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  1. August

    I'm still here, for now.
  2. July

    Blarg. I... made it...
  3. June Roll Call

    I'm not actually here. You're all just imagining this post. And any others I might make in the next 30 days or so. until next month for sure.
  4. Roll Call for May

    Here, more or less.
  5. April Roll Call

    Here? Maybe? Sure, I guess I can be here.
  6. March Roll Call

    I'm not sure if this really qualifies as "March" anymore, but I'm not gone yet. Just wanted to make sure no one thought I was fooling.
  7. Promotion in Court

    As always, I'm a little late, but I must thank ye for your leadership of this last month. i enjoyed it immensely. I wish ye success in your further exploits, Lady Igorina.
  8. November Roll Call

    Hmmmm, well, I won't be here for a week or so... but after that, I hope to be around.
  9. New Staff Member

    Congratulations Your Grace! I wish ye all the luck that I may offer, and I pray for your overwhelming success.
  10. Roll Call for October

    I'm so late for September, it's already October... well, real life is going to be kicking me for a while, I'll not be around in any substantive way for a month or two.
  11. August Roll Call

    Wait, what? I guess I nearly forgot this month... mostly lurking, but I'll try to stick my head in.
  12. New Courtier for August

    I do have to agree with Lyrax on just this one count. It does seem like the votes we have for courtiers are all foregone. I haven't seen a 'no' for a while. A battle would be super exciting! But, alas, I cannot do what I would not, and twould be a shame to deny any of these promising souls. Especially this one.
  13. Just for Fun

    "Well, close enough, your Majesty. It's a corn field, because there's only one of the letter 'i.' Trust fearless leader to have it down! Though I daresay most of you are cleverer than I." Bandiger says with a moderate sized grin on her face. However, when he turns to Elenaria, the corn riddler's visage turns serious. " And, Lady Elenaria, if you've a riddle with no answer, mayhaps the assembled company can help you find one. If you're willing to share, that is. Or even desire such an answer. After all, some riddles are best left unsolved."
  14. Month of the Changelingesque?

    Something I personally would like to look at would be video games, but it's a pretty hard one to find something that is close enough. And thank you everyone, those are great ideas!
  15. Breath of Fire!