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  1. Hunter slasher, your favorite Undertaking.

    I agree with Chaos, it wasn't the greatest book, but it wasn't bad too it could be better.
  2. With the new book comes the new question: What are your favorite kind of slasher? My are : Ripper: Avenger/Brute Scourge: Mask.
  3. Azlu, Beshilu and the Ridden

    by the way, they have some kind of weakness? like silver or other material?
  4. Azlu, Beshilu and the Ridden

    speaking of wich, there is possible to attack the hosts in their "swarm" form?
  5. The created antagonists

    no, that's good, Thanks
  6. Azlu, Beshilu and the Ridden

    these beasts, the hunters fight them, or they're sorta werewolves exclusive?
  7. hey, guys, i'm a hunter specialist, but noob in everything else, who are the created enemys?
  8. "Monster Hunter" Profession

    i really don't know... i was thinking about something loke ocultist+soldier
  9. "Monster Hunter" Profession

    that's all? i was expeting some weird off-this world profession., well thanks again.
  10. "Monster Hunter" Profession

    Skel, my man! that's the thinking! i slooking for something like the Winchesters brothers or Buffy. they're trained to hunt monsters. something like that.
  11. "Monster Hunter" Profession

    thanks paladin, now we're getting somewhere other question: profession can be learned in home? but profession like Soldier? Dad's a Hunter, and teach's the son the profession so he can go on in the Hunt?
  12. "Monster Hunter" Profession

    what's up people? here i am again. Look, i know, there is no such profession, but if the Montser Hunter" was real, what would be it's asset skills??
  13. Chemical Weapons

    Hey guys, i was thinking[after reading the Wayward book], does chemical weapons work against the fiends of the WoD? the lungs of werewolves bleed when you attack him with some poison-industrial gas? does the thoroath of a vamnpire swell shut when you throw him in a room full of pesticide? does his eyes burn? does chemical burns inflict agravated damage? do you ever tried something like this?
  14. Tatics Fatigue, Somebody agree

    i thought the same, danm, even if takes the go danm day, hell , know a tatic? i'll use it always.
  15. Hey guys, do you agree with the fatigue? i mean, the "thing" in the Vigil are not the endowents, but the tatics, it have to be so limited in use? in my games, i allow the players to use them as mauch as they want, is that so wrong?