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  1. If stupidity was Glamour, we'd all be crapping rainbows now.

  2. I finally got to work on something I've been wanting to do for months: I revamped my own little corner of the artistic web. Therefore Paradygma has entered its 3.0 incarnation, and I feel it's time I give in to bragging rights. At least a little. Granted, I'm still in the process of uploading my most recent drawings (I'll add them in this thread, because I'm doing a lot of WoD-related illustrations these days), but things are going so smoothly now that I doubt it will me too much time. In the meantime, feel free to check what I already have online, even though I'm aware my style is far from fitting all tastes (does any style do?), as has probably already appeared through my dA gallery. Among other things, here's what re-reading my Mage books might inspire me to do. And here's the poor creature I actually turned into a familiar for Mage as well. Complete with character sheet. Ah, the things we do for fun.
  3. The many paradigms of a doodling Frenchwoman

    Really, I haven't been here in a long time, and it shows. I haven't always drawn WoD-related stuff in the past two years, but since I love painting my OCs and a lot of those are from WoD Chronicles, here are some more (posting dA links, because I don't systematically post everything on Paradygma, in fact): Mr. Clock, one of the strange NPCs in Shadow Nexus. Zivanka, a Galateid character in Promethean: the Created. Liam Oakley, Verbena, in the Umbra (from Shadow Nexus). The Chaldean, captain of the pirate ship Wyvern, in a somewhat crack Sorcerer's Crusade/Changeling game. (More to come again later on.)
  4. Amaranth Hospitalized

    Get well soon!
  5. Happy New Year!

    Late as usual: happy new year.
  6. Maliki's Gallery

    In the group? I'm http://yzabel.deviantart.com/ - the currently a little too busy for her own good admin, who *should* be arsed to throw some contest or other, but is currently waiting for the school year to end to be finally free.
  7. Maliki's Gallery

    You're welcome to.
  8. Maliki's Gallery

    You've got very nice things here, especially in terms of anatomy. Mind if I add a couple to our urban fantasy group? (Unless you'd prefer to join and add what you want yourself, of course.)
  9. I know the book tells you to, but dont!

    That's mostly what I do, and it looks like with a decent group of gamers, you really don't need to plan the epic stuff: they indeed do it for you. Just for the record, a scenario I had basically planned as "the PCs are trapped in a corld that is a distorted reflection of their own, due to magick gone haywire" is currently turning into "let's save that world! We'll take part in a conspiracy involving travelling through the world of Dreams, and we're trying to find allies in the noble Houses of this dystopian England, speaking of which, it could be nice if the badass airship captain with a mass-destruction weapon at hand could help us. Oh, and we know it'll probably end up in a civil war, but we're totally up for it, because no matter what, at least there IS a chance that we'll be able to save a lot of people, contrary to what will happen if we do nothing". It's all the players' work, I tell you. :thumbsup (That's oWoD Mage, and yes, I know, my Chronicle is on crack.)
  10. New Frenchie on the forum

    Hello and welcome to SnE. I'm a Frenchie, too, so you sure won't be alone. Mais je ne suis pas d'accord, la plus belle ville, c'est Strasbourg... ha non, pardon, ça c'est en Allemagne (vieille vanne Casus, je sais).
  11. Well Meet!

    Welcome back to the Shadows!
  12. The many paradigms of a doodling Frenchwoman

    Paradygma got its little update again. Angus O'Donnell: From a M:tA/Adventure! crossover game (yeah, I know Adventure! isn't supposed to be in the WoD). He used to be a former hitman working as bodyguard four our female private eyes PCs. When they went on a crazy case to find the tomb of the Queen of Sheba (which, incidentally, they did), he remained in New York with his newlywed wife, Bianca. Unfortunately, he was of Irish descent and she of a Sicilian family, and both got killed during troubles related to the mafia. Killed? Well, a few months later, Angus reappeared, but as a very strange person... It seems that a Lasombra Embracing an Inspired being isn't exactly a good idea... Leslie Wade: 14-year-old mage from the Twin's Reality, an alternate setting to my 1880 London M:tA Chronicle. Like many people in her crapsack world, she got enrolled in the Army without really having a say in it. She's been working on a project codenamed 'the Ladder', meant to punch a hole between dimensions and allow the people fromher orld to flee to another place. Since entire parts of her world have been vanishing now and then (their memories as well), and said world is also ravaged by dangerous vegetal/spiritual creatures able to infect both ground and people, it's kind of become an emergency...
  13. Pas de problème. J'ai jamais fait ça non plus, donc je ne peux pas donner plus de détails pour le moment, mais je verrai bien cet été.

  14. Ce serait plutôt Dijon a priori. Mais parti comme c'est, on fera sans doute des sessions par IRC, donc qui sait, il y a peut-être moyen de bidouiller quelque chose.

  15. Alsace, mais plus pour très longtemps, je serai à priori mutée cet été.

  16. Wééé, un autre Français! C'est vrai que ça nous change. :)

  17. tvtropes

    Yeah, I probably fit AttentioNDeficitOohShiny, ChaoticGood, ClusterFBomb, PerkyGoth and PungeonMaster. And I even wasted time in making a whole tropes page for my NaNo 2009 XD But all in all, it was pretty fun to write.
  18. Twitter

    I'm Kerydwenn on Twitter. But I don't always use it that much. Sometimes I tweet everyday, and then I don't touch it at all for two months. It depends on my mood.
  19. Are the new skins acceptable?

    I like having a black skin back, for sure. Maybe because I was so used to it?
  20. tvtropes

    I wish it was only ONE day I had lost on this website. Looking for the tropes that fit our games is pretty fun, too.
  21. The many paradigms of a doodling Frenchwoman

    Again, nothing new for those who follow my works on dA, but for the others: Damien de Laplace, one of the tremere vampires in our 1927 Vienna Mage: the Ascension Chronicle. The picture was actually a request from the Storyteller (he gave me precise indications about the clothes and the House Tytalus symbol in the background), but one I took almost 2 years to complete. Yes, I have no shame. Sarah Valentine, a Marauder NPC in my 1880 London M:tA Chronicle (Shadow Nexus—the Victorian Chronicle on crack). The PCs met her when they were trying to steal documents from a doctor's office in Bedlam; Sarah was actually part of a trap to imprison them, being manipulated as she was by the doctor who was supposed to take care of her. Her magick was primarily Mind and Correspondence, and she used a red string as main focus to bend reality.
  22. Okay, Who all has a DA account?

    Question: do you know of WoD-related groups/clubs on dA? I know of WoD-club, and there was an old mage-club (which, unfortunately, died some 2 or 3 years ago), but now I'm not sure anymore of what's around.
  23. The many paradigms of a doodling Frenchwoman

    Another one, now that I'm finally updating my website again: A picture I drew last year, inspired by Mozart's The Enchanted Flute. I used this scene during a Shadow Nexus session, too, where the Euthanatos PC discovered that his ward, Genevra, a 14-year-old girl, had borrowed some paper and ink to draw this very scene. A dozen of times or so. Without remembering having done so. Later on, the PCs were cordially invited to enjoy an evening at the opera for the premiering of The Enchanted Flute; right in the middle of it, they realized that what was happening in front of their eyes—the Queen of the Night ordering Pamina to kill Zarastro—was the exact reflection of what Genevra had drawn. Ominous drawings much?