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  1. Hi, My name is Gustav, live in London and I am a member of a RPG group called LoST (London Storytellers). A while back I decided to create a wiki for our group to write down our stories or games in. I worked for quite some time getting the site right and I am quite happy with it. So much in fact that I think there may be a general interest in the RPG community to have a wiki to write down stories or games in, both as a way for the group to document its progress but also to serve as inspiration to other groups as well as being a good read. But before I embark on this little project, I want to see who out there that would like to use a site like that. If you think that this sounds interesting then please get in touch with me so I can gauge the general level of interest. My e-mail is xenobiorREMOVETHIS@gmail.com (I've distorted the e-mail so no crawler can find it) My site is: http://www.wearelost.eu Gustav One final note. I am and will keep on using a powerful tool called wikipublisher within the wiki that can take the wiki content, push it through a latex renderer and product highly professional, typographically good and print friendly PDF documents. It's really worth a look.
  2. To the Herald of the Sebettu!

    It is true that no matter matter where the Demon is, he will hear it when his name is spoken. I cannot stay for long, the faith you've given me will only let me communicate with you across the abyss for so long. Know that I am genuinly touched by the fact the none of you have forgotten me by such a long period of absence. You have remained more loyal than I could have hoped for and for that, I decree the following In four months, beginning of July, I will graduate and the mad hours I've worked, usually from early morning to late evening, will finally end. Real Life, a.k.a. the Abyss, will hold no sway over me any more and I will claw my way back to you. I will be eager to read the work done by you all. I will have 8 months of freedom before starting my new job at a Swiss bank called UBS. During that time, and longer still, I hope to return to you all. You should all know that apart from my love of the game it is for all your loyalty to me that I will return. Thank you all! Parakoos : The Herald of the Sebettu
  3. Asence

    Hello people. I knw Ihave bee gone for many weeks wthout giving any notice. The reason is that I went to mykonos a week, the broke up with my boyfriend. That ex then started stalking me and being threatening. On top of all of this, I've started a new job at a very demanding investment bank. I haven't found the strength to devote any time to the forum, and I'm not sure when I will find that strength. Until I do, please take care and I hope the Demon Project will go on without me...
  4. Greetings..

    Yes indeed, welcome to the forum, especially the Demon part of it where I will be looking forward to seeing you.
  5. Alucard, Time For A Shoveling!

    Happy birthday Alucard! Now where is that cace???
  6. Hello Everyone!

    You are most welcome to the DCP and I have very much had an eye on your posts in the Demon Project forum that I think are first class! Looking forward to work more with you!
  7. Happy Brithday

    Happy birthday!
  8. Greetings!

    Look at all the pretty colours! LOL Welcome!
  9. Hello

    Your obessivness will be most welcome over at the Demon forum, especially in the Demon Project! Always need a good writer!
  10. Lawsuit, Is This Right?

    It's probably legal, but so damn wrong! You should have some kind of right to a website name if you are the first one to think of it and there should be something in the law that realizes that private people won't run and get everything they do copyrighted since it is to expensive and shouldn't be nessesary!
  11. Returning Back To Sweden

    Hello all! I am heading back to sweden for three weeks now. I will have access to the internet so I'll still be around, but I might have difficulties working ad updating LoRPS and The Demon Project. But please, keep discussing the topic and sending me all the material and sign-ups that you can muster and I'll deal with it ASAP.
  12. Greetings From The Newest Tzimisce

    Glad to have you here!
  13. Happy Birthday

    Yes indeed! Happy birthday!
  14. Happy Birthday Parakoos!

    Thank you all! I feel the grey hairs coming closer for each year which is good! The silver-haired Demon is a cool look.
  15. Happy Birthday Parakoos!

    Wow, thanks! I'm not more than 1,5 hours into my twenty-third year and I'm already celebrated! Thanks!