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  1. GenCon 2011

    Almost there! Who's going? Anyone want to meet up?
  2. SOS!!!

    Didn't read the whole thread (bad me), but how much do we need? I can afford to donate the whole if need be. Is there a running total somewhere?
  3. GenCon

    This is my first major con and, let's face it, there isn't a con more major than this one. I've been to a few smallish anime cons that had gaming, but nothing dedicated to gaming. A little overwhelming, but it's certainly worth it given it's only 5 hours away from me. I'm surprised it took me this long to make that connection.
  4. GenCon

  5. Latest closedown in more detail

    Without knowing the hardware specs we're running on now and what resources SnE takes up I can't judge the provider, but they look decent. I take it disk space isn't a concern (text being compressable and all) and that consistent RAM use is pretty low, but I also have to wonder how much disk space each OS option eats up. I guess the one absolute requirement is bandwidth. What's SnE's average and peak? Their piecemeal options for adding in extra backups, bandwidth, disk, etc look pretty reasonable. I see the costs for additional bandwidth, but does the price go up when you exceed your bandwidth for the month? Overally, it looks like a good company. My own virtualization experience biases me in favor of VPS over bare metal for all but the most resource-hungry apps. It just doesn't look like the SnE backend requires a dedicated server. At least with VPS, they can always allocate more resources to the hardware without someone having to walk down to the data center and open up the chassis.
  6. Latest closedown in more detail

    Alright then, didn't know that was the acronym for it. My vote's on VPS, but just how much of a difference would there be between resources?
  7. Latest closedown in more detail

    Is VPS a virtual server? I'm excruciatingly familiar with hardware/server and application virtualization technologies. I've personally never tried to run a web site off of one but my company runs dozens of SRS servers and a web cluster that way. If only virtual IPs worked with virtualized Citrix servers my life (and hardware costs) would be much easier. *mutter*
  8. What Martial Arts do you do?

    Jow gar and tai chi. More the former than the latter, not enough time and I needed to choose the one that would give me more energy. That's jow gar, because with the AS it's harder for me to get the flowing feel of tai chi down.
  9. http://www.shadownessence.com/forum/index....showtopic=28088
  10. What's it like? What do you use for offensive and defensive traits/pools? For those familiar with Exalted's social combat system, how does it compare? How does it feel? Would something similar fit in to Scion?
  11. Personal photo disappeared

    Had a profile pic up, just now noticed it's no longer there. Anyone else experienced this?
  12. WW Monday Meeting for 03 Dec 2007

    http://community.livejournal.com/whitewolf_lj/54882.html Scion highlights: Getting writers for Scion: Ragnarok, SAS'. Exalted highlights: Lots of work on DotFA, SAS', and Abyssals. There are other items in there as well. Always a good read!
  13. [WWLJ] Rich's Rarebit #10

  14. WW Monday Meeting for 26 Nov 2007

    http://community.livejournal.com/whitewolf_lj/53994.html Scion and Exalted, baby. Scion and Exalted...
  15. Sep - Dec 07 quarterly out now