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  1. Morlandus

    I feel somewhat bad to not have expressed my feelings over Morlandus's condition earlier, but I was away from the pc and found out only now. While I'm no longer as active as I was sometimes ago, Morlandus was the one that made my time here so great in the first place (and that brought me here too, to say it all), so, my friend, get well as soon as you can! A big hug to Victorian Temptress too. Carlo.
  2. I know what Project M is!

    About CoCd20, I wouldn't forget that Monte wasn't alone on the project - John Tynes was there too. And that's not a thing to forget talking about that book, imho. I hope Monte's team of ghostwriters (and he himself as editor of said team) will end up with something in the line of the alternative PHBs someone mentioned above. The "hugeness" spoken of may be interesting: it could provide space for rules and setting for the alternative thing Monte always does. It could end up as the dark epic version of the WoD, if the WoD IP is really what Monte is playing with this time (and we're not being teased to death with the release of the title). Developing a d20 WoD could maybe help translate the WoD to the future MMORPG? That system is, imho, more easily translated into a VG-like game. Even if not related to that project, it could prove a helpful instrument about gaming design for the WW/CCP to use in their developing of the MMO. That said, I say I'm really interested in this project.
  3. I think it's an interesting idea. I like it, may be giving a try with a personal twist in the future. I like also the format of episodes-like sessions: it allows for focused gaming experience. So... go wild!
  4. Changeling Desktop

    Beautiful indeed!
  5. VtR Chroniclers Guide: Monster Garage Sheets!

    Coolness for the goodness, MrGone! You always deliver!
  6. Writing the Testament of Longinus

    I understand that you'd like to write the "real" Testament. Problem is, imho, that the "real" one is maybe impossibile to find. I'd go with the LS having as many different copies as you could imagine. That would justify languages's differences, in both style and words used. So, it's up, imho, to the flavour of your chronicle's Sanctified to set the type of the Testament circulating in LS circles.
  7. Ventrue Clanbook

    Archtypes&psychology, mostly. Regional differences and variations also.
  8. Belials Brood and...

    I think the chaotic nature of the Brood makes them... a varied lot. Satanists and vampires who really embraced their nature may be the same thing, or not. I'd build the Brood members as varied as I can, using "Belial's Brood" as a comprehensive definition, rather than a strict covenant definition. Their wickedness is already a weapon of self&mass-destruction, played right. But to have some truly warped and wicked Belial-vampire would be really cool: he may even serve otherwordly powers without fully or even realizing it. I'd play out diversity and variety, to sum it up.
  9. Gethsemani/Golgotha

    You know what? I think I stand in the opposite field, liking the Golgotha reference. It makes sense with the Stigmata Discipline and their role as "saints"-like beings. I think I'll end up changing the anme, since reading the bloodline I think the error was more on the name than on the text. But I haven't made up mind yet.
  10. Gethsemani/Golgotha

    Isn't that the name of "smelly demon" in Dogma? That would be a bloodline! Now, it's just a mistake that could be easily corrected in a game (changing the name or changing its origin), but I found it a little... disturbing and thought to share it.
  11. Gethsemani/Golgotha

    That's the kind of answer that allows too much, in my opinion. While I agree that a perfect match isn't the point, a gross mistake like those I mentioned isn't positevely departing from Real-Life History - it's just a making gross mistakes about History. OWoD-wise, changes could be tolerated more: Superanturals made history with their webs of intrigue. But even regarding that standard, a gross msitake about the building of the Colosseum wasn't to be tolerated, since it added nothing to the fun, it only left bad taste in the mouth. NWoD-wise, with alla the changes brought forth, an error like the one about the place of christ's crucifixion is a bigger error than it would have been in OWoD. Fog of Eternity and the asset that Supernaturals follows History more thean they did in the OWoD sets the Gethsemani mistake as a blatant error. And in fact it was rightly corrected in the Italian version. I'm not that worried about the particular mistake, I'm worried about the lack of control that allows those errors to sping forth. Editing errors are bad, but content errors of such blatant quality are even worse to me. Diverging form Real-Life History isn't bad - the opposite. But it has to have a mening, even the littlest one. Otherwise, imho of course, is a bad mistake and nothing more.
  12. Gethsemani/Golgotha

    I've picked up Bloodlines: the Hidden since I'm working a Florence setting and, being the bloodline Gethsemani based in Prato, I checked it. I started reading and I found: Named after the place of Christ's crucifixion, on page 48. What? Golgotha exploded? Remebering the old Kindred Most Wanted error about Colosseum (which wasn't built until some time after the time period in which is mentioned), I ask: are there any other historical errors like those? I don't want to be a pain in the ass, but errors as big as these leave a bad taste in the mouth. Every time WW products mention Italy or something Italian a cold chill comes down my spine...
  13. A crossover game

    Good ideas, Nero! I'd suggest Invictus Resurgent: They would not accept their defeat and would likely resort to well known tactics - divide et impera. Chosing Circle of the Crone or Lancea Sanctum (the latter being the least qualified, but it's all up to your chronicle's feel), the Invictus could force some of these Covenants' members in the hands of the Mysterium, undermining the pact with the Dragons about occult knowledge by trying to replace them in the role of supplier of occult samples for the Mysterium. And seeing this much activities, I think Guardians of the Veil may notice something unpleasant for their point of view. They're just some ideas about conflict possibilities for your game.
  14. Update, The Guild

    People, I'm reading and it sounds very good. Good work!
  15. The Requiem Chronicler's Guide

    This may be the best book so far, Storyteller-wise, of the Requiem-line. I really look forward to it.