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  1. You are in need of a comment. Take one of mine.

  2. Changeling preview at Marcom!

    Sweet- I didn't sign up for that slot. I'll have to try to sign up for this. Julia satyr linguist
  3. !mpact is in hospital

    Oh, I'm so glad to hear that! I've been worrying about him. Let him know that we'll be holding him in the light, all the way from Ohio. And I hope you and your kids are doing alright, too- there's nothing harder than having a partner who's seriously hurt like this. Julia satyr linguist
  4. Copyright Discussion

    I don't know about publishing a core book, but when we did our fan KB: Boggans, we used the Dark Spiral rules of the time. Basically, every bit of it had a "this is intellectual property of White Wolf" stamp on it, we didn't try to reproduce more of their published stuff than was allowable (something like 4 images and some amount of words) and- most important- we never tried to make any money off of it. WW probably has some similar rules up now, somewhere on their website.
  5. A question of morality

    Tsheh- that's a whole different question. But I maintain regardless that one can't really separate belief and action, so if you've got an issue with one, it's an issue with the other one too. Julia satyr linguist
  6. A question of morality

    Problem here is that belief breeds action or inaction (as the case may be). So, beliefs lead to morally wrong actions. They're inseparable. It's kinda like my MIL claiming that her church thinks it's okay to be gay, because you're okay as long as you don't... y'know... BE GAY (i.e. have gay sex). That's bull-shite. Julia satyr linguist
  7. Ladies of Irish Gaming

    I appreciated those ladies. Rowr. I'd order the calendar for my work desk, if they were widely available. Julia satyr linguist
  8. Fear my hideousness

    My pic is fairly current; it's from Halloween. Doesn't let you see much of my face, though. Julia satyr linguist
  9. Gaming Morality

    I would add that the flipside of not wanting to play out of character is that it is incumbent upon the conscientious player to only play characters that will work (in the long term, at least) in the game being played. And, furthermore, on the storyteller to know what game they're running and adequately communicate that to the players on character creation. I've seen too many people do asshole gaming in the name of "that's what my character would DO". Julia satyr linguist
  10. Is it 'Just a Game' to you?

    To blithely ignore the current discussion, and comment on the poll itself, I said "Roleplaying is the high point of my week, it enriches my life and occupies a good part of it." I'm a grad student, and a teaching associate, and I have a toddler at home. My husband works two jobs to help make ends meet, and we both care for my daughter off shifts from each other. There are many weeks when the hours I spend roleplaying are the only recreational or social time I get. RP, I can do because we can do it in my home (my husband ST's) with my daughter running around underfoot- it doesn't require hands or space. Other hobbies (and I used to have many of them ) are impossible, given the current constraints of my life. So, gaming is important to me. I try not to cancel game except under direst necessity; I'm well aware that the social interaction and recreation time is all that is keeping me sane while I labor under a schedule that would make strong men weep. I don't feel that this is an unhealthy attitude towards gaming. My current life may be kinda unhealthy, though... Julia satyr linguist
  11. What Do You Do?

    Speaking of useless, I'm a grad student in Linguistics, working on my doctoral dissertation about Sanskrit verbal morphology. Technically, for money, I teach college linguistics courses. I also care for my little toddler girl. So... I'm a little busy. Julia satyr linguist
  12. Can You Really Not Afford One Dollar?

    You paypal to donations@shadownessence.com I listed it as a "service" I think. There's nothing else you need to put in the notes area, but you should note the transaction ID and then go to the donations forum and post there, so that you get appropriately recognized. Julia
  13. Poll: What religion do you follow?

    Quaker, non-christian. Since I'm not particularly monotheistic, I picked 'other'. Julia satyr linguist
  14. ID #58V24177LW584353K

    Donated through gatharion@yahoo.com
  15. What's your American accent?

    It listed me as Midwest... As a linguist (and someone who teaches American dialectology) I can tell you that that was an excessively simplistic quiz. Not a shocking reveal, I'm sure, but still. I'm really a bi-dialectal Southerner. Julia satyr linguist Grits! Catfish and grits!