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  1. How Many are Too Many?

    So how many bad guys are enough to throw at players? It's going to be my first HTV game & the first game I've ever ran. I'm going to have around 5 players & was thinkin of throwing 2 slashers at them one with 3 dots in slasher powers & another with 1 dot - I'm making basic enough human characters for them using the soldier/socialite etc builds. I would like them to have some chance of survival but I still want it to be a challenge. Any advice?
  2. My New Game Idea - what do you think

    i am thinking of making them a band instead, it would make more sense for a long term campaign on the road. if the lads like it and i could do a monster of the week thing but have something going on in the background with their management team. funny how they keep getting sent to gigs near places where weird shit is happening etc. can work on it as it goes along tho coz knowing my gaming group they'll zig when i want them to zag i forgot to say, there's a very good chance they will survive. i'm thinking of pitting them against a slasher. will 1 be enough for around 5 hunter types
  3. Hi Guys, I've been away for AAAAAGES. Have finally been inspired to put together a hunter game after watching Motel Hell. I'll be basing the motel owner around the slasher rules (once i get my hands on the antigonists book). So basically all the players work for the same company and are away in a motel for a team building weekend, they're the company duds and they've been sent to this crappy motel with all the plebs instead of Vegas where all the higher ups are. Fun and games will ensue with me using as much of the actual plot of the film as possible. I'm fairly certain none of the players have seen the film seeing it's so old. Also the big bad in the game will be their company, which is going to be based on Wolfram and Hart from the Angel series. So what you think of the general concept?
  4. Invictus Politics

    lmao... love the violence! was tempted to burn his family home down with them in it (seeing at humanity 2 i'm going downhill fast) but i went the whole politics route and in the end profited financially from his attempt to screw me over, after stalking him for a while. the main reason for that is she's becoming obsessed with investigating some stuff that's going on in the city (think mel gibson in conspiracy theory) with everything up on the wall of her haven piecing everything together with coloured threads (also has picked up 2 derrangements). i'd say the invictus will be fkd shortly as it's st.petersburg @ the end of the 1800s
  5. Invictus Politics

    His problem with me is that my character is roma, she was a total accident. she was sired by the child of the master of Elysium, who was then executed for his crime then her grandsire was forced to be her mentor but now has nothing to do with her... the guy's just being a lil shit coz she's worked her way up the ranks and has respect while he's an unpopular lil git... the fact I also suspect him for getting my prime feeding grounds closed down is also nagging at me. My character valentina is kind of the black sheep of the invictus, where she has risen in the ranks and is doing quite well financially but as I’m incapable of subtlety seeing it as a pointless waste of time that has leaked thru to the character. She’s a nos with vigor, obfuscate and nightmare. the rest of the covenant seem to think I have to sort it out myself but where I had mental images of standing outside his home which he still shares with his mortal family laughing manically silhouetted by the flames etc etc... We’re in the middle of a war with shape shifters sniping at us from the south of the city and the carthians gaining power from the north plus (which is awesome coz it's late 1800s in st petersburg) the new primogen council are at each others throats since the prince was dethroned..... (it's a fricking awesome game!!!) when I tried to shut him up when he challenged my authoritay in the Elysium we ended up getting into a screaming row which very nearly resulted in me/her going for him, so I need a bit of help with the subtlety which is quite annoying as I’d some plans involving an orphanarium which have been derailed because of this btw sorry for how long it took me to reply i'm almost finished moving house so please excuse any bad english or spelling mistakes... brain no work well sleep without
  6. is almost finished moving house

  7. is almost finished moving house

  8. Invictus Politics

    Hiya, so I’m in Saturday’s st. Petersburg chronicle - which is awesome btw - but in the last game had a bit of trouble with a younger member of the Invictus dissing my authoritaaay in an Elysium of all places! Just a bit of a back story, my character was embraced totally accidentally by a young invictus who panicked after killing her entire family in a hunger frenzy. She was at the time an uneducated travelling Romany. Her sire was executed as an example and she was put in the care of her grandsire who was told to "do a better job this time or next time it'll be ur head". the game has so far spanned 20 odd yrs. she has since been educated, ghouled a guy who she's got to run her 4 shops & earned the title patronis invictus etc. Now as much as I personally would like to chain the little bugger who dissed me to a chair and have a nice calm discussion with him while happening to have my nightmare 2 switched on I don’t feel that would be the right way to deal with him, if I killed him or ruined his status in the mortal world (as he's a mem of the aristocracy) it would only weaken the invictus. so I’m looking for some ideas on what I can do to the lil brat to remind him to respect his superiors without resorting to physical violence or having to run to someone higher up the food chain for backup. Any ideas guys?
  9. Job Hunting

    You've a good chance of finding something, @ least you got a qualification in something useful which helps. Good luck, dont forget the 2pg max on cv (not including certs etc) & where possible try to avoid using negative words in your cover letter I've given up looking for work, I'm in Southern Ireland & after 3 redundancies (with no redundancy pay) over the space of 6mths last yr then hearing absolutly nothing back from anyone I sent cv's to I've decided to go to college & retrain coz no one wants experienced secretarial/admin staff @ the mo coz they get the newbs cheaper...
  10. Chocolate

    I actually saw this a month or so ago. I really liked it, the girl actress had been taken for something like 4years of intense training b4 filming began. I'd quite happily watch it again because besides the amazing martial arts it is very cool seeing her beat up grown men... Spoiler: My fiance did however ruin the end fight scene by screaming "cripple fight" @ the top of his lungs (southpark ref) this is totally goin on my wish list for cmas
  11. The Children

    spoiler alert! - this is the worst film i've seen in over 10 yrs! ok, so we're in our local video store & i saw this film, on the back the synopsis was something like "two families spend new years together, the kids start getting sick & acting strange then start killing everyone" so in my head i was thinkin changlings or some sort of alien thing like in tommyknockers or even dreamcatcher. so we sit down & put the film on. first & foremost the characters are annoying, have little or no personality & have no redeeming features. so one by one the kids start getting sick, this sickness leads to dementia & violence. so three under 10's cleverly dispatch of one of the parents leaving the others flapping around like morons, but when it becomes obvious that there's something up with the kids ie. one of the u10's goes for his sister with a pair of scissors after causing his idiot mother to break her leg on a jungle jim she was trying to climb after him in the snow wearing high heels (duh) instead of grabbing the scissors off him, putting him under her arm or sitting on him til he tired himself out (coz in fairness he's a little kid) & then locking him in a childsafe room then call 999 & sayin my kids got some weird ass bug that's made him go nuts - she bodyslams her son onto a piece of jagged broken glass... also you know the bits in alien where it's all tense & scary coz you can see the alien dashing through the corner of the screen etc.. it's not so scary when it's a 5yr old in a cute yellow rain coat with wellies & a lil fluffy hat - for god's sake their mittens are probably strung through their coat just sit on them & tie their hands together then lock that one in childsafe room no 2 while waiting for doctor. but again no, common sense fails these idiots who are truly an example of pissing in the gene pool. my overall conclusion is this film's a cross between darwinism & kiddie snuff
  12. Nemesis: Have You Ever Wanted Superpowers?

    that was cool
  13. Obligatory St. Patrick's Greetings

    horray for global warming?!?
  14. Obligatory St. Patrick's Greetings

    i'm tempted to have a bbq coz it's a lovely sunny paddy's day, which is weird coz when i think back to when i was a kid the weather was always shite & we'd get soaked lookin at the parade.
  15. Obligatory St. Patrick's Greetings

    you get cake? Yay parades etc... happy paddy's day