrible death. He should of saw everything atleast slightly coming. My guess is that the Anime people figured "Well we will kill light because evil is not allowed to win" I will have to read the manga to figure out if that guess is wrong or not though.
  13. Hunters in Mage/Changeling

    Your best bet as a resource is the Witchfinders book. The Ashwood Abbey Compact is basically a bunch of deviants that particpate in strange malkavian-esqe rituals such as skinning werewolves, defanging vampires, and summoning demons just to have sex with it. They also have a yearly party where they capture a witch (or mage, whatever they find first) and hide him in a large hedge maze. the first Abbeyman to find and kill it gets to be the VIP for the next party. the party is on the anniversary of the witch burning trials. So if you want the Mages and Changelings to really have to watch their back, go Abbey
  14. Slasher

    I grabbed it a week or so after it came out. i think it was a amazing resource and i used it quite often in my games. It also doubles as a mini new book as well. having a group of slashers would be interesting
  15. Demon: The Return

    Dominion seems overbalanced because at 6 you can just flat out push their stats beyond human levels. While this does make sense; It will surely be exploited by munchkins. You don't really mention the price of raising dominion; And the idea that a demon is limited on his faith use is fairly.... bad. Faith is not like blood or mana; Faith is not even relatable to a tangible object. It is like chi (In fact; that might be what it is) in that it is a invisible force yet Demons can feel it and twist it around like a play thing. Their infernal nature allows alone grants them the ability to manipulate this force; the idea of limiting it is not too good. If Anubis was a demon and portrayed as the God Of Death. In theory that would mean that his mastery of the lore of death was so absolute that he built on it. He knew things no other did; he was the frikkin GOD of death! That would be an example of altering existing lore and modifying his powers to use more of the faith that was being generated. Faith is quite interesting as white wolf did not write it as a "mana". Its more like having a battery attached to yourself. Scare the piss out of a mortal? you get a charge. Make a deal with a mortal? you get a steady charge. Using your powers sucks out juice and making deals gives you more juice. I have been finding this very interesting.