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  1. Being Human

    BBC Iplayer might be an option to check out, and maybe I can find a stream somewhere. But I´ll buy the DVD anyway, the show is just far too good and still relatively unknown compared to other vampire-stuff out there.
  2. I´m still alive...!

    Oh, I´m noone of importance here (or anywhere else), but since Shadownessence seems to me like a real community I thought it might me a nice idea to give at least an update of what´s going on with me. I have times of really strong activity here (usually when I´m running a game) followed by longer ones of total inactivity. About the exams: I passed, but the final results are still open so I have to be patient and wait (not one of my strong points). But thank you for asking!^^
  3. Being Human

    Aw, looking at those trailers makes me want to watch it so much! But I have to wait until the DVD comes out. T____T Why don´t they air british shows in german television?!
  4. I´m still alive...!

    Thanks for your understanding. My exams are over now, and I can finally dedicate myself again to the really important matters in life: Roleplaying!^^ Btw, I love your Icon!
  5. I´m still alive...!

    Hello everyone! I´m sorry to have been absent for a couple of weeks now, and I´m even more sorry to tell you, that I probably won´t be back properly before January. I got busier than expected with my exams and decided to pack away all my merry RPG stuff, until I´m finally through with it all. But I therefore promise I WILL be back for sure in less than two more months. Take care until then! Jade
  6. Being Human

    I´ll never forget Gilbert and his special ways of having fun...! ("Eh...are we already having Gilbert-fun?")
  7. Nice to meet you.

    Welcome to the forum!
  8. SOS!!!

    From my side as well: Thanks for you awesome people who helped us all out this time! I´ve seen Mortekais message with sheer horror, but sadly I´m also one of those "No job, no income" sorts of people. But since I hope this will change in the near future: Is there a way to donate without paypale? I love this place and I really don´t want to see a situation like this again, if I can help it.
  9. Is Requiem so bad?

    I got it, I got it. Just tried to make a joke, but maybe my English is not on my side today. ^_- But that book sounds sweet. I will make a note on this one.
  10. Is Requiem so bad?

    @Millandson: You really *did* make me curious. If I´d ever find a GM to run it for me I´d love to give it at least a try. Sadly most of my friends are not much into WOD. It was tough for me as a total newbie to the hole thing to realize, that if I really wanted a Vampire group I´d have to make up one of my own. I was introduced to the game when I was on a student exchange programm in Japan, but my gamemaster from back than is now back to the USA...and I´m on the other side of the big lake. I don´t even have CtD group, actually T_____T But maybe I´ll just try to get CtL and read it at least to know what exactly I´m missing. I prefer Russian folklore tales over both of them. So what should I do now? I guess many people thought so (from what I´ve heared so far CtD seemed rather unpopular), but actually I think the game was a little prejudiced. I mean, OK, the books are colorful and you can have a nice and happy sunshine game if you want to, but it´s not like you can´t have it dark as well. You could have played a group of dark changeling or let them go out on a nightmare (just look at Midnight Circus and you can see how good changeling can be mixed in with the other creepy stuff). I think CtD offered as many options for moods and stories as Vampire or the other games, but most people just looked at the bright colors of the book an said "Thanks, but no thanks. No need for cute little fairies." It just buggs me a little that CtL seems to force the dark&gloomy mood on the game, but on the other hand: Vampire (new or old) is supposed to be dark and scary as well. My group is neither and we have fun with it. So I guess you can turn everything into what you like anyway.
  11. Is Requiem so bad?

    @Millandson: With Werewolf it´s rather simple: I don´t like the mood and the themes of the game. I don´t bear prejudices against Werewolf, because I know quite few good people who enjoy it and surely have interesting games on the run, but GM-wise it never stroke me with the big hairy wolfs. I prefer the intruige and soap-opera atmosphere of Vampire to the "we´re the good ones and we´re gonna safe the world no matter what"-idea. Also, I have the feeling Werwolf is very combat-based. I usually don´t enjoy those sort of games. About Changeling the Lost...Let´s just say I loved CtD very much, mainly because it was *not* all dark and scary, but a game with the licence to have fun, to be childish sometimes without ruining the heroic and sometimes tragic touch of the hole thing. Changeling the Lost is too dark for me. It feels like "WOD is dark, so the Changelings can´t have their exeption!" But I have to admit, I never played it. Maybe one day I might change my oppinion. But Requiem is rather cool. In my own VtM campaign I ignored Cain and the hole Gehenna-plot (so actually the main story line) and made up my own thing. When I found out, Requiem got rid of this idea, I immediately decided, it couldn´t be so bad. (Also, common: Clan Mekhet has Auspex, Celerity AND Obfuscate - It´s like my ultimate dream combination!XD) You guys probably already see, I don´t care about rule changes. For me it´s just story and world that matters!
  12. Hello, all!

    Oh, that´s perfectly fine. The less you tell us, the more room we have for suspision and pivate investigation. *takes out her notebook* So, how was that about the hunter and the drag queen...? Welcome on board. I hope you´re going to have lots of fun. XD
  13. Is Requiem so bad?

    Oh, wow, WW gave up here? O____o I have to admit that I never really payed attention to the nWOD (so is it my fault as well???), but that´s mainly due to the fact, that I just got started on Vampire the Masquerade and wanted to understand at least ONE game, before I got myself into another. But maybe...mhm...I have the feeling that Vampire Live is quite popular and that the main fanbase is to be found more in LARP than in pen&paper. Since they all started with Masquerade and quite obviously ignored Gehenna, they never saw the need to adapt Requiem. Maybe? Really, I have no idea. But it´s sad. I don´t like either games of Werewolf or Changeling the Lost, but Requiem looked quite okay. I even played in a Requiem group, but sadly it disbanded too soon.