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  1. SOS!!!

    If I had the money to donate, I would. As it is, for me to transfer money to paypal takes 2 weeks (I have no freaking clue why) and I don't want to use my credit card if I can't pay it off. I think those that donated in the nick of time deserve a parade or something. SnE is too valuable to lose.
  2. Hancock

    Oh. Fail 1 for me.
  3. Wall-E

    I'd have to say I have not liked any of Pixar's movies since Toy Story. To me, Wall-E is the first movie they've made thats made me want to see it. The only thing that sucks is that I do believe it would have been the best movie of this year, or at least very close, if it weren't for The Dark Knight. I often want to say Wall-E was the best movie I've seen this year, simply because The Dark Knight is on a whole other level of awesomeness. A whole other realm, even.
  4. Hancock

    Spoiler ahoy? I agree with much of what was said, and also the fact that the typical, possible love story didn't end up the way it should have. I was quite happy, because I don't think I could have stomached a "We were made to be together! I'm going to leave my husband and child for you!" bullcrap. Also makes me wonder if the kid, who was obviously conceived while momma had her full powers, is a half-breed? Could he have powers? Or maybe only some. It looks like the kid hadn't hit puberty yet, so maybe they hadn't manifested yet (since he would be half-human, and puberty is the usual plot device.). Hmmm.
  5. Anita Blake by Laurell K. Hamilton

    Second the LKH Lashouts comm. And the werewolf sex isn't all that great. Richard is merely an avatar of her ex husband, who shows up in the story pining after Laurenita and getting pissed that she's humping every male character in the story. Every sex scene is the solution to every problem in the series now. The comm has actually given Anita the title "The Doom Crotch" because there is no way she'd be as "tight and wet" that you'd hear of every 5 pages after having so much sex. That and after any character that has sex with her, they turn into mindless slaves only wanting more. But its all for fufilling the arduer, which has kept Anita homebound these last howeverymany books. But LKH has recently said she's changing the ardeur because she wants Anita to go to a city (I forget where), simply because the ardeur that LKH created has caused Anita to remain pretty much surrounded by her harem and has sex nearly every hour. So basically LKH is tired of the humping machine she has created, and now wants to completely rip asunder her own story because she doesn't like it any more, after having ignored the hundreds of screaming telling her it was a bad idea in the first place. Dear Negative Reader, anyone? And just to throw this out there, it was alluded by Merry that if she stopped having sex with her men, they would all turn into raveging, mindless beasts. *rolls eyes* Oh my, however will they go on without you? Lets totally forget here that they've not had sex for thousands of years. But she's the avatar of the all powerful Goddess who gives everybody sparkly, magical sex that can go on for 3 pages just describing someones wings (wings!). </soapbox> Sorry... it's just LKH and her rabid fangirls get under my skin. So much potential... wasted. I would be interested in reading any re-writes, though!
  6. Hello all

    Hi, my name is Cherry Soda (I have recently discovered the pleasures of having an Italian cherry soda, mmm) and I used to actually post here, a long time ago (in a land far away -- not so much. I also uhh.. don't remember my user name.). I used to RP VtM (started shortly before the introduction of nWoD, I believe) but then fell out of it, and the forums I frequented on the subject. Recently I've come back into it, not really sure why, in an attempt to find a forum-based oWoD game. It's definately proving to be an interesting search... So um. Yeah. Hi?