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  1. What keeps you up at night?

    Battlefield 3 That and smatterings of mild insomnia here and there
  2. Storytelling tips for a noob?

    Know your NPCs. What they want, how theyd act in a given situation (some cheesy online personality tests can be fun, take them In character as the NPC for a bit of inspiration) and a lot of the rest writes itself. Also, listen to your players (as has been said). PCs will give you more ideas and more obstacles to through up than you could ever think of yourself, trust me ive been doing it for 20yrs When your a new ST its fine to be a bit railroady by the way
  3. NY Missing Person

    Hope she turns up safe and sound man Wish I could help in some way but am on the other side of the world
  4. The Comprehensive World Of Darkness

    Broken link is broken
  5. Books for sale: Emergency

    If they are still there in a month or so I will definitely buy them, will rattle the donations tin at our next rp game
  6. Books for sale: Emergency

    Probably be about 30 USD to ship to NZ minimum id say, so all up would be about 100 bucks USD which is about 120 nz. Not bad, but money I dont have at the moment. I really want these books but as you need the money asap then I cant really make an offer to you in fairness as itll be some time before I can scrape together the cash, sorry
  7. This is the thread in which we post pictures of ourselves ...

    Looking at the pic of me on the page before I realized I have a smoke in my mouth...ewww...havent smoked in about 5 years so weird to see me with a cigarette.
  8. And may I present...

    Usually I would say "welcome to the Shadows brother" But in this case....sister? Anyways welcome And yes the old WoD is amazing and awesome, and you would be wise to seek it out
  9. crossover game

    A year later: Not playing this campaign due to one of our players being incarcerated (unfairly in my opinion) We are currently running a Dark Ages campaign set in Hellenistic Greece between the 2nd and 3rd Punic wars. 1 Cappadocian turned Baalite demon thrall 1 Zoroastrian Al-I-Batin (no such thing as Islam yet) 1 Reliquary bound Demon from Devils Due (bound into a bronze breastplate and worn by the cappy) 1 Valdaerman viking of the Svalahaldor camp (necromancers) Fun and games
  10. Books for sale: Emergency

    Is this lot all an Orpheus set? Orpheus Core book. Crusade of Ashes. Shades of Gray. Shadow Games. The Orphan Grinder. End Game. If so, how much do you want for it? I might be interested, depends cause I gotta ship it to New Zealand and I gather your on the other side of the world from me in America?
  11. The "OMG I'm in that MMO too!"-thread

    CrimeCraft for the win!! Its free, completely silly and fast paced. Am on Exeter server (America) and name is Lascivia, add me if you want to blow peoples heads off with a customized sniper rifle you made, hell I might even make a scope for you
  12. Heya :)

    Welcome to the Shadows brother
  13. What Martial Arts do you do?

    Still going hard, still loving BJJ, got my 2nd Blue tab about 2 months ago which im very proud of, our club is notoriously tight on belt givings so am happy to be one of the few newbies to get his 2nd tab, im sure 3 and 4 will be even harder let alone full blown Blue. ...and so am I, now. Been doing IPSC for about 4 months now, another two and I go from probie to full blown member, and can apply for my B Cat license (permit to own a handgun here in NZ, not an easy endorsement to get I might add). Loving it, having a lot of fun and looking forward to the day when I can own a CZ-75 SP01 Shadow Wish I had time for Judo and Crossfit, both are a very nice compliment to BJJ, but at the moment im getting 5 sessions of BJJ in a week + Wing Chun, so getting a bit hectic. A good Judoka is a fearsome beast indeed. Theres an old Japanese man, black belt, that takes seniors classes in our club (were an academy with Aikido, Judo, BJJ and MMA all under one roof) who just pins me to the ground and I cannot for the life of me get out. Once he gets side control (and he WILL get it) its all over, I cant get my hips out and pull half guard, im fucked. After a while he smiles and just lets me out, pretty funny. Mind you he cant actually tap me out or finish me, but if he got the take down at the start (which he would, his hip throws and sweeps are insanely better than mine) then just pinned me down for the 5min round, hed take me in any BJJ rules comp easy and hes a white belt! Big respect to Judoka, a couple of our BJJ champs are, and in fact our head instructor is a brown belt in both Judo and BJJ, and damn does that make a mean combo. Great choice, if there was a local school I would be doing it already, alas I couldnt find one so went on to BJJ (of which im very happy with and would never take back, but still). Wing Chun in my opinion has the best blend of meditative "chi" concentration, cool cultural tradition and discipline, paired with arse kicking street self defense (depending on the school, but most are realistic street based). VCK all the way!
  14. too much training not enough gaming