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  1. Ressurect

    Thanks guys! I'll try. My storyteller said that maybe I could use some of the tips that you posted here!!! Thanks a lot!!!!!!
  2. Ressurect

    THANKS! but I have a doubt with death 3 - corpse mask I could really change the cause of death or only pretend that I changed? Because I understood that it was a kinf of "mask" but the person, in essence, don't change, it's only a kind of illusion.
  3. Ressurect

    I'm trying to play Mage: The Awakening in a Brazil WOD project that include the creatures Vampire, Werewolf, Chagelling, Promethean and Mage. Yesterday, we played all together and I have a problem. Ok... this is the scene My group (cabal - 4 members) with 2 vampires in a corredor. We're attacked by a ruge group of mortals and one of the vampires had the ideia to throw a grenade. But, mysteriously, the grenade became a small nuclear bomb (another powerfull mage that doesn't like us, in the plot). One of the mages became a kind of barrier against the explosion, protecting us. But, he's dead (?). Here is my doubt: his body has a lot of injuries and his soul is in a jar (one mage put his soul there). We have the jar and the body. How can us ressurect him? Spirit? Death? Life? Somebody help-me? I'm sorry about the English grammar mistakes, I'm brazilian....