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  1. In Character Thread

    When the envoy is gone Mack lets out a sigh of relief. "Well that coyld have gone better. An it could have gone much worse." He smiles at Demetrius. "I suspect the local sports team would be doing well if we happened to have one." THe smile turns sly. "Thinking of starting one?"
  2. In Character Thread

    Mack very briefly closes his eyes at teh Duke's words. and he whispers. "Ah, you've done it now, Ranik. He's not gonna take this well." In reply to Julius: "I suppose we all have our touchstones and security blankies." He offers a small smile at that so that Julius might guess that he doesn't mean it as an insult.
  3. In Character Thread

    The demonic bartender sighs and leans over to him. "None of that is going to be much use if the Prince decided to come himself." Mack keeps one eye on Ranik and the Emissary, the whole time.
  4. In Character Thread

    Mack sighs. And subtly braces for the trouble that could come.
  5. In Character Thread

    "You have great confidence in me, friend. Even i have difficulty getting rid of The Others." Though Mack speaks lightly, there is still a hint of a frown on his face.
  6. In Character Thread

    The bartender nods and reaches for the bottle. "Julius is in his room i believe." Mack frowns. "I don't really like the idea of him back in this bar. i don't really like having any of THEM in here."
  7. In Character Thread

    Mack straightens up as the duke enters. "Hey, Ranik. Want your usual?"
  8. In Character Thread

    (OOC: Thanks! I may need it. i hate moving in the winter!)
  9. In Character Thread

    (OOC; don;t know if you classify 5 exams and getting ready to move as better things to do...) Mack inspects the bar to see if there is anything he needs to do and then when he finds nothing just leans on the bar and watches the patrons.
  10. In Character Thread

    Mack smiles at the priest and replies, "Sure! one water coming up!" A moment later he places the glass of water on the bar for him.
  11. In Character Thread

    The demonic bartender nods and goes behind the bar pulling out a length of chain and metal loop. "Here. will this do?"
  12. In Character Thread

    Mack nods to David and then returns to the bar. When the man form the church addresses the bar in general he smiels ad says, "Welcome to the Everywhere Bar! Can I get you something to drink?"
  13. In Character Thread

    Mack blinks and then refocuses on David the marble man. "oh! sure! over here." And he leads him to a door that leads to a small bedroom with no window. "This alright?"
  14. In Character Thread

    Mack wordlessly cleans up after the vampire. When he gets to the table she mutilated he stops. "Hunh!" Then he goes and puts the mop away. Anyone who looks at the table will see that the marks are fading away as if the wood and brass is regenerating. (OOC:Those who are close to that table and can feel magic can feel a trickle of power with a static resonance.)
  15. In Character Thread

    Mack inclines his head to her, fora brief instant it make him look regal. "It was a pleasure to be of assistance." His eyes harden a touch. "I don't like having such entities in my bar. I am happy to contribute to the cause of keeping them out."