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  1. Hi Kumi. If you still visit Shadownessence after the ban and look at your profile I just want to say that I love you (as a friend of course ^ ^) and will miss you.

    Hopefully I can get your e-mail, username for another site, IM (hopefully AIM) and talk to you some how ^ ^


  2. The great thing about playthreads is that move the game discussion from some "pie in the sky" philosophy exercise to what it is supposed to be, a shared experience/interaction between a group of friends.
  3. So tell me about the Silver Ladder Order book!

    Thanks for the info sounds like the book will be more useful than not.
  4. The chat game was discussed at staff level years ago and in fact was supposed to be the original purpose of the board if I remember correctly. Either way I agree with the idea.
  5. In Character Thread

    OOC: As usual I am behind, catch me up please, who is Erebus? (She making sense? Am I doing it wrong? The heir reference is scaring the bejesus out of her).
  6. In Character Thread

    *Never moves from her seat but gives a quick half grin, taking a small sip of wine*....."Interesting" The dry man feels something touching him..."Heir you say?" (I love both you guys, I seriously wish I could meet you face to face and roleplay at a regular table, please remember that if I get a little bitchy).
  7. So tell me about the Silver Ladder Order book!

    I look forward to it, no joke. I hope us Mage RPGer's helped a little.
  8. In Character Thread

    Her eyes widen slightly for a millisecond, at the mention of this....(you get that IF you were focusing on her). One of my fetishes/trinkets is a basic Force effect that lets her hear/see/feel things at an amplified level if chosen....No supernal magic is sensed.
  9. Hello, Shadownessence

    Welcome Mayhawk there is an awesome Changeling community here, (both lines), have fun! Remember that some mages love Changelings....(a quiet voice resonates in your mind). I am thinking I would like to try another PbP game again...so I am intrigued.
  10. Yes, Peter you got my intended point. I think because of this there may be less "discussion" overall. Sorry if I wasn't clear. I like both games, I will play both games but I will only run the NWoD, it gives me less "brainhurt". I have far less questions to ask whether I am playing or running the game, hence I post FAR less to be honest. I feel far more confident as a ST (and my rulings) and I prefer the stark divisions as a player (personal choice, not a mantra), when I'm dealing with the NWoD. It seems to make far more sense to me in either case. This kind of discussion without being an arrogant prig is the reason I still post here (even if the traffic is less than I desire). If I posted the same on WW or RPG.Net I should expect to be eaten alive before I could explain a word.
  11. Nice second half paragraph....can I drink what you are? Basically all the NWoD does vs. the OWoD is give the gonzo bullshit ideas and rule breaking into the storyteller's hands. It is all still there it just is not an option for a player to walk up and say "I am playing this fucked up concept live with it or shut up". The out there ideas are up for negotiation now, realize it and work with it. Because complaining about it will NEVER change it. At least for those that buy the books. The game is yours not WW's. All of you do understand the majority of each line is optional and that the Blue Line books are full on compatible with options out the butt?
  12. You have a point, not sure it is an "issue" to me yet but I will be on the lookout for it. Thing is the writers/publishers said that some later books will be published that PURPOSELY contradict the core rules, better there is a book out there that covers the subject I am looking for with a few options I disagree with concept wise, than a book filled with "fluff" with a rule or two for a concept I like.
  13. It is, you are not wrong, but I am thinking factors like cost and the entry cost for new players are big factors as to why the NWoD is modular and not linear. Personally I hated the fact that I had to purchase books I had NO interest in to get information I NEEDED for my personal game ala the OWoD. I never disliked the fact that EVERY book had a measure of gonzo in it. Heck publish a book of WIERD SCIENCE focused on MtAw if it can make a profit...(personally I don't need it given I just use Promethean and other blue line books and rob them blind for my gonzo ideas). WW like any other game company has to factor this in before publishing any book. Given this fact I am very unlikely to buy such a book.
  14. Something completely different?

    No, I am NOT that good. I am better at using GURPS for this kind of thing, no outside baggage you know? @Zeroninja skim through GURPS if possible....all crunch no fluff (D6 system though).