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  1. Yep. The Kickstarter ends on June 6. Some time after that, the game will be available to purchase in PoD and pdf, but certain of the reward levels (like the Kits) won't be available.
  2. Thanks, y'all. Character and game sheets are up over there, if you want to download 'em and have a look.
  3. May all your rolls be exceptional successes ...

  4. is working on chronicles.

  5. is working on chronicles.

  6. Werewolf fiction

    All of the sourcebooks have fiction pieces, of course. I think some of 'em are pretty good, in fact.
  7. WoD: Immortals

    I worked on it, so there's that, but I keep wondering why folks thought it was going to be NWoD Mummy. Was there an ad that let you to believe that?
  8. Crossover == Fail?

    Works just fine, mechanically. As with OWoD, you need to figure out what you're doing in terms of theme, because you don't have just one game to fall back on.
  9. Awakening complaining

  10. Awakening complaining

    You believe that a bunch of people who have never met you made a game to spite you because there's pain and suffering in the world?
  11. Awakening complaining

    Yeah, it's funny. When we did the initial design for Awakening, we had this whole pulp subsection planned out. And then I was like, "No, wait. If we do this, Skeloric is gonna totally love this game. And we just can't have that. CAN'T HAVE IT." And everyone was like, "Oh, right, duh, what were we thinking? Can't make something that Skel would like." And so we made the game you know as Mage: The Awakening. There's proof. If you take the fifth letter of every sixth sentence in the MtA core, it spells "FUCK YOU SKEL" over and over again. OK, now, if any of that sounds remotely plausible to you? You need therapy. Really. My daughter asks me often, "Daddy, are you just kidding?" when I say there are goblins in the garden or that we're going to the haberdasher rather than the swimming pool or anything like that. (And I say, "Yes, honey, I'm kidding," because I decided long ago that I would never lie to my kids, but that's another matter). You know why daughter has to ask? She's four. Grow. Up.
  12. Hunter slasher, your favorite Undertaking.

    I didn't include Dexter in any of the inspirations because a) he's not from a movie and as mentioned, he's not an easy one to categorize. I think maybe Charmer, but I'm open to other arguments. And I don't know who Jim Profit is, which is why he wasn't included.
  13. Lost vs. Dreaming

    QUOTE(Spikey @ Jan 29 2009, 12:58 PM) ← Now thats nihilism! Whoever you heard that from really missed the point didn't they? To mistake the cause of the peril in any game to such a degree really will make it seem like a pointless exercise. I hope you replied something alone the lines of "it's more like somebody you know is going to kill you is holding a gun to your head and YOU say, Fuck it, I'm going down in style and taking you with me. Um, actually I thought was an accurate and elegant way of summing up the game. In Dreaming, as in most of the OWoD games, you're fucked. You can't really make a difference. You're going to fall to Banality, sooner or later, it's going to happen. Or Bedlam. Either way, under any realistic read of the books, the best you can hope for is that you'll have a nice long run before you forget your friends. In Lost, you start out with all the bad shit, but then you got free. You still have to watch that you don't go nuts and lost your grip on reality, but you've kinda got a head start, because it was that grip on reality that allowed you to get home. And as for one-dimensional storytelling, let's just say: I have not found that to be accurate in the slightest, and I have played, run and written for CtL.
  14. Lost vs. Dreaming

    The best explanation of CtD I ever heard was this: "Someone's holding a gun to your head and saying, 'Be happy or I shoot you.'" Now, tell me how CtL is *more* nihilistic?
  15. White Wolf forums infected?

    It's fixed, apparently.