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  1. Other roleplaying games.

    Oh forgot: Dogs in the Vineyard, Fear it self, Esoterrorist, Corporation, A Dirty World, Nephilim, Obsidian, Victoriana 2 ed, I may start with Ars Magica (not likely) and are making Halo RPG with the BRP system...... Thats it, I promise ;-) Dark Heresy is good enough, though the system is at fault that you start out very incapable even when you are a professionale at certain skills. But, if you look past that its a good game. But I really like the look of the new Warhammer fantasy rpg and how they are targeting the resolution system, damn whatever other people says - it looks like it has a greater focus on roleplaying and less on rollplaying. I play a little whfb and 40k, but GW is not good at making updates, the system is still faulty as hell, I say Halberd and thats it oh and true line of sight. Warmachine/Hordes - Uncharted Seas - Hell Dorado - Rules of Engagment - Field of Glory andMedieval Warfare is far superior and more fun
  2. MrGone needs to take a break?

    Take it easy, health is more important then the sheets (though I reckon someone will disagree with me there ;-) )
  3. Other roleplaying games.

    This is going to be quite an list... And this is the others I have with everything else in oWoD and nWoD. My own games (either only settings and/or with their own system) Burned Earth(Brp rules) Omnichron (Mongoose Open Liscense traveller rules) Island of Mist(Brp rules) Cage (its own rules) Concubia Nocte (Brp rules) Nightmare (actually another main developer then me)(Brp rules) Viking (its own rules) Other games Exalted 2nd ed Scion Dungeons and Dragons 4th ed Warhammer 2nd ed (going to sell it and start with 3rd ed) Dark Heresy Rogue Trader In Nomine Burning Wheel Burning Empires Mouse Guard Itras City Call of Cthulhu Trail of Cthulhu Basic Roleplaying Mongoose runequest Mongoose Traveller Cthulhutech Reign 3:16 Carnage amongst the stars Summerland Annelise Alpha Omega Blood Starblazer Adventures Tales from the Wood Spellbound Kingdoms Eclipse Phase Thats it I think...
  4. To destroy a spirit permanently!

    So, if I got it completely right... (or wrong) You hit it till it run out of corpus, and then it respawns in the shadow (anywhere or one place specific) and looses one essence point. And only way to kill it (without using a lethal ban) is to do that till its at zero corpus and zero essence? If so, is it not quite hard for a pack to kill of bothersome spirits, and more often drives them away?
  5. San Fransisco

    Liked those, very good. First session starts in 30 min so not bad at all
  6. Horror Recognition Guide - Part 2?

    HERESY Any way I own all nWoD book in physical and pdf, its so nice to have them all with me on my Asus Eee. Bookmarketing, and word search makes it super easy to find that one referance. But real books are better to enjoy while reading.
  7. San Fransisco

    It will be only fleshed out Changelings the PC's will meet, and the numbers is nothing special to handle, Its about the same number I have had in a campaign in oWoD Vamp game set in LA for years.And the numbers are also meant to be in the background. Not everyone is interested in the big political and/or the social strata of the community at large. So the ones that matter for the players are the ones that gets more and more fleshed out, instead of a small note. And this is 200 changelings over the SF metropolitan area, not just the inner city...
  8. San Fransisco

    I'm hosting CtL soon. And decided on San Fransisco as the place of choice. Why you ask? Well, cause I'm going to use to Freeholds in the city. One with the traditional courts, and one doing the directional, and placed in SF's Chinatown, and they are about 1/5 - 1/4 of all the Changelings. These two courts are not on good footing with each other either. The Asian one is very structured and effective, but the traditional one is more fractured. I have a vision that there are 200 Changelings here, 40-50 is in the Asian one But for the first, I have trouble finding out what the Hedge looks like here. What its aspect would be. Any suggestions what would be fitting here? Any suggestion how I should handle a freehold thats just based in the 21 city blocks of SF's Chinatown?
  9. What are the WW forums like?

    And apart from the occasional idiot. the WW forum is very good now also. It can get heated sometimes, but rarely anything else then that.
  10. Raising Blood potency

    That is actually quite fascinating to think about... why the hell didn't I nthink of that? Have been so locked into the diablerie or 50 year thing that my thought trail on that segment have gotten stale.
  11. Terretories of The Rockies packs?

    So, where are the Territories of the different forsaken and pure packs in The Rockies for you, and how big are the territories. Some of them have vaguely stated where they are, but not how big they are, any ideas?
  12. Terretories of The Rockies packs?

    +Frigging double post+
  13. Where Should I put my werewolf Setting?

    Ah, hehe
  14. Where Should I put my werewolf Setting?

    Well, Temple came up with that suggestion on another forum, but! Chernobyl does not have a big city with people in it from obvious reasons. It may be interesting to visit the place just to have a shadowland experience there. But, because it dosent fit the criteria it is left out, anyway Novosibirsk have been chosen by my group, and now the building of the shadowland, forsaken/pure packs, the sharta and others have begun. Any suggestion on what to use or plot ideas would function.
  15. Where Should I put my werewolf Setting?

    Hmmmmm... I'm not sure I'm following you?